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Trailing Away with Brooke and Buddy Transcript

Corey: [00:00:00] Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the small worlds podcast. My name is choreo Flanagan,

Lianne: [00:00:14] Leanne Davidson. And as always, this episode is brought to you by avail car-sharing. Are you traveling this winter, me to come borrow don’t rent it. Avail call Sherry makes jiving easy by connecting locals who have costs with travelers.

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Lianne: [00:01:00] So today we are speaking with Breck and buddy from the website trailing away, they travel. The world was how sitting under a pet, sitting for locals, wherever they go, meaning that they can travel for longer. Save some money wise, they’re doing it. So their site is full of advice and where they go, what they do.

And a lot of less along the way. So everyone say hello and welcome to Brooke and buddy.

Corey: [00:01:25] So guys, I think that one of the things that we need to talk about initially here is how this conversation came to be is the epitome of the name, small worlds podcast. And. I would like for you guys to try and talk about that story a little bit and just kind of talk about, you know, how you found us and then just go into where things have gone in our connection from there, because I’ve told a few people and everybody is like, that is out of fucking control.

Brooke: [00:01:57] Yeah, it’s just, it’s so funny because we always are looking for other travelers to connect with the I’m and doing that on Instagram. So I just happened to find your Instagram account and reached out and said, you know, we’d love to be on the podcast and kind of explain what we are doing and thought it was super cool.

How you all were traveling and sharing it. And then after we had connected, I think it was about a week or two later, I was on Facebook and saw. Something that looked like a familiar name being shared by one of my Facebook friends and sure enough, it was your podcast and it was Leanne’s mom sharing.

The vodka, I was like, okay, I’m starting to put together that, you know, maybe I. You know, your logos did speak to its unit before on Facebook, because we had actually housed in pet sites for lands mommy Gotlin last number for five weeks. So, you know, just, just a small little connection, but yeah, it was very funny.

And then. I definitely felt like a little bit like you guys back. I think that I like somehow like play into this in some weird way that it was just a complacent.

Lianne: [00:03:06] I was giving my mom’s such a hard time for not sharing everything. I was like, mom, if you don’t support me, who is, and then that must’ve been the week that I really gave.

Well, actually Corey gave Ryan, he said something on the phone and I think that’s what struck with that. So she started sharing everything. So that must’ve been when. Well,

Brooke: [00:03:25] just, I remember her telling us about her daughter that goes to does all these adventurous travels. And I think she even had brought up that you had started a podcast when we were there.

You were thinking about it, maybe. We were like, Oh, okay. That’s cool. And we just never really thought about it. And then, you know, just. And act like that. And then I know we have the Colorado connection with, with Corey and it’s really funny to definitely,

Corey: [00:03:50] well, then we both just realized that we’re we’ve left our cars with the company, drift are our sponsors.

So that’s just another incredible thing. Unbelievable. So I want to kind of get into the meat and potatoes of how you guys travel because that’s. That’s essentially why we’re here is just to learn about all these different, unique ways that people do things. But to get us from, you know, point a to where we are today, why don’t you guys try and buddy, why don’t you do this?

Give me the two minute, little rundown of how you got to where you are.

Buddy: [00:04:24] Okay. So A couple of years ago, I was working a corporate job, 80 hours a week. It was miserable. I had no life but make good money. So we decided it was time to actually enjoy our lives for our relationship and just to enjoy life.

So I quit the job and we traveled the U S and Canada and a motor home for a year with our cat quickly and motor. Yeah, we have a cat.

Brooke: [00:04:50] Oh my gosh.

Lianne: [00:04:51] Is it like one of those cool travel cats that you have on a leash and you’re going to take him out,

Brooke: [00:04:58] but yeah, we had her with us for, for the RVU.

Buddy: [00:05:03] So she passed away expectedly while we were on the road. So we kind of looked at each other instead, you know, once we lost the car, we would travel internationally. So we said, you know, are we going to go for it? Are we just gonna, you know, Stick it out and do whatever.

And so we, we sold the motor home or a pretty big loss ended playing upon house setting and just kind of went for it. And you know, we’re almost two years then, and it’s been amazing.

Lianne: [00:05:33] Okay. So you kind of just stumbled across house and then pets the thing with it.

Brooke: [00:05:37] That was just kind of a similar situation.

Like we were just talking about, we were just on book and I happened to see a blog that one of my friends liked cause she knew the people and they were held sitting and pet sitting and I was like, Oh, you know, maybe that’s something we could do at the time. We were going to run an Airbnb for my aunt and that was going to be kind of our full-time gig.

And then we were looking for ways to travel. Inexpensively on the side, but then that gig fell through and we were like, well, we don’t have it, any other plans of where to live? So let’s just start applying to youth health. It’s like crazy. And, you know, try to get them lined up, back to back. And it worked out and we just got straight into it, you know, dove right in, instead of.

Easing our way in, like we had originally planned, but I feel like that’s the best way you’ve got to just dive into things sometimes

Lianne: [00:06:21] commit, you know, and I have to have to ask. So you said that, you know, you just kind of trying to find jobs back to back and stuff. Do you just, do you choose the destination first or, and then you kind of look what’s available in that area or do you just go the complete opposite?

Where, and so, okay. I’m going to go and have a look online. See what’s available. Don’t care where it is and just commit to go in there. I’m kind

Brooke: [00:06:44] of a mix at first, we decided we want to just stick around, you know, the Colorado area. So we did some in Colorado, in Utah, but. So we use a company called trusted house sitters to find most of our house sets.

