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Traveling Band Transcript

Speaker 1: [00:00:12] I don’t want to be here but I got no home. I don’t know how she got no home. I gotta go home to my wife. But all I wanna do is keep living my life. I’m selling my fish on the side of the boat. Welcome to small little podcast. My name is Corey of letting and my name is so fully and Davidson so full of Soul. Yes, Mr. So endless amounts of Soul. [00:00:42] That’s it. Yeah, just one ofSpeaker 3: those songs you write when you’re coming home with a decentSpeaker 1: wine buzz on a scooter in the middle of nowhere in Sri Lanka and you see a guy selling fish on the side of the road. yeah that’s something we pretty much sang every day until I could because we’d always go past someone sons and fish and hey we’re weird and it came isn’t the end so this podcast episode has absolutely nothing to do with fish Sri Lanka or [00:01:12] anything but it has to do with music yeah so it’s kind of relevant yeah so some of our close friends Lisa Schoenberg and mr. Anthony David Bruce on of of scoring all of our lovely travel videos Fame check him out at coordination music yeah he’s got a lunch a bunch of good stuff and about to set out and release that new album so we are looking forward to that anyway we sat down with Lisa and Anthony and [00:01:42] talked about what it’s like living life as a traveling band which I’d never heard anything about I know it’s hard to believe I’m not a musician but this was really interesting as a known musician How life is on the road because I think when we think of Tours and things like that, we’re thinking of bigSpeaker 3: buses huge thing, you know, just a big stage setup and all that kind of stuff and that is not what the majority of bands doing. They’re piling a bunch of people and all their instruments into a van or whatever kind of [00:02:12] apparatus. He might have to carry everything and just booking their own gigs and is trying to entertain and go for it. And this is their story. Alright, so we are here with Anthony and Lisa of Portland.Speaker 4: Welcome welcomeSpeaker 3: and we are excited to have you guys thanks for being here with in all the quarantine and we’re going to talk to these guys a bit about the life on the road as a small time travelingSpeaker 4: band Yes around North America. [00:02:42] I don’t think met very many people know about that. So no, let’s let’s give it a whirl start off. Alright, so Anthony and Lisa you guys have done now. Whispers with different bands all over the country Lisa. We are going to start with you today. What is one of your favorite memories of being on the road with the band?Speaker 2: But is probably playing how shows with [00:03:12] my old dance like I’m showing up in small towns. Like I remember Arcata California and there are some in the Southeast that were great I’ve ever won in in them South Carolina. That was amazing. But this house shows is people that would like open their house to bands to play it always sound really good because the hardwood floor The sounds really amazing and the cows are really enthusiastic and there’s so much energy in the room and like [00:03:42] the new toys make sure we were taking care of those really goodSpeaker 4: memory with that mainly in the South like I’m imagining like a when you say Caroline imagine these like these country houses with like the porch and then the dining room area and an area for the play piano and drums andSpeaker 2: there was like mmm. Those are I mean different kinds of has a lot of houses with porches and stuff. Is all over the country like smell, you know, but we would playSpeaker 3: and rejoice we played basement shows in Milwaukee.Speaker 4: Okay, that’s pretty cool.Speaker 3: So like [00:04:12] that was the thing then where you have like a bunch of people in the basement and there’d be like just a crazy party going on the band to be going people becoming like just dumping beers on your head and spray painting the basement all around you.Speaker 4: Is that similar to your experience Lisa?Speaker 2: Yeah. Yeah, like yes that I actually played an addict show in Milwaukee ones. Enormous attic and there are like tons of people up there. It was really fun. It was one of these shows I’m talking about. I mean, there’s probably like 200 shows that fit into this [00:04:42] category. And so the very very yeahSpeaker 3: Anthony. What about you?Speaker 2: What’s one of your favorite memories? Yes, I’m going to have to go with a similar situation and that is all of the strange shows and that those are the best things that stick out like Frankenstein leases that you get to play like how shows I played in a cave by the ocean [00:05:12] in San Francisco.Speaker 4: Once that’s cool like that,Speaker 2: you know just like Bombing bars is the Jim Keepers