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We Bought a Van Transcript

Corey: [00:00:00] smell

Lianne: [00:00:25] worlds, cats.

Corey: [00:00:28] We are coming to you live for us, not so much for you all, but close we’ve decided we’re just going to start releasing episodes. When we see fit, we’ve been on a, every other Monday release schedule since we’ve started this all up and who needs those kinds of rules and parameters?

Lianne: [00:00:46] We’re not all that organized. Neither are you. I know you’re not.

Corey: [00:00:50] so there might become a, some more frequency. They might not, we really don’t know. We’re just out here. And, the update on us right now is we are van lifers, hashtag van life.

Lianne: [00:01:04] Exactly. And van is not quite as fancy as some of those vans that you see, but we can, I like that because it’s got a lot of character.

Corey: [00:01:13] We bought her a week ago, a little over a week ago. Got an amazing deal. Some grand

Lianne: [00:01:17] total of 2000 pounds, which is how much is that in Dallas? Like $1,300,

Corey: [00:01:24] $12,000. Can we go up?

Lianne: [00:01:26] Oh yeah. Sorry. An extra 300. Yeah,

Corey: [00:01:28] she’s very well-traveled

Lianne: [00:01:29] yes. I’m fairly good at maths as well.

Corey: [00:01:31] See, the thing with this is got it for 2000, had some things to do.

We completely decked out the interior. repainted it already had hardwood floors already had insulation, some carpet up on the walls. I had a toilet put in that was hooked up to a pump, but we removed that and we got this really amazing toilet that we’re super excited about.

Lianne: [00:01:53] Tanka fem it is a acceptable

Corey: [00:01:55] experience.

Yeah. I mean, I

Lianne: [00:01:58] think it was like for the faint-hearted

Corey: [00:02:00] 95 pounds, you got to be comfortable stacking poos with whoever you’re with

Lianne: [00:02:05] came from Corey’s mouth. Not mine. I didn’t poo I’m a lady.

Corey: [00:02:08] Well, obviously not Charlie poops for both of them, but what we do with this as just, It doesn’t make the advance.

Mel it’s, completely compostable. And it’s got that astronaut dust. I’ll call it

Lianne: [00:02:20] astronaut. This is

Corey: [00:02:21] NASA approved. Yeah. NASA approved. That’s what the astronauts use to like break down their, their, their feces.

Lianne: [00:02:27] You know what Neil Armstrong, if you just happen to be listening. We’re poor siblings. We, we, we understand, we know that basically

Corey: [00:02:35] Neal camp, he won’t stop emailing me so many still alive.


Lianne: [00:02:40] from, from past the grave. Yeah. That’s really powerful.

Corey: [00:02:43] I know he’s listening. He’s is

Lianne: [00:02:44] he sure has emails or is it in your head or. Well, is it in your spam folder?

Corey: [00:02:48] Hard to say at this point. Yeah. Yeah, we bought this name was Denzel or as the Americans call it Denzel and we, we’ve changed the name because we think that this van has a very unique thing about it.

I mean, a lot of these vans that you see on the road, I think at least the ones that you’re seeing on Instagram, on YouTube and stuff, this is nicer than any apartment I’ve ever lived in. This is Oh, okay.

Lianne: [00:03:13] I was going to say, no, it’s

Corey: [00:03:14] not. They know it’s the soft, soft, close drawers. They’ve got hot water heaters.

They’ve got full on

Lianne: [00:03:21] garbage disposal.

Corey: [00:03:22] I got no issue with that. I have some great friends of mine. Shout out to engine rice who did the van life are still doing the van left to a certain extent. but they have a beautiful van and I love it. It’s really well done and everything. We’re not taking any way from those people.

Lianne: [00:03:36] If I had the money, I’d probably get one of those as well.

Corey: [00:03:39] Yeah. No, no, it’s the comforts, but our little oyster here, as we’ve decided to call her is a, he’s

Lianne: [00:03:47] exactly what it says on the tenant oyster.

Corey: [00:03:48] Exactly. And I think one of the benefits of oysters that she’s not so, It’s not so pretty on the outside.


Lianne: [00:03:54] doesn’t bleed wealth.