We’ve applied to some other websites, but they just haven’t been as successful. So we’ve pretty much used trusted health centers exclusively. And they send out an email every day, twice a day with new house sets. And of course they’re international. So there’s some that are just all over the place, you know?

So we kept seeing a couple for Hawaii and we saw a really, really good one in Hawaii that I think was three weeks long. Yeah. So we were like, well, we’ll just you know, it’s going to be kind of a Trek to get there, but it would be cool. Like not, not thinking we would get it, cause we didn’t even have any reviews at the time.

But the people for whatever reason really liked us and chose us out of, I think, 30 or 40 applicants. And then after we went to Hawaii, we were like, well, we are really enjoying, going to these more exotic places. You know, we, we are audit, we’ve been in Utah. Why are we doing that? So

Lianne: [00:07:41] then we started looking.

So surprising. I said, it’s so surprising you enjoy going to these exotic places.


Brooke: [00:07:53] Yeah, I think you know, we always try to like ease our way into things and do it in this, you know, safe way, but it never really works out. We’re kind of more go for it, people. So we’ll try to do it the safe way for about five minutes. And then we change our minds and just go. But yeah. So after, while we were in Hawaii, I had always wanted to go to Germany at Christmas time, but it was just one of those expensive trips that we, for some reason couldn’t afford, even though we were making really good money.

Cause you know, you spend it on all these other things that you don’t need for your holiday.

Lianne: [00:08:23] That’s it exactly like this new dress that costs a couple hundred bucks. So I’m going to get the, but then I caught a foot to go in holiday.

Brooke: [00:08:32] So at that point, you know, we didn’t have any. You know, rent or anything that we were paying, we were just, you know, paying for flights and stuff.

So we were like, okay, well, if we can find some longer house in Europe, then we can, you know, just try to stay as long as possible and get to the Christmas market. So we ended up finding the house that for, for your mom and them, and for five weeks in Scotland, they were. Motor homing. And I think it was Argentina.

Lianne: [00:08:59] Indeed. Yeah. So

Brooke: [00:09:02] we were, we were there for five weeks and then because, you know, okay, we’re going to be there for five weeks, but definitely makes the flight and everything worth it. And then from the UK, it was just so easy to get over to Europe. So we did a few other houses in Spain. We ended up getting a house at a Munich at Christmas time, which I just like bawled when we got, I was so excited.

And then. Yeah, it’s just, it’s amazing. You know, and a lot of them places are places we didn’t even think that we would want to go. It’s by like rural Spain and rural France, but it ended up being such a cool. Experiences I’m having the air is just still nice. Oh yeah.

Lianne: [00:09:40] So were you looking after Monte and Myla and I guess Casey, Casey stone,

Brooke: [00:09:46] baby.

Lianne: [00:09:49] I repeat the KC as well. We’re

Corey: [00:09:51] going to have to talk to Sharon about trusting people with limited reviews.

Lianne: [00:09:55] I know right there, mom, I think we had

Brooke: [00:09:59] a few by the time we talked to her.

Lianne: [00:10:02] Yeah. We read your website on the first page you had me cracking up just because he brought up the bull. And I was just like, okay, this is hilarious.

You brought from testicle remover.

Corey: [00:10:17] I was like, if they’re going to make light of a testicle removal, these are our kind of people.

Lianne: [00:10:20] Yeah. I can see why mum liked him.

Corey: [00:10:24] So I’m kind of wondering since you guys have been doing this for a while now, and it seems to be going as well as you could, like do you feel like this is the kind of thing that anybody can do?

Buddy: [00:10:37] Yeah, we really do. You know when we were in the RV, you know, a lot of people in that kind of place always say, Oh, you know, anyone could do it, go live in a van and that’s not easy. It’s horrible. It’s wretched. I don’t advise it.

Brooke: [00:10:51] Some people love it, but it will come for us. And there’s a lot learning curve for it.

Yeah. But

Buddy: [00:10:57] it’s also expensive where, you know, the house setting, you don’t have to commit. Into it. You can go do a weekend trip to on a house set. If you want to go to France, you could find a couple of days in France and go enjoy rural France. So really anyone could do it. The cost of memberships to the websites is so small and you know, yeah, you have to pay for your own travel and you don’t get paid for the gigs, but you know, you’re getting free lodging sometimes instead of a free car.

So it saves a ton of money. And, you know, you get to explore places you otherwise might not ever even have on your radar.

Corey: [00:11:33] Yeah. So it seems like if somebody wanted to get into this, they just, you really got to kind of keep an open mind. You’ve got to be in that mindset of I’m willing to go anywhere. As long as they’ll, they’ll take me at least to start you kind of, you can’t be too choosy.

But then as you kind of build up the profile and everything like that, then you can start being like, well, you know what, like what you guys are doing, like. We’re going to do five months in Europe and we feel like the large percentage of the time that we’re going to be there. It’s going to be, we’re going to be able to house in pets it, and then it’s our accommodation is at least going to be covered.

Brooke: [00:12:08] Yeah, definitely. And I know a lot of people kind of have the mentality that we did initially. Like, you know, they can take some, especially if they do have a home base, we’ve met people that are taking steps close by to build up that portfolio of, you know, reviews. So that way, when they do want to. Go, you know, try to go to Europe for an extended time, go Australia or something.