used to color where you just you have your instruments that you can carry and then you run into the bar and just startSpeaker 4: playing. Have you been one of those recently? I have to ask. When’s the last time you did one ofSpeaker 2: those it’s a it’s a special type of portable. [00:05:44] That can pull that off. That’s really funny. The show up with like an electric rock band, you know and just like yeah, you know, I’ve been a real electricSpeaker 4: rock band. It wouldn’t stop them. They’d carry that base Ed Carriere security guard along theirSpeaker 2: heads Heads got them in an outlet. Yeah a power for my mind.Speaker 3: [00:06:25] Absolutely.Speaker 2: There’s a you know, there’s a 50/50 chance. I’veSpeaker 4: never even heard of that bar bombing. Have you ever done that laser? A Barb? Um,Speaker 2: no, I’ve never heard a lot. Okay cool. But some of it is simply our favorite busking spot maidan, kickball and a band The Strangers. Our favorite busting spot was at the 24th [00:06:55] and Mission but stationed in San Francisco, so we scheduled You load it into our doors just like any other show or like that day will go to the part and there was an electrical outlet and one of the bus stops and you could like if you’ve got the right tools, you can just easily open it and then it’s set up our amps and the drum set and made start playing and we’d always share it with one other band like local friend bands. I do two songs. Each two songs each in this huge crowd would gather like an amazing audience and then no-fail [00:07:25] about 40 minutes in and we knew it would happen the cops would come. So cool because they be like, okay two more songs. And then okay team. Oh, okay too much. Yeah,Speaker 3: let’s play some long songs. That’sSpeaker 4: nice going to Jonathan Grateful Dead.Speaker 2: What’s theSpeaker 3: I’m kind of curious about the differences between planning a tour versus planning a vacation because at or seems like it’s very [00:07:55] very like regimented in your like we know what cities were gonna To we’re going to plan ahead which venues we’re going to go to but there’s all this in between time to and vacations depending on how long they are can be more planned out or more open. So I’m just kind of curious what you guys think the difference is is similarities areSpeaker 2: there. Yeah, tours are harder. There’s a writer I mean thing is I got on tours that were super chill. We’re like two days in between shows when we went hiking and camping but like most dreamers [00:08:26] it like that because maybe you know you as we got in a little bit not that old but as they become older people have like a No matter time to give the minute the minute other bands are playing it and see it to be like, you know, it’s a pack it all in while you have the time. Yes. It’s something. Like there’s somebody that’s always like that. I guess what I was I was thinking not like a timeline and everyone’s comfortability, you know are comfortable level [00:08:56] with like the crazy shit that you need to do to drive somewhere to get to the hook to pull off the show to find a place to stay but think about if you had to organize every single stop on your travels with Several different groups ofSpeaker 4: people. Yeah, and I’m theSpeaker 2: host and the hell. Yeah. Yes certain time every single night. You know, [00:09:26] it just so much organization detail and there’s a lot to keep track of it. Like when you’re on vacation, you know, you ain’t got shit to doSpeaker 4: you ain’t got shit to do you’re onSpeaker 2: vacation? Yeah. It’s like your gets if you broke all your guitar strings and you don’t have enough you like fucking find You guitar strings, you know? Yeah, so like technical. I cannot remember the last [00:09:56] 41 on where the cards that break down once I really like this always. Yeah, I kind of leads meSpeaker 4: that kind of leads me into met my second the third question. It kind of looks back. You said your favorite memories will I go into these House parties or these kind of like house jams or whatever. What’s your worst for both of you? So we’ll start with Anthony this time. What was your what’s your worst memory? You can think of about being on tour? And then Lisa UK [00:10:26] good?Speaker 2: Okay. I have two ofSpeaker 3: them. Yeah to WestSpeaker 4: resumeSpeaker 2: I don’t mind playing to nobody even though it’s disappointing. Okay, got it a lot and it’s still stunned because I enjoy playing music. Yeah, you still out. There you when you drive a really long distance and [00:10:56] you really like put everything into being there on time. Yeah, andSpeaker 4: when a kick-ass show you want toSpeaker 2: get all your energy. Exactly. Yeah, this was something where it was such a long drive at a really hard time in the tour where everyone was really down and just