Corey: [00:03:55] The reason she’s got oysters, it’s, what’s inside that counts and we’re very happy with what we’ve done with the interior. go to our Instagram at small world. So check out some photos. We’re going to be posting those in the next couple of days, as well as a, we’re just going to be doing a ton of photos and videos on this trip.

I’m really looking forward to that. Leanne had a little bit. Of news,

Lianne: [00:04:17] but also let us know what you think about oyster. It does like very Austin Powers S inside a little bit sixties, a little bit hippie and a little bit like a shitty 10 bucks on the outside.

Corey: [00:04:28] Yeah. And I think that that helps prevent, break-ins.

Yeah. But yeah, as I was saying, Leanne has a little bit of news to share. I think you think it’s

Lianne: [00:04:36] okay now I’ve, So, gosh, when we haven’t worked properly, since we left Whistler, Canada last year

Corey: [00:04:44] podcasts, that was great to help us out throughout some of the, some of the, to just kind of fun. Some of the stuff, someone just pulled up into our parking space.

So sorry for some of these noises. but yeah, we haven’t really, been doing anything that you would call like genuine work work for a little while here.

Lianne: [00:05:01] my friends are bleeding dry, but also we’ve have been doing lots of video stuff as you guys have probably seen, which I love.

Corey: [00:05:10] and we’ve just decided,

Lianne: [00:05:11] because I have been getting a lot more work than usual.

You know what, I’m just going to try and take it to the next level. And so a business out of it, maybe. Yeah. Freelance, but

Corey: [00:05:19] yeah, freelance, videography. Yeah. So if you know anybody looking for anything, just let us know if you’ve got old vacation. Video that you just shot on a GoPro or whatever you shot it on.

And it’s just been sitting around. You’ve never taken the time, put it together, send us an email, get ahold of us. And let’s just see if Leanne can put something together to really. Wow. You

Lianne: [00:05:41] exactly.

Corey: [00:05:42] So that’s the direction we’re going with?

Lianne: [00:05:44] It’s called Luda lens. So that’s L O D L E lens and like a camera.

I’m still halfway through the website. Maybe by the time I’ve finished this, the website will be up and ready to go. Just check it out anyway. Why not? Yeah, maybe it sends a surprise if it is.

Corey: [00:06:00] Yeah, I don’t think it will be up and ready because I’m going to post this tonight.

Lianne: [00:06:03] Okay. Well then, you know, this has got everything I just said, but listen to this episode again in about two weeks.

Corey: [00:06:08] Yeah. Or just go look at the website. but we’re, so we got that going on. So we’re going to be shooting a ton of great video. The last couple of days, we’ve just seen some spectacular stuff and we’re on this road called the NC 500, which is the Scottish North coast 500. It’s a 500 mile loop that starts and ends and Inverness.

Lianne: [00:06:26] Doesn’t start in minute. That’s what I was

Corey: [00:06:29] told. Really. Every book that I’ve read on, it said that, Oh, you know what, I haven’t actually read any books. So we’ve been up on the coming up the East coast so far, and now we’re on the North coast and we’re making our way West. And apparently when we get over this Northwest corner and start making our way down the West coast things get he did.

Lianne: [00:06:50] And we have to say things have been very picturesque so far. today it kind of stepped up a notch. we’re in the upper most North most point most North, most the North most point in the mainland. Yeah. so yeah, it’s a pretty cheer

Corey: [00:07:05] camp spot for tonight. Yeah. We have some sunshine

Lianne: [00:07:08] and the cliffs are just getting way more dramatic as we’ve been going around.

So, you know what, if you’re in the UK and you think that you want to go somewhere, go get a van or a car and just take a cruise is around Scotland.

Corey: [00:07:18] And let us know if you’re on a boat, we’re planning on. cruise around the UK for the remainder of most of this year. So, we’re going to be out there.

We’re going to be hanging and finding different places to camp, seeing all sorts of awesome things we hope. And one of the benefits of this whole thing is. Guys, we brought our dog from the States. Yes.