Then they already have the reviews, you know, ready. And when they started applying to the bigger, longer health sets that take a little bit more you know, persuasion that you can actually handle it for for that period of time, I find for a weekend or so people are pretty, you know, relaxed, total

Buddy: [00:12:43] applications and just take one of the first ones.

Lianne: [00:12:49] How much depth to this really,

Brooke: [00:12:56] right. You’re really responsible for a lot. I think people, you know, do ask a lot more questions and that’s something that we’ve learned is just making sure, you know, even if it’s a beautiful, exciting place, like we just don’t need to ask enough questions for ourselves to make sure that we’d enjoy it because we’ve had some weekend ones where we’re like, thank God we didn’t commit to a month here.

You know? Cause it was just. But it wasn’t as comfortable or that the animals weren’t as good as they had a lot on.

Lianne: [00:13:21] Okay. Can we, can we get in some more details on that? Give us a minute,

Corey: [00:13:25] one of our questions down the road, but I’d love to hear like a horror

Lianne: [00:13:28] story to story

Brooke: [00:13:31] time. Okay. How about your, your wall?

But it was not enough information given on the area.

Lianne: [00:13:41] You got cat, cat Fest,

Buddy: [00:13:47] dogs, and a cat in the mountains in Colorado. You know, lovely area, really secluded, very peaceful. And you know, two of the dogs were able to run the property for you. It’s not fenced in, they, you know, their dogs, their mountain dogs, they go wrong. And the homeowners told us about a hike up to a natural spring and they said one of the dogs knows the way, just follow the dog.

So one day I went with the dog to go find this natural spring. And we come across to deer carcass on the way in some bear feces and the dog keeps running up and barking and then it would come back to me and bark and it would pass me. And, you know, I would ask the dog, I’m like, do you want to keep going, are we going back home?

And we kept going. And then we finally come up to an opening and the woods and the dogs outside of the tree line, just barking into the tree. So I look off and he’s barking at, you know, a 400 pound bear, 20 feet away from him. So I start back or if the dog charges the bear and I’m like, great, I’m going to watch this dog get murdered.

And then I’m two miles

Lianne: [00:14:51] away.

Buddy: [00:14:53] Yeah. You know, and then I’m always away from home and I don’t actually know the way home. I know a direction I can walk. So, you know, charges, the bear starts running around barking at the bear. The bear actually didn’t seem interested at all. So once I got far enough up the Hill, that dog came running to me, then, you know, we finally get back home or I get back home and broke can tell like something happened.

Yeah. So you know, we finally, the dog shows up an hour later throws apparently went back to the dead deer. Carcass ate all the dead deer, came back home, threw it all up. We called the homeowner that, Hey, this is kind of what’s happening. They’re like, Oh yeah, the dog will go eat. That deer is on occasion.

He’ll throw it up. He’ll feel better. He won’t do it again for six months. They were also really. Yeah. Then they were also really excited to hear how well the dog did with a bear, because they’ve never encountered a bear on the trail. They have bears on their property on occasion, but never while they were out hiking and then just, you know, throw the kicker.

And they informed me that the area that I walked through, where the dead deer was. It’s actually called the mountain lion killing grounds. So just a lot of information I didn’t really have going into that.

Lianne: [00:16:09] You need to send you in that direction. It could have sent you to a neighbor’s hot tub or anything, you know, run your hot bath.

Corey: [00:16:20] Well, I, I that’s, that’s pretty incredible thing. Goodness. That the dog was okay. I mean, that’s just something that’s, you

Lianne: [00:16:26] can imagine that you can imagine that I’m one of your reviews. Wasn’t like brick and booty with great. The house was in gray, but my dog came back in, you know, my dog never came back.

Yeah. Eaten by a bear.

Corey: [00:16:37] Oh, great house sitters in terms of pet-sitting Sosa.

Brooke: [00:16:42] Okay. Try to stop taking Taking health stats like that, that were cause at first we were like, you know, just pretty much, you know, whatever, if that’s what you normally do, it’s fine. But we’ve done a couple of those mountain health.

That’s where they’re like, well, you know, the cats roam free. So if they don’t come back, it probably got eaten by a mountain lion, but it’s just a whisky brisk we’re willing to take because they like being outside and I’m like, I get that. But also this is like my civility right

Lianne: [00:17:09] on my shoulders.

Corey: [00:17:11] Legally, you need to come up with some sort of waiver that people need to sign.

And then also you just have to work on like, not carrying the guilt of an animal dying.

Lianne: [00:17:18] Yeah,

Brooke: [00:17:22] totally. I’ve always liked not on my watch guys. I’m curious about,

Corey: [00:17:27] if we talk about some more logistics of this. Of this way of traveling and how far in advance are you guys booking? And then obviously, you know, if you’re saying, let’s say that first booking over in Europe didn’t work out, but you’d flown over there.

What do you do if someone cancels?

Brooke: [00:17:46] Yeah. We’ve, we’ve talked about that. Cause I mean, you just kind of have to have those contingency plans. Luckily there’s always things coming up. The website we use is based out of Brighton. In the, in the UK. So there’s a ton of options in the UK, like, because you know, they started there and that’s kind of where their, their core base of people using it live.

So we know when we’re in Europe. Okay. If something falls through, we can just start applying to things in the UK and get over there. And then we can probably just hang out there until we figure things out, which is, we always end up back over. We’re in isle of Wight right now. Oh, nice. So we always kind of end up over here.