hungover and fucking mad at each other to what dirty [00:11:26] and we didn’t sleep for 4 days, you know and we show up to Philadelphia and it was expected to be like this badass show at this this venue that I think is really like dirty and coolSpeaker 4: cringy grungy, but grungy andSpeaker 2: SilasSpeaker 3: don’t plug anything unless we’re [00:11:56] getting paid. Okay.Speaker 2: Well you reach out to them. Is on the same label that the band that I was on so it was supposed to be like this. Well promoted show they didn’t tell anybody. We played to the bartender and I think one or two of the band members hung out during our [00:12:26] set that’s about it.Speaker 4: Yeah, I can confirm as a bartender the bartender really enjoyed that private showing and the lack of tips that the bartender turn was probably paid and entertainment from your guys show. So you were actually doing a public service there. So you know, what good for youSpeaker 3: guys. Could that English?Speaker 2: Yeah. Yes, as a bartender in a waitress.Speaker 4: [00:12:56] I appreciate the band on you get to be the person that gets to request everything if they ask for it for requests you I love rock music. So in the bars, I work at the always so rock and I’m like, I love this song. Yeah, and they’re always so much more fun and they want to do shots with you. It’s soSpeaker 2: much fun. Yeah, right. I would have had a great time. He was not so excited to be the only person thatSpeaker 4: know what muffled him speak with musician. ISpeaker 3: think what A lot of people have in their heads is the idea [00:13:26] of like a big touring band like the big tour bus and like the Comforts of all that and not really havingSpeaker 2: to all your meals are everything’s holding here. I’ll just getting high in the back whatSpeaker 3: because exactly and because I’ve known Anthony for so long and then obviously you guys having toured with the secret drum band is something that is just like the Lately different from all that so I think that it’s good to like paint [00:13:56] a little bit of a picture for anybody that’s listening about what this is actually like because I’m picturing one or two vehicles jam-packed with people and instruments and like it’s 30 days of touring day in and day out with these people and it’s like day one super exciting. This is fucking awesome. We’re all having a great time. What is day 30 like let’s paint that picture.Speaker 2: Yeah. [00:14:28] I mean I would say okay people get weird about shit like people like to and I’m just like why am I doing this? Why are you in my seat motherfucker? It’s been dead Vine bitch. Yeah, so like things like that and then you get to know everyone’s eating habits dietary preferences, [00:14:58] like how often they pee. Usually they need aSpeaker 4: toilet on the back of the van usually or is it like a spot on the side of the road? Okay,Speaker 2: you wouldSpeaker 4: hate me you wouldSpeaker 2: hate me. Be a good idea to go through each band a little bit. Oh tell about your like travel rig or like it was in a truck. Oh, yeah, three people. Yeah, that’s cool. My different differentSpeaker 4: types of travel. [00:15:28] That’sSpeaker 2: cool. Yeah, it’s different every single time. Yes, for sure. Depending on budget is that depending onSpeaker 4: budget and the size of the band like how big the banjo and the people who play in the band yet?Speaker 2: Okay. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Yes my first couple to Wars we would bring like we were usually two bands we got like two bands touring together and sometimes I was in both bands and we just bring two vehicles vehicles what time it was? [00:16:14] That you keep the stuff in the back the camper camp that you can lock but it’s not it’s a shitty lock. And so we parked them back to back at night. So it would be really difficult for anyone to like steal. Yeah. Yeah that smells awesome insides one time. We went on a tour there were four of us in one compact pickup it in the back. It was like the two main seats and then the back seats for those little fluffy things that you there’s two of us there me and like intertwine our other sitting in the back of a like intertwine their legs. [00:16:45] That’s good into but then secret drum band. It looks like Cozier wigs because there’s so many drums. Yeah, you know, he’d like something massive. So one time. I’m with a trailer with a trailer. Okay trailer two separate section for our luggage and our drums so you can see them which is nice. I know because otherwise like you have to dream right? [00:17:16] Yeah, and then we’ve taken large fans a lot of VansSpeaker 4: when you mean a large vanity mean like a minibusSpeaker 2: with like three rows of seats or two rows of seats with people.Speaker 4: Okay. I’m the rest is all forSpeaker 2: equipment. Yeah, they