Lianne: [00:07:38] Queen Charlotte sat here with us. She survived the flight, which is, I think she probably had a more relaxing time than either of us.

but he’s

Corey: [00:07:47] because it was a process. It was a process. we had to fly originally. Our plans were to get back to the States, go to a couple of weddings and then fly to Paris, early June. And then, and then make our way to the UK from there. And the reason we were going to Paris is because it, you can’t, it’s tough to fly your dog into the UK because,

Lianne: [00:08:06] because the UK is one of few, can I say the UK as a country, but it’s one of the few places in the world that does not have rabies.

Corey: [00:08:14] So if you’re flying your dog into the UK or any pet, I believe. Yeah. Just know they can not fly in the cabin with you. There’s probably some sort of medical condition that you might be. I

Lianne: [00:08:26] do think it a blind dog can, but emotional support animals, even like tiny animals. They’re not allowed in the cabin at all.

No. but in other parts of Europe, but they are hence why we want it to fly through Paris and then get eternal or a train or something with Charlie and then come over that way.

Corey: [00:08:42] So given the situation that we’re all in with COVID we had to change our plans. Fortunately, we were able to buy Leanne an extra 30 days on her visa.

Thank you, customs and border patrol for the first time I’ve ever said that bag we’re giving you a shout out was awesome.

Lianne: [00:08:58] yes, that is his real name,

Corey: [00:08:59] but we, we were very, just excited to have Charlie with us and I’ll just say like, putting her in cargo was. Really difficult task for me, it’s just an emotional thing.

Like you just don’t know what’s

Lianne: [00:09:12] going on chicken, you know, she’s 10, nearly 11. And

Corey: [00:09:16] we found out she had a fall

Lianne: [00:09:18] and the vet signed off on it and said, it’s fine. It’s just, you know, she is a bit older. and then, yeah, obviously whenever you search it online, Oh, you see, as the horror stories, as opposed to the good story, which

Corey: [00:09:27] I unfortunately did at the airport as I was getting ready to board the plane and I just, I flew that flight.

So we flew from Minneapolis to Boston, and then Boston to London. And I will say I pressed a seven instead of a six when I was booking. Charlie is Charlie under the cargo flight. And that one little miss poke of the finger on the keyboard cost me $700

Lianne: [00:09:56] on top of the phase that we’d already paid.

Charlie cost more than both of us

Corey: [00:10:00] doubled. She was like, yeah. Easily. Yeah. So that was mostly, I mean, obviously that’s completely my fault, but the process of getting her over here is pretty strenuous and it’s, it’s also very stressful because all these things that you have to do right. Have to happen like 10 days before you fly out.

And then within five days of when you fly out and you have to get this paperwork sent off to the government of the United States, expect them to turn it around and get it back to you before your flight takes.

Lianne: [00:10:27] Well, your original paperwork from your vet has to be signed off from the vet that she got her rabies vaccination from 10 years ago, like, wow, I had to be in blue ink.

Corey: [00:10:38] We don’t want to sit here and moan about this, but I will say is that the experience was. Very educational. And if you’re thinking of doing this, if you’re thinking of flying your dog anywhere and you have any concerns or anything like that, I’m happy to talk to you. Feel free to reach out. We can email, we can text, whatever it is.


Lianne: [00:10:55] wish we had that at that

Corey: [00:10:56] point. I definitely, yeah. One thing that I did forget is that my, one of my good friends, he was a podcast guest with us, Brad, Edward son, who had talked to him about our trip to South America, with he, Works at the Milwaukee airport years ago. And he would have totally been able to tell me exactly what it was like, because I’ve not talked to him since.

And I was like, did you ever Doug’s into cargo? And he was like, yeah, totally. I just based that up. So. I could have got a ton of peace of mind. Cause he was like, it’s awesome. That treat the dog super well. It’s great. So I could have saved my, I could have actually slept on the flight.

Lianne: [00:11:30] I’m just hearing this now.

Well, you kept that one quiet,

Corey: [00:11:35] but it’s it was, yeah, it was quite the ordeal, but we’re here. We’ve got Charlie with us. We couldn’t be happier about that. And now we’ve got oyster and we’re so happy with this fan. We’re so excited for these next, months of traveling around and you know what, I’ll give you guys a little bit of a, why don’t you tell them about what our, a little bit of a plan is post the new year, given my passport game?