When we’re in between things and can’t really find something, but yeah, we, we just, you know, it has to be somewhere we’d go anyways. So if it does falter, you know, we have credit cards, it’s not the ideal, but

Lianne: [00:18:39] And sometimes you do just need to spoil yourself if you’re having a bad time. You know,

Brooke: [00:18:44] we do a lot of things of what’s been said sometimes like the the Germany said we had planned three weeks before where we didn’t have anything on purpose because that was always my dream trip. So we just went and we saw like almost 40 Christmas markets just wandering around Germany.

And we went into like, Switzerland and Osprey, Lichtenstein and stuff. And it was a blast. We spent a ton of money afterwards. We were like, man health settings, really a much better plan because we don’t spend this money. But it was, it was really fun.

Lianne: [00:19:13] Wow. So you went from dreaming of going to a German market.

Never been to one, and then you went to 40, I’d be like all marketed. I couldn’t do anymore.

Brooke: [00:19:23] Yeah. That’s I’m like, after that, I was like, that was amazing. Well, if we don’t go, I thought I was going to drink glue vine every night. Like by the third night, I just couldn’t drink another one because we’ve got 40

Lianne: [00:19:32] years worth of German markets out of your system now.

So he had his kilter in the other one.

Brooke: [00:19:39] No, no, it’s so funny. But yeah, I guess for the planning I had, we’ve been really bad at it for the most part, aside from, you know, if we see one that we really like we’ll apply and then kind of have that. Out out there in the future, but otherwise we’ve been a little, I think maybe a little too picky.

So we try to hold out for ones we’re really, really excited about. And we’re trying to do better about having a few we’re really excited about, and then some that maybe aren’t in a super cool place, but have really chill pets like that. We can look forward to getting some work done, which that’s kind of what we’re doing.

Corey: [00:20:15] I think that’s so funny. I can just see like scrolling through the website being like, give me a castle and Switzerland, give me a castle in Switzerland.

Brooke: [00:20:25] I know. No, it’s crazy. Like we You know, with, with the website, how it works, we have, you can set like notifications using their app. So when something comes up, you know, that you are looking forward to it dings you and you can apply right away because there is kind of a competitive nature to it.

Cause there’s a lot of people doing it now. So one of ours that we did plan, I had, we’re going to be an Iceland starting at the end of this month for 45 days.

Lianne: [00:20:49] Oh my God.

Brooke: [00:20:50] That over Christmas.

Corey: [00:20:53] That’s amazing.

Lianne: [00:20:55] Yeah. It’s you’re gonna go stay in an igloo. Wait, I’m thinking of no way. My son has that too. You.

Pretty much

Brooke: [00:21:03] since we began, if there’s a long one in Iceland, we’ll go because we know it’s expensive to get there and expensive there, but if we don’t have to pay to stay

Lianne: [00:21:11] well, that’s it, it makes such a big difference.

Brooke: [00:21:14] Yeah.

Lianne: [00:21:14] Saving those extra pennies.

Brooke: [00:21:17] Even planning it. We did a camper van road trip to Iceland, I think four or five years ago for two weeks.

And we spent about 10 grand. I remember cause we saved up a ton and we were super excited about it and we were happy to spend it at the time. But now I’m like, we would probably be like trying to spend five grand on this trip for 45 days, which is just insane. Can’t the comparison.

Lianne: [00:21:40] Yeah. Well, that’s it, because Europe is so expensive anyway.

So doing something like the house setting as well. If anyone’s listening who is looking for house, it is, it’s such an amazing experience. Cause then you don’t have to like, even like, I know mum, she puts the dogs in kennels quite a lot, but I know that gets quite pricey. So yeah, it’s a, it’s a really cool experience.


Corey: [00:22:00] I love all these ways of connecting people. I think it’s just brilliant.

Brooke: [00:22:04] Yeah, we’ve made so many friends, like I said, we’re, we’re Facebook friends, you know, I mean, that’s such a, in a more, you know, business, the atmosphere, we probably wouldn’t be Facebook friends, but we do, you know, we have dinners with the people we host it for.

Sometimes we’ll stay a couple extra days if they have a spare room and they invite us and, you know, we don’t have anywhere to go. Then we end up spending some more time together and we’ve made some really good friends that are all over the world and they travel too. So we’re constantly. You know, hearing great stories and,

Lianne: [00:22:34] and hacking it up.


Brooke: [00:22:37] And it’s

Lianne: [00:22:38] the other way around as well. If any of you, the people, the clients that you’ve worked with, and then you, because I have a friendship with them, if they ever come to the States and you happen to be there, or, you know, all of that,

Corey: [00:22:48] you can just send them right over to drift

Lianne: [00:22:50] and that’s it.

Okay. So I have an honesty question. I have, I have a question. I want you to be completely honest. Don’t worry, ma I told you a mum is terrible. She’s probably not listening. If you, sorry. Ma’am I’d say responsibility. How, how often do you just get curious about the house? Like you just want to Snoop around, you know, I know they’ve got an attic in the house I was super curious about, and it’s not actually my house, but I went in there and then I found like this like Cavin of alcohol, like hundreds of bottles that they’d smuggled from Europe and countless trips, just because they felt that they had to here.

So come on, you must sleep around sometimes in attics and basements.