all equipment is in the back.Speaker 4: Perfect. People plus equipment [00:17:46] or something like that so that a lot roughlySpeaker 2: approximately five people five people.Speaker 4: Okay? Okay, so not evenSpeaker 2: been up to seven people we’ve got about four. It’s nice and then there’s a whole nother way of touring there’s like doing one off some flying not entirely in here and just carrying what you can on an airplane. There’s that yeah,Speaker 4: would you prefer to fly a drive given the pros and cons? Ends of both [00:18:16] obviously if you fly you have more Comfort, but then you don’t get to use your equipment. But if you drive you have less comfort and you get to use your own equipment, which is your which if you had to choose one right now, what would itSpeaker 2: be? I see driving this better. I mean, I think overall the carbon is like driving sure very good for that many people and even if you find you need to get a car when your their equipment there are the holiday. around your shows YouSpeaker 4: don’t see would rather drive you agree onSpeaker 2: [00:18:46] Sunday depends on how far but yes,Speaker 4: what if you had to drive toSpeaker 3: Mexico? How many shows did you lie along the waySpeaker 2: you do know shows inSpeaker 4: America, but you’re doing three shows inSpeaker 3: Mexico. That’s like one of the most beautiful drives.Speaker 4: Yeah, I know. That’s why I’m saying it is good. Just check and this checkSpeaker 2: theSpeaker 4: question. [00:19:20] Obviously you guys have to organize where Gigs are and what time they are etcetera Etc ahead of time. Are they usually huge drives between like just a standard for funds? For example, you’re in Portland on most of your gigs in the area or do you get some gigs that are out of state Etc? And when you do do the driving out of state is it split up between people or is the one driver or is it but different band members? [00:19:50] the two questions thatSpeaker 2: I feel like his some of his fans in the past have like not even This done like 10 12 hour drives without hesitation. Yeah, but secret jump down now has like a six hour max. Okay rule that we try and stick to with maybe one exception or something on the road. And if we have an exception will usually not play a show that night. Okay, so they get for driving eight hours. Probably not playing a show that night. That’s healthy. Yeah. [00:20:20] Thanks. And so the core will even try 10 hours and not this show but yeah like to try and keep it under 6 and then I mean if we’re going on tour, we’re usually doing a West Coast or the brings us like as far south as LA or San Diego or even Tijuana Who’s down there or we can do like a Northwest weekend. We’ve done that. Okay, like a couple shows like in Washington and Oregon or we’ve done like we did in North East Tour of the last two years. So [00:20:50] we actually drove across from one. And actually did a few shows in the way out. And then last time you flew out to the Northeast and so the focus was on the northeast corner. Okay,Speaker 4: and who dries when you drive do you rotate the drivers? There is this is there always an allocatedSpeaker 2: driver usually rotate just to make things look safe. That’s good thing on it fair even safe. zero [00:21:20] not a big driverSpeaker 4: pound it Lisa. You got to enjoy the views and have all the drinks.Speaker 2: Oh, well.Speaker 4: Hey, you still get to have all the views and have all theSpeaker 3: drink. That’s a really good reason to not get your license.Speaker 2: I do I do a lot of the book. Yes.Speaker 4: That’sSpeaker 3: what about the what about accommodation. So you guys always booked your gigs and everything like that. But as accommodation just kind of up in the air and it’s like hopefully we know In [00:21:50] the city or weSpeaker 2: might be used to do it that way. Did anyone ever say yes [00:22:20] set up places to stay and maybe 10 cities. Yeah, and there’s 30 shows. Yeah, like the and everyone is So nice that they’re like you guys can totally stay with us. There’s a well we host we have used to houseSpeaker 4: bands, but you must have a horror story from that. Come on.Speaker 2: Yeah open that definite horror stories only [00:22:50] bring it. We don’t do it like that anymore really. We always have a spreadsheet and we had to say where we’re staying and if there’s any places where We don’t have a place to stay where like, okay, that’s a hotel night. That’s a hotel night. And we just go on like Priceline or We find it cheap place in certain bands and it depends on the group of people. So I see a drum in okay, yes, but yes that is acceptable and it’s not on the spreadsheet. I’m not doing it. [00:23:20] sometimes you’re like about to book a hotel and someone will be like, oh we should stay with us because actually you don’t have to