Lianne: [00:12:00] Well, yeah, obviously Corey is a bit of a liability as he is from the USA and he is him and Charlie and my refugees there. and Europe has actually closed as I’m sure everyone’s aware to American passport holders. And no, that doesn’t matter if he’s been in the UK for six months, they’ve still said we’re not able to regulate that.

So anyone with an American passport pretty much, they can’t come in unless he can prove with bills that the pain rent and things.

Corey: [00:12:26] So please guys, if you’re listening to this in your America wear masks so we can travel again,

Lianne: [00:12:31] please,

Corey: [00:12:31] you know, take one for the team here.

Lianne: [00:12:33] we don’t want Charlie to go cargo ever again.

so yeah, so his visa is up in the first week of January. So, after that I have some family members who live out in Italy and the Italian Alps. And I’m sure if you do listen to our podcasts, then you probably learnt last winter that we were a bit. It’s lucky and as happy as we were in our trip, we did miss out on our snowboarding.

So we are very excited to go reunite with some of my family and go there. Hopefully if we can, and then just cruise oyster around Europe, miss the sunshine as well.

Corey: [00:13:05] Yeah. Scotland doesn’t really have a much of a summer. I’ll say

Lianne: [00:13:10] nothing. I I’m literally sat in. Tracksuit buttons, thermal socks, and a jacket I used to wear.

Corey: [00:13:18] She’s also a bit of a weenie. I

Lianne: [00:13:19] am a Winnie with the coast.

Corey: [00:13:20] I had shorts on today. What you have to do is readjust your expectations. So if it’s not rainy and it’s only kind of windy, that’s a nice day.

Lianne: [00:13:28] Yeah, but you know what I will say, looking out the window, there are some spots of blue and we’re on this amazing cliff side.

it’s really stunning. Yeah. So

Corey: [00:13:37] yeah, we, aren’t going to keep this one nice and short and sweet. I think that we’re just going to kind of do some documenting of this trip, and kind of do this, do these van life episodes a little bit.

Lianne: [00:13:49] Yeah. So if anyone, like I said earlier, anyone in the UK or in Europe listens, and you’re interested or even thinking about traveling around, over the coming months, just because of COVID and stuff in the UK, just keep, keep checking in on it and we’ll have lots more.

We want to find some really cool spots. Great hikes.

Corey: [00:14:06] If you’ve got tips on that, let us know if you’re out in a boat, let us know. We’d love to cross paths and have a glass of wine with you. And, we’re, we’re super excited. We’re feeling so grateful, but you know what, a weird time we come back from our trip, can’t really work.

And so just trying to make the best of a crazy situation. I’m happy so far. Yeah. So, that’s it for now. And we will check back in. Who knows when? Cause we

Lianne: [00:14:33] we’re going to leave you on your toes. Could be tomorrow, could be the next day could be the next day could be the next

Corey: [00:14:39] day. What I will say is that Leanne, if you look at her Google maps, So the entire West side of Scotland is just one giant green blob of markers that she wants to go to

Lianne: [00:14:50] the process.

When I go to somewhere new, I look up at pictures of things that I want to see and I’m like, Oh, that looks beautiful. I’ve got to go there. So then I, obviously I’m going to forget, and I’m not going to look it up again if I keep having to Google it. So I just. Put it in on Google maps, save, save, save, want to go.

And then lo and behold, we

Corey: [00:15:07] go and we see a lot of awesome places because of that. I’m really excited to be back out shooting video and doing some photography. We’re also thinking about buying a camera because of Leanne’s new is, so that’s. What we’re working on. And I will just say on a personal note, thanks to, Leanne’s mom’s partner.

mr. David looks like I’m going to be able to play a pretty nice golf course in the next couple of weeks, which I am tremendously excited about for me to come to Scotland, the home of golf and play one of the best courses in the country. I don’t know what’s going on guys, but I’m excited.

Lianne: [00:15:44] He’s tearful.

Ma if you’re listening, he’s crying. No, he’s close.

Corey: [00:15:48] I wish I was, but I, hopefully you guys see oyster out on the road and, say hi, take it easy. Just a quick update. We ended the podcast and after 10 seconds, Leanne got up spun around and knocked an entire glass of wine all over the van. So things are going well, see you guys soon.

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