Corey: [00:23:32] Yeah. Yeah. And I want to preface this a little bit because as we were talking about. Talking to you guys. We got into this conversation yesterday about snooping through a stranger’s houses, and we have a clear difference between where people’s comfort level.

Lianne: [00:23:46] I think basements and assets I’m like that could be a murder in the, Oh, you know what? I’m just curious. If someone’s told me exactly. If someone’s told me a Congo there, of course I’m not going to go there, but if it’s not been said, and there’s just an attic and a board one day, or I think there’s going to be a ghost or something.

Corey: [00:24:03] If the rules given say that you have to stay in the guest bedroom, Leanne will. Definitely stay in the master. That’s

Buddy: [00:24:09] pretty much where we’re at.

Brooke: [00:24:14] If you ever get into a house

yeah, I I of have like strict rules. I mean, we both, I it’s almost like a karma type thing, like about like digging the kind of, but I’m just like, man, if this was my house, what would I not want people to do? You know, like we try not to do. And if it was my house, I’d probably have like a lot more that I wouldn’t want people to do.

I find it like so many people are like, Oh, just make yourself at home. You know, dig through my cabinets. If you’re looking for something. And if it was my house, I’d be like, this is the cabinet you can use. Like, I’d be

Lianne: [00:24:49] really happy. One assigned drawer. I’ve given you one drawer that you’re not getting any of the drug, but you’ll DRA.

See, I’m not the other way around. I’d be like help yourself to anything, whatever needs borough, bikinis, I’m

Brooke: [00:25:00] changing, like where I would get like that. But at least when we owned our house, I was. Really particular about things and kind of like OCD. So I’m obviously doing this kind of lifestyle you get over.

It it’s like that.

Lianne: [00:25:11] Well, you know what I, in the house prices in Colorado they’re expensive so that it should be a baby. That’s your baby. Yeah,

Buddy: [00:25:20] exactly. I wouldn’t say we knew, but there are, you know, when we’re looking for things like, you know, I need to go look in cabinets and you know, of course we’d found open cabinets and you know, there’s this little of alcohol and other things it’s like, Okay.

You know, but I think they don’t really Snoop. I know we’ve had houses where they actually lock the master bedroom or something like that.

Brooke: [00:25:40] I feel like that’s so rare. It’s like on a longer health set. Cause God forbid like, you know, the window was left open or something. Like we kind of try to go and peak, you know, just pop our heads into most of the rooms when we’re.

Doing longer house sits, especially just in case they forgot to close a window or there’s a pipe that’s leaking or something. That way we can catch it. I guess the only thing that I do, I like to grab a book off of the shelf and I feel like if they have an open bookshelf, then that’s kind of, you know, what it’s there for.

But there have been a few occasions where I find like an old picture in a book and then I feel like really, like,

It’s probably there

Lianne: [00:26:18] for a reason that picture in that spurt. So

Brooke: [00:26:21] yeah. So I have to like, leave it there and make sure it doesn’t fall out. But especially once you’re halfway through a book and you find something and you’re like, well, I want to finish the book, but now I feel weird about it. So that’s probably the thing.

Lianne: [00:26:33] Yeah. I know. So obviously you pet it a lot as well as house it, they kind of come hand in hand. Is there any kind of like, would you just say, obviously you get lots of cats and dogs. Maybe the occasional habits or a goldfish. Is there any kind of animal that you would just say? No. You know what? I’m not about that.

I’m not going to house it with that animal though. Scorpion Cobra,

Brooke: [00:26:55] right? Yeah. I don’t, I don’t like aches. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t be comfortable like sleeping in a house with a snake, especially like a big thing. Cause it was like kind of like a little. Snake. And even then I’d be a little creeped out, but if it was, you know, like a bowl or something, there’s no way you could pay me enough money to sleep house

Corey: [00:27:14] like that.

I was literally thinking about this because we, I used to live in a house when I was in college in Milwaukee. And we from one summer babysat for three months to seven foot boas. And we had to have like, these live most feeding parties. And what we didn’t have to, we did. And

Lianne: [00:27:36] then weird Wisconsin boys right there.

Corey: [00:27:40] I mean, thinking like, if you like come across something, they’re like, yes, like watch our beautiful mansion and like the, on the coast of outside of Barcelona. But. We’ve

Brooke: [00:27:50] got

Corey: [00:27:51] we don’t we have, we have like three snakes and they didn’t do not have cages and you just got to find them and feed them. And we just have like my son around the house to feed him, buddy.

It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. I like, are you guys going to take on that kind of thing?

Brooke: [00:28:05] There’s definitely a limit. It’s pulling, it’s also the review things. So if we don’t feel like we can do a good job and that’s risking getting a bad review, like buddy was starting to bring up the horses. You know, we don’t know what to do with horses, unless it’s a situation where the neighbor really does everything.

If you could just go check on them and if there’s an issue, let the neighbor know. But something like that, we’d be okay with. And we’ve seen some like that, but Oh, tell him about the believers one that was like not okay with me. We applied to one unbelief.

Buddy: [00:28:30] We actually applied to one and believe it sounded really interesting.

It wasn’t in Belize city. It was more in the

Brooke: [00:28:36] words. Definitely like in the middle of

Buddy: [00:28:43] And he’s telling us, you know, kind of some of the issues he’s like, you know, it is hurricane season, but we’re far enough inland, you know, nothing bad will happen, but if any tree branches fall, you need to clean them up and you need to watch out for the

Brooke: [00:28:56] Florida land,

Buddy: [00:28:56] Florida, Lance snakes. And if you get bit, you’re not gonna make it to the hospital, your dad.

