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Travel with Bender – Show Notes

Lianne and Corey sit down and talk with Josh Bender of the travel blog and website, Travel with Bender. Josh has been a full time blogger and traveler since 2012 and has grown his website into one of the biggest and most reputable online. You can find articles that cover everything from detailed packing tips to cuisine to when and why to go. His travels have taken him all across this globe and you will more than likely find info there for your next destination. 

Josh has some exciting stuff coming up in the coming months with the release of his new, revamped website. As a former web designer, we are sure that this is going to impress and offer so much to anyone who finds it. 

Our conversation with Josh goes from his beginnings as a travel blogger to how the industry has and is changing as well as talking about family travel. As a location independent entrepreneur, we clear up some misconceptions that exist for people in his profession. Josh was a pleasure to talk to and we think this gives his readers an opportunity to get to know the man behind the words. Enjoy, Travel with Bender!

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