go in the mic to ask because a lot of times people will offer even if I stay but once time Pittsburgh you talk about that, you know, it’s a take out the city. But until thenSpeaker 4: we can do not you left enough of a puss forced to take out theSpeaker 3: stitches start with one time and then we’ll takeSpeaker 2: it from there. [00:23:50] One side of me staying with these wonderful like super sweet people, but they chain smoke in theirSpeaker 3: house and Anthony got along withSpeaker 4: him. I’d be like being in Europe.Speaker 2: No. That was kind of hard.Speaker 3: I can see that.Speaker 2: Yeah. [00:24:20] You know every single night, we have a bandit who it don’t let book hotels anymore because like once I music, let me see you at this time. Let me do it this time. Ready and one light out in [00:24:50] the car. Okay. So we’re in this large van the headlights are failing. For some reason. We just getting we just got done playing a University Chicago University amazing show amazing amazing show in this Auditorium filled with different art students and one of the questions asked was What’s it like traveling in like across the country doing [00:25:20] that amazing shows like this? And this was like a good show a college. Yeah. What is it like to be a successful artist stir it was something like that and it was like, hey guys, I’mSpeaker 4: gonna be real with y’all.Speaker 2: showed up in a van successfulSpeaker 3: [00:25:52] Less dirtySpeaker 2: clothes it’s so trueSpeaker 4: to play and play music is aSpeaker 2: success. You’re right. I’m not saying that it. Success is the dream. I think the comment comes from yes.Speaker 3: Yeah. Yeah, and I think that she was probably imagining something different. She [00:26:22] probably had you guys coming in on maybe like a tour bus or something like that when you guys like know we’re literally have this van if somebody’s got a jack we’ve got a flat tire. Yeah.Speaker 2: Okay. Okay. So okay believe believe the venue. It’s an amazing experience. I feelings like exhilarated we go and we’re driving through Chicago on [00:26:52] our way to Illinois. All right, let’s get pizza.Speaker 4: Obviously you’re in Illinois. WeSpeaker 2: had to pull over because the lights started flickering and we thought it would be a good idea to get pizza while I try to figure out the The lights so I started this place and and I went in and went in and they’re like I was like guys, you know, they said it’s gonna be like half an hour for a pie or something. Can we wait that long and like at that point like the lights they’re totally broke. Yes.Speaker 4: [00:27:22] We have all the time for all theSpeaker 3: pieces right? We’re just gonna try and duct tape these flashlights to the front of the car.Speaker 2: An hour two hours, it was completely dark and they last Chicago and we’re like, okay, we’re gonna go to this hotel that Alan books and then Gary and Gary Indiana Gary and he’s really driving like and our lights went out completely at least three ways [00:27:52] in the way there but I made sure that I was in the passenger seat. So I could go and like crawl underneath the dash and and fix them while we’re done and it happened. It happened on the freeway. I crawled and I likeSpeaker 4: your moves. I’m a moving car on the freeway and under the seat to fix theSpeaker 3: dirt. I hope you still had yourSpeaker 2: seatbelt. What did you could you do that from inside? The van Anthony? ISpeaker 4: forgotten your last name how very dare you verySpeaker 2: dangerous? [00:28:23] It’s dangerous has been okay. I’ll risk my life to save others. You know what you know, thankSpeaker 4: you for your service to others.Speaker 2: Yeah. There was no show imaginary. So then we arrived. Yes, yes. Yes was that on the spreadsheet? No, this was like a raining and [00:28:53] it was called the Knights Inn in Gary, Indiana. This was hooker hang out paid exchange Hotel. I was just going to ask a hookup. It was like fuck is really gross like Motown there was a side on the check-in window which was like plexiglass and it said no refunds after 15 minutes.Speaker 3: Oh, you can rent rooms by theSpeaker 2: hour. Those are my favorite.Speaker 3: [00:29:24] Yeah. No, I can hang theirSpeaker 4: she can hang at refund after 10Speaker 3: minutes.Speaker 2: Jesus Christ, okay. So I’ll type it up Podcast Is Not Susan the first and the ceiling paint chips had fallen off and were all over the bed. I’m like, yes and Lisa. [00:29:54] I think you turned Ellen and Pam. It wasn’t in the face. Hey, that’s fair. I love it. Hey, if it was still above the shoulders,Speaker 4: you’re fine. You’re safe. It was like a womb punch. You’reSpeaker 3: fine. Hey, nobody had a black light today. Okay, then the truth is still hidden. It’sSpeaker 2: fine. [00:30:26] LookSpeaker 3: for anything that you don’t