And so we get through this part and he’s like, Oh yeah, my wife was walking the dogs the other day. One of them got into a slight little scuffle with the Jaguar, so, you know, just be aware of that. And then he’s like, Oh, also, you know, if you get up in the middle of the night, don’t walk around the house without shoes on, but check your shoes before you put on put mom because.

Scorpions and centipedes and spiders and everything else will be in the house and in your shoes. So after that call, they’re just like, do you know what?

Brooke: [00:29:30] You didn’t have anything. This is

Lianne: [00:29:33] just a way it’s like, they might as well say, don’t go.

Brooke: [00:29:36] Oh, no. Yeah. But it was, Oh, and then it was an Airbnb. So we’ll see some like this and some different countries where you’re actually like holding the money in the house and like, So they had like workers that like clean the Airbnb and like the lawn and stuff.

So you’re responsible for paying them in cash. So I’m like, we’re just gonna be sitting in their house for two months with all this cash, like handing it out to people. But it’s just like a really weird situation.

Lianne: [00:29:59] Yeah. Just sat in the armchair. You know, I feel like Dr. Eva, like you come, you come 10 for you, 10 for you.

Brooke: [00:30:08] Are people that just go for these and we’re in a couple of Facebook groups that, I mean, we were stories about, Oh, it seemed beautiful. So I went for it and you know, it was a nightmare and I didn’t enjoy it at all. So we’ve just really tried to balance like, okay, it’s pretty, but what are we really getting ourselves into?

Lianne: [00:30:25] Yeah. And so like on the other side of that as well, so obviously you get these animals that you don’t really feel comfortable setting. You obviously get those amazing pets. There’s livable dogs in particular that you just, you must have a hard time leaving them behind.

Brooke: [00:30:42] We do in a sense, like, we definitely have some that we missed, but I think the big thing for us is it’s not like we’re handing them over to someone that’s like beating them or not taking care of them, but obviously people that are on the side or on the site, because they feel bad taking their pets to a kennel or a cattery or anything like that, you know, they want them to be loved and taken care of and comfortable.

So we’re handing them back to owners that love them. And then, you know, when we are friends with them, On Facebook or Instagram or whatever, which usually ends up happening. We still get to see photos and get updates and stuff. You know, we love, we’re very responsible people and we love the pats and take really good care of them when we’re there.

But it is kind of a relief once you’ve handed it over and you’re like, okay, I wasn’t ticked off. Nothing has saved

Lianne: [00:31:25] my responsibility. Yeah. And so basically love them, but doesn’t get attached to them. I’d have a hard time with them

Brooke: [00:31:33] instantly. Well, we fall in love with every single one and there’s been a few wives like cried and buddy’s even teared up when it’s time to leave.

Cause we’ve really gotten attached, but you know, we know that they’re fine and that they’re happy in their home and they couldn’t possibly come with us. So not even. So,

Corey: [00:31:48] We’re sitting here in a windowless. Home that we’re lucky enough to stay in while we’re here in India, that Scott like, probably like similar to what you guys were running into and believes, but we’re on the second floor of a place.

So I don’t think that we have to worry about as many critters getting up here and there’s cars driving by honking. And it’s just third world

Lianne: [00:32:10] monkeys climbing outside.

Corey: [00:32:13] We can’t have our fan on right now because we can’t disturb the microphone. And I’m wondering. With these kinds of things in mind, what you guys think about, what, the way that you’re traveling, does it work in third world countries or is it mostly got to be in developed countries?

Brooke: [00:32:31] You know, we’ve

Buddy: [00:32:31] seen quite a few. I mean, there are quite a few in India and Thailand and stuff, but most of the homes, even the ones we’ve saw for our ex Todd. So they’ve moved away from most in the UK. So they’re. They’re in pretty nice houses, nicer areas. Well, so, you know, they’re still in the third world countries, but you know, they’re not basic.

Lianne: [00:32:56] Yeah. They’ve got the app on, they’ve got the, all the comforts that one would want.

Brooke: [00:33:03] Yeah. And because there’s photos and information aside, if it does kind of look like an uncomfortable thing, I mean, we’re pretty adventurous, you know, we would. Maybe for like a week or two weeks, but if it’s, you know, three months of no, no air conditioning and an uncomfortable situation, we might not do it.

Lianne: [00:33:19] Yeah.

Buddy: [00:33:21] Yeah, we had one outside Athens that didn’t have air con it didn’t have fans. And unfortunately it was extremely warm. So our whole time there, it was cooler to sit outside than it was to be inside the house.

Lianne: [00:33:33] Wow. I can imagine that because I was in Greece, then it was. It was hot,

Brooke: [00:33:40] real hot.

Lianne: [00:33:41] And so for you guys, what does the future hold like?

What’s next for you guys?

Corey: [00:33:45] Yeah. Five months in Europe, you guys are going to be doing that kind of testing the idea. It seems like a little bit. And then what’s. So where do you, where are you? Where do you what’s the plan after that?

Buddy: [00:33:56] So we’ve got the 45 days in Iceland and then we had back to the States Brooklyn.

Best friend’s having a baby. And then as of right now, the only thing we are booked as we are headed to Australia for two months, starting in

Brooke: [00:34:10] may. Yeah. So does this

Corey: [00:34:13] same kind of idea of travel applied there?

Brooke: [00:34:17] Yeah. So we have a house that there I’m in the same place for, in like the Queensland area for yeah.

For two months. One of the things that, that you have to be careful about with international house city is it is really just a gray area. It’s not illegal. It’s not, you know, anything that you, you know, shady doing. But if you tell, you know, the the border control, like, Hey, I’m house sitting, it is one of those places.

Situations where, depending on who you get, they might be like, Oh, well that’s a job or that’s volunteering. And you know, you need special visa. So we always just say that we’re traveling. And we usually

Buddy: [00:34:50] okay. Tonight is basically, we always have a hotel that first night, because sometimes crossing into a new country, they want to know where you’re staying and how you can afford your trip staying long-term.

So, you know, we have, we always have a hotel that person, and then we have the credit cards to say, you know, We can, we can fund our trip product. We’re not looking for

Corey: [00:35:11] that’s

Lianne: [00:35:12] smart. Do you know whereabouts in Queensland? You go,

Brooke: [00:35:16] Harvey,

Lianne: [00:35:17] Harvey Bay. Yeah. It’s so beautiful. That mile bus lives there. I tried, I did my two years and I was, and I loved it.

It’s so nice. He can get to like all of the islands, like Fraser Island and everything on the boat. Yeah. I love it. It’s so nice.

Brooke: [00:35:31] Yeah. That’s the homeowner that we’re sitting for. There is like the kindest person I’ve ever, she. He told us we needed to come early. So that way we could make sure we go see all the islands before she leaves, then we have to, you know, be a little bit more, you know, time conscious with the cat there.

But we’re really excited and we’ve been to Australia before, before we started house sitting. We, the only place we had really been with Iceland and then Canada and the motor home. So we, we are at like 29 countries now just traveling through Europe, doing the house, sitting and going to some places in between.

So we’ve seen a lot of Europe for the last two years and we’re excited to do. Australia and New Zealand, you know, we’d love to get over to Southeast Asia and stuff next year, especially we’re trying to be more budget conscious. So we’re like, okay, we need to head in that direction. Or things are a

Lianne: [00:36:14] little less expensive.

It’s definitely a lot cheaper. It’s possible to live cheap out here

Corey: [00:36:18] it is. But I gotta be honest. This trip has surprised us and maybe it’s been some of the things that we’ve been doing, but we’ve been spending a little bit more than we had originally thought. Finally, India has, we’ve gotten to a place where we’re.

We’re hitting our budget and we’re, we’re doing really well with it. But leading up to this like Indonesia and then DePaul, we went trekking there and stuff like that. That just kind of was okay. No, it’s cheap as it used to be, but it’s still cheap. It’s definitely something to, just to look into. And we’re trying to obviously put on information about that so that people are, are aware.

So you guys be ready, be calm and breathe. Cause rapid fire is coming.

Lianne: [00:37:01] It’s the rapid fire. All right. So we’ll do for the first one. We’ll try and cause there is two of you, so we’ll try them direct each question at each person.

Corey: [00:37:12] So Brooke, whether it’s location, style, decor, smell, whatever, what’s the strangest home.

You guys have slept in.

Brooke: [00:37:24] Changes

Buddy: [00:37:26] with the kids,

Brooke: [00:37:28] what was my first thought tale? So, okay. So we did one and I love this family. We’re friends with them, but we met them through Instagram. So there wasn’t, this was the only one we’ve done off site. We just met them through Instagram and they needed a health center and they were in Hawaii.

So we’re like, sure. So we didn’t know anything. We didn’t really ask a lot of questions. We’re like, yeah, Hawaii. Great. And for some reason we didn’t get. The memo that they had for kids. So they invited us to stay two days early and we got there and they’re like, Oh, okay. So you’re going to sleep in the boys room and they’re just going to sleep in the living room.

And we both kind of looked at each other like, Oh shit, we didn’t get that. No,

my God, I felt so bad that like, we could have just gotten an Airbnb and thereby I ended up like the kids’ room. So the house, the house was fine. Everything. It was. Four kids and, you know, two adults and then us sleeping in a three bedroom, like kind of smaller house. With no air conditioning in Hawaii, it was like I was on a twin bed and buddy was on an air mattress and the boy is on the, on the floor in the boys room.

And then the boys were sleeping on the couch and in the garage on like a, another air mattress. And it was just this hilarious thing for two days, but there was such a nice family and the kids, they were all teenagers. So they kind of thought it was weird and uncomfortable that they just kind of went with it.

And but that was, that was probably. One of the weirdest situations.

Lianne: [00:38:54] I have another one for rapid fire. Are you ready? So I’ll end this one at buddy. Clear your mind. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve opened the fridge door to. Is it been any weird food,


Buddy: [00:39:12] I’d have to be honest. I don’t really cook a lot,

Lianne: [00:39:14] so I only go.

Buddy: [00:39:19] I’m thinking she .

Lianne: [00:39:22] And when you get to with different coaches, maybe this is something that you’re going to start finding. I, as a, I always look in the fridge and like my friend’s houses, everything we play in, I find it really interesting. I’m also a widow.

Brooke: [00:39:34] So. No. I mean, but I think because we’ve done an primarily English speaking, or if they’re not English speaking, they are probably from the UK or Canada or the U S for the houses that we’ve done.