want to ever find.Speaker 4: Okay, and anotherSpeaker 2: question obviouslySpeaker 4: playing in a band you get old like on the pot after all of this you get the fun side you get to play for an audience. Everyone’s drinking have a good time. I assume that You guys get to socialize with people afterwards and everyone enjoys a good drink after the show, maybe drawing. I don’t know. So how do you guys drink during or after the show? And if so who drives afterwards? [00:30:56] How do you decide thatSpeaker 2: and question? Yeah, because ISpeaker 4: feel like in America. It’s quite hard. No because you have to drive somewhere to get somewhere.Speaker 2: So yeah, it’s super job, man. We keep pretty good tabs on each other like so much like at some point in the beginning. The night someone I’ll be like. Oh, yeah. I’m only have a drink or two throughout the night. And so it’s like, you know six hours later that would be driving so we know that person is the chosen Persona is if if it’s like if everyone [00:31:27] Drunk then. We’ll try and like make some other accommodations like sometimes a venule let you leave your gear in the venue and you can come in the morning that is really nice. And this really like nice because Austin you don’t have to worry about the security of your gear overnight and so like maybe get a ride with someone else or walk to her sleeping or take a cab or whatever. Okay to park your car. Party,Speaker 4: everyone was the band members the band there was a coupSpeaker 2: Jesus. So, okay, that’ll be pretty careful about it. Sometimes there’s [00:31:57] someone in this world who doesn’t drink but then you don’t want them to have to drive every night. Yeah, it would be the that’s their that’s their situation thoughSpeaker 4: for not driving is a poisonSpeaker 2: and that is an interesting question because alcohol is so involved with the live music scene. Yep.Speaker 4: Well, it gives you confidence it givesSpeaker 2: you the same thing. Look it’s in a bar [00:32:27] you go to the bummer. And you go there and there. Brakes, yeah, you know they’re there for people to come and get get crazy, you know is a beater the entertainment to do that. I’m the bags theSpeaker 4: band gets the tab at the bar, right the band gets like 26 you guys at a bar. Anyway,Speaker 2: also if you’re a bad man. [00:32:57] You’re playing at a bar usually part of your pay is hopefully a meal that’s only like 50 percent of the time or 25% of the time and then the other thing which has every single time is to drink tickets. Yeah. So that’s part of your pay every single night is to get drinks every bar. I’ve worked that is always been my ranking meal in a drink or a cup either go into a spiral after for [00:33:27] months of traveling drinking every single night. Yeah, or it can be a lot of fun if you know when to take breaks and how much you should consume. I mean, let’s talk about that because it’s kind of evolved into this like different than what I used to do. But like we play a lot of universities and Galleries and museums. There’s like no alcohol around there may be [00:33:57] like kombucha and the green room or something or tea. Yeah, which is an amazing energy earlier and then Well, and from what ISpeaker 3: remember of seeing you guys play was that the Precision of all those drum rolls that were written out was just so important to be on that. You couldn’t have somebody just be belligerent and just like sit back and play the saw like the more complex the music gets the the more the more difficult it is to bring alcohol and I think that to kind of [00:34:27] wrap this up you guys kind of led me into this last question is that with kind of thinking about advice if you could go back to In years ago when you guys you know, 20 years ago when you guys first started doing this kind of thing, what would be an advice to some younger kids some younger musicians who are putting together a band and are trying to book a tour. What would be a good little four-step plan form or something like that. Just like what’s your bestSpeaker 2: advice?Speaker 4: [00:34:57] first Lisa second, AnthonySpeaker 2: Forget about it five months four months before and then just like make sure that really early that you start talking about promotion and how that’s going to happen. So because a lot of people just booked you and they think you’re doing a favor their dreams of a favor, but they’re really not because you’re just driving eight hours to play to nobodySpeaker 4: and then you bring in audiences to them, right? So yeah.Speaker 2: Yeah. [00:35:27] Yeah. So like just make sure just like I don’t feel bad about turning down shows like be Take care of you know, but also like be open to like smaller towns and stuff. You know that because a lot of the best shows I’ve ever played him in a smaller town. Yeah, and