We haven’t really had, there’s definitely been some cultural things. Like in Spain, they eat it. 10 at night and we thought we’re going to die because we’re never gonna like let us eat. But you know, other than that, we haven’t really seen any too weird of foods. We leaving the eggs on the counter with something strange to get used to you put them in the fridge in the us, and that was something.

But, but they do that pretty much all over the UK and Europe. So you’ve just gotten used to it.

Corey: [00:40:08] Okay. Third one here is, what’s the best thing about traveling in your style Brook?

Brooke: [00:40:14] I definitely love that. It’s just. An opportunity to live basically a normal existence, as much as you can, being a full-time traveler.

I think it’s a lot more sustainable for us. We love the in-between go, go, go see everything trips that we do. But after a week or two, you know, we’re just exhausted. We’re not in our early twenties. We you’re trying to, you know, run businesses and. Sleep regularly, those kind of things. So by the time we get to a house that we’re usually really ready to just settle in and still see the area that we’re in, but at a slower pace and just enjoy things like going to the market and trying to find, you know, some new foods we haven’t tried and cooking at home and we really get a lot out of being around the pets.

We both are big animal lovers. So when it’s been a few weeks and we haven’t. Gotten to have any little furry pallets to hang out with and make us laugh. We start to feel the draw back to that. So and just the connection with other people, I’m sure. I don’t know how, how you all are, but it’s just the two of us were together a lot.

We get to where we’re like, thank God we can talk to some other human that has other things to talk about.

Lianne: [00:41:21] It’s really

Corey: [00:41:21] true as to people who have done a lot of travel independently, either. On our own or with, you know, friends, not necessarily significant others, we’ve discovered as a travel couple.

Now that it does raise the bar on difficulty of finding people that will engage with you. It’s just. It’s just harder to meet people for whatever reason. And it’s, it’s kind of this question that’s lingering that we’re hoping to try and figure out a little bit, because we feel like we are very open and we’re both very outgoing and don’t feel like if I wanted to go talk to a group of people and leave Leanne behind, she wouldn’t be pissed off at me.

She’d be like, go get them.

It’s very interesting. It’s a it’s just something that, that exists and I don’t necessarily understand why. But I think what you guys are doing is really, really cool. I hadn’t the, the idea of it kind of. Couch surfing is like kind of the, the root of what you guys are doing, but you’re taking it to another level.

And I just think that that’s so awesome because there’s so many people that want to come out and do these kinds of things and go and travel longterm and change their lives. And they just can’t figure out how to do it. And you guys are showing people that you don’t have to. Stay in hostels. You don’t have to go do this thing.

There’s another way to do it, where you can have the comforts of home. It just takes a little bit, bit of planning and a little bit of knowledge of, of getting there. Yeah. And so kudos to you for you guys for figuring this out. Cause I think that that’s really, really cool. And We want to give you a chance now, just to plug yourselves, give the audience a little bit of information about where to find your website, your social media, any of that stuff.

And then we’ll, we’ll take it from there and just kind of wrap it up.

Brooke: [00:43:16] Okay, great. Yeah. Thank you. It’s been really fun chatting with you. It would definitely be great if we could have been in person having a few drinks.

Corey: [00:43:24] I know our time difference was different. So we’ve been sitting here in happy hour hours, and I think we’ve done.


Lianne: [00:43:32] Drinking wine.

Brooke: [00:43:35] We’ve got coffee, but I mean, if we would’ve known, I could have gotten a wine glass. Not picky, but yeah, so we are, we’re trailing is where we share all of our travels and tips for how studying. We’ve been really trying to do a lot more sharing of the house building lifestyle, because it is something that people just find really intimidating.

I have a popular blog post that I wrote about like the top questions that we get, because it is just funny. Some of the weird things people ask us about you, how studying and. You know, just aren’t you uncomfortable sleeping on other people’s houses and just trying to share more of what the lifestyle looks like, how it really isn’t that weird of a situation.

You know, it’s no weirder than staying in an Airbnb, especially once you have the home to yourself, then there’s no one there, you know, to kind of watch what you’re doing or anything. So you know, we, we like to share that there and then on. Instagram and Facebook were just at trailing away. So we’re pretty easy to follow along with there.

We don’t, we don’t do too much on Twitter, but we do have Twitter. We just do. If you reach out to us, they might not see it for awhile, but yeah. Yeah, we have one.

Corey: [00:44:44] Cool, well that works perfectly. We appreciate your guys’ time so much. And this was really just amazing to hear about. I just, I, when we’ve had a couple of people do what you guys do.

And reach out to us and just be like, you know, we see what you guys are doing. We’d like it. And we think that we can contribute something that you guys are the first ones that we were just like, this is unique. This is something that I think people should hear about. So keep doing what you’re doing and hopefully we’ll check in with you down the road and thank you for your time.

Brooke: [00:45:17] Good. Yeah. Thank you so much. Yeah. Hopefully our paths will cross eventually.

Lianne: [00:45:24] So thank you, Brooke and buddy of trailing away. If you guys want to find out any more information, remember to visit and anybody who may be ingested in some honest people coming to look after your house. You know where to find

Corey: [00:45:39] them, not,

Lianne: [00:45:41] not us. I will Snoop in your attic and in your basement,

Corey: [00:45:45] I will likely clear out your liquor cabinet.

Be sure to check us out small worlds, as always our Instagram at small worlds. And you know what? I have yourselves a great 2020

Lianne: [00:45:58] dude, happy new year guys. And remember subscribe right.

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