there’s definitely more enthusiasm there because he I can say that and more appreciation. I think just like the planning in general. I experienced [00:35:57] appreciation. It shows in bigger cities to but like more enthusiasm more enthusiasm. Yeah.Speaker 4: What about you Anthony? What’s your what would be some golden advice for meSpeaker 2: myself? I would say it’s along the same lines. It’s be realistic when you’re traveling and save money and budget for not making any money. ISpeaker 4: think that’s important. That’s very smart in life [00:36:27] in general.Speaker 2: I’m the same on the same. Don’t be afraid to ask for money upfront say hey, we need to make a hundred fifty bucks. We need to make 200. Do you think you’ll be able to bring that in and then the show first that in their mind and For money upfront true honesty is the best policy. a stick it’s gonna [00:36:57] cost this much money to drive to this next town. How much money do we need to make their? You know, like is that possible? Is this show going to be on the fun scale or is it going to be on the making our gas money? Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes it’s worth it. This every time [00:37:27] so that could be like a university show that’s going to be really cool that also pays a lot of money and then it just takes a little bit of anxiety out of it because you know, okay, at least you have enough money to pay everyone in the band and get where we need to go. I went like that and then I’ve all the money make on top of that is you know, is this a stay in those four or whatever but they give you a minimum smat by that but that anchorSpeaker 4: yeah, I was gonna say like, what’s the difference between balancing out great publicity e in a good show [00:37:57] and money in a good show,Speaker 2: like imagine fan support. Okay local down. It depends what you’re getting paid. I guess I meanSpeaker 4: the publicity rightSpeaker 2: from the space to be but there’s no guarantee.Speaker 4: [00:38:27] Okay. Yeah some Merchants another good way to make money match is a bit a big way to make money release albums and keep them up to date aboutSpeaker 2: stuff. I’ve never okay, I’ll save this because a lot of people are listening to us talk about this in and thinking oh my God, everybody in the band comes back and gets paid money. That’s awesome. Yeah. No, it is like that as a successful tour. Is everyone [00:38:57] comes back and can find a new job and we haven’t lost a shit ton of money your time. Everyone is good to each other and it’s this. Fun traveling experience that you go around getting to share your music with all these different new people.Speaker 3: I love [00:39:27] thatSpeaker 4: and that’s the most important thing right?Speaker 2: That’s what it’s always been about like with me. Yeah me traveling. I’ve never done it with a mindset thinking I’m going to come back and buy a house. No, no, no able to quit my job. No, it’s weird. How many tours are canceled right now. This is the say that well. Yeah, probably. [00:39:57] The churchSpeaker 4: is around and so then America. All right. Okay. Well guys we have run out of time. But thank you so much for all of that Insight because I’m pretty sure everyone else like myself does not know what it’s like to travel with a band. So that’s really interesting to know. Thank you very much. And what’s the name of your band? This is the time for you to plug some some some information to our listeners about your guys been.Speaker 2: Band that we’re both in is called secrets from band Yes, and then [00:40:27] also coordination which the album comes out soon this next month. Can we find Simmons album comes out in JuneSpeaker 4: coming find everything onSpeaker 2: Spotify secret romance and Spotify, but I encourage everyone to go to band camp cecum drum bands at band camp not calm because you can actually extreme and buy that album. They’re awesome.Speaker 3: Spotify is not paying artists. We will we willSpeaker 2: have coordination. Also just released [00:40:57] a book called The DIY guide to Drums. It’s a guide to drumming great book that that That’s probably about. It’s released andSpeaker 3: available. Absolutely. We will plug all of this will get links to it and put it in the show notes and thank you guys so much. Yes. Thank you so muchSpeaker 1: guys. Thank you so much to Anthony and Lisa. That was a great insight to Towing around the USA. And with this you dirty stories as well. [00:41:27] I was going to have you do that bad. But yeah, what an interesting way to get to see a country and just travel a little bit differently. Yeah, you can check out both of these guys work. If you do conceal our show notes will have everything that you need to find them. Thank you very much. Good day.

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