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Tour Dè Ben Transcript

Speaker 1: Welcome, welcome. Welcome to SmallWorlds podcast. My name is Cory o’flanagan
Speaker 3: and I am Leah and Davidson. How are you Liam? All right. How are
Speaker 1: you? Can you feel a little sluggish this morning, right?
Speaker 3: Yeah. I had a few too many drinks at cocktail hour yesterday. So quarantining.
Speaker 1: Yeah guys. We got a really cool episode today one of Of my friends from past life and Milwaukee is joining us. Mr. Ben Phelan who is known around the world around the whole globe as a bike
Speaker 3: Packer as an egg. Tulsa
Speaker 1: egg flipper flipper same thing. If you want to see some videos of been Flippin eggs, check out his
Speaker 3: Instagram sounds weird at first but You know what is wrong with
Speaker 1: it? No one flips an egg like this kid. It’s pretty spectacular stuff. Now really excited. It’s a fun conversation been is absolutely hilarious. So we really hope that you enjoyed that the only other thing that we will say is that we’ve been kind of dropping some hints here and there over the last couple of months, but we can officially let you guys know SmallWorlds hosts Yours Truly we’ve been working on a new project haven’t we
Speaker 3: we have indeed it’s gonna be a new podcast. It’s going to be a bit more professional. We have producers in a website and everything not a good stuff. But yeah, it’s going to be lots of fun and hopefully you guys are like enjoy it just as much as you enjoyed this.
Speaker 1: Yeah, we will bring you more info in the episode that we’re going to drop a couple weeks from now, but just know that it is called Forever break. You should go and check it out the forever break website forever pretty new but lots of content going to be hitting the shelves soon. So enjoy that and be ready because we are doing season 1 it’s going to be I believe 13 or 14 episodes and everything is dropping all at once on May 26th. So lock it down and get ready to binge. You
Speaker 3: know, you’ve got nothing else to do.
Speaker 1: I mean we’re going to be talking about all things mindfulness self-improvement just a lot of stuff that we’ve been thinking about while quarantining
Speaker 3: and I don’t necessarily think about in everyday
Speaker 1: life. We don’t really know we learned so much and we’re still learning.
Speaker 2: Throughout the process which is great is the whole point of it.
Speaker 1: So, we really hope that you guys will check that out. But without further Ado. Mr. Ben Phelan, we are here with the night with the fucking egg flipper himself been failing bed. Hello. How are you today?
Speaker 2: Oh, it’s starting right now. I
Speaker 1: had no idea. I would love baby life.
Speaker 2: Holy shit, dude. I wasn’t gonna
Speaker 1: put a shirt on then we get here in
Speaker 3: quarantine. But now we didn’t video we can see it all and we just
Speaker 2: met It would be the first time that somebody has seen my nipples in several years actually so creepy covid
Speaker 3: on and
Speaker 1: that’s not what this interview is about me look Mill Kabal. That’s something you got to go talk to someone more professional about. Okay,
Speaker 2: let’s go dude. Let’s do it. Okay, so we’re taught we’re talking a little bit about
Speaker 1: bike packing which I believe is the technical term. That’s the Reddit thread that you’re a part of what happened. So talk to me about bike packing. When did this become an idea for you? Did you get inspired by somebody? Did you just say it now? I’m gonna go.
Speaker 2: Well dude, this is so first of all, let me just outline what my agenda is for this whole conversation so that anybody listening knows exactly what they’re about to get into. All right, dude. That is that I think that we should everybody’s got to convert from backpacking to bike packing. In bold hundred percent.
Speaker 3: I want to have a sales point
Speaker 2: the sales. That’s that’s where we’re going with this right? I want to basically we’re going to we’re going to grow the bike patch and Colt as it doesn’t you know what let’s just let’s be a little bit more realistic with our expectations to we don’t need every backpack your ticket do it. Okay, so I’m going to sleep or it’s not going to be for everyone. All right. Yeah, but what I want people to learn today, that is that Hey buddy, do it and your legs can go back. Just do it on bike. I don’t know
Speaker 1: crawl. There’s so many bikes. I mean, yeah, you can buy you enough on the ground can do this bike. That’s
Speaker 2: fine. Yeah, dude. The thing is it’s like here’s the thing obviously like we like traveling is great. And it’s cool. It’s a cool and great thing to do very enriching to travel almost understated. Yeah like a backpack. Place that that you know, and when we say backpacking right we’re talking usually about like a little bit more like Bohemian kind of style not going to the Resort’s you’re going to like, you know, homestays hostels you’re camping maybe yeah, you’re staying for long periods of time and in a region, so that kind of backpacking is great. Right like it enriches your life and it’s an awesome thing. It’s a cool thing to do. It’s a great thing to do. Yeah bike packing is basically just That just amped up even more. You know, it’s like it’s just a more roided-out version of
Speaker 1: that. I mean this is the you can be as vague as you want. But I know for a fact that you’ve posted up and slept and dug outs in baseball field. So it’s not all the glamour that you’re talking about all the time.
Speaker 2: Yeah crazy adventure, you know, and what’s cool what I like about it. Is that kind of Adventure aspect that you get with it, which is like, you know when you’re backpacking I think you Really taking a bus from one place to another. Yeah, generally things like and those are those can be awesome experiences, you know going on chicken buses and stuff like that. Yeah riding like overnighters and Asia like that stuff can be just kind of a fun memory and a really cool way to experience that sort of travel. But I think what I’ve noticed in cycling is that a lot of magic that happens on those, you know in between spots where you’re not quite in the destination. Yet but
Speaker 3: Jenny, it’s all about the
Speaker 2: gym exactly and Vikings kind of one of these things where I would guess most people have ridden a bike in their life. Like most people have probably learned to ride a bike when they’re quite young.
Speaker 1: That’s fair. So let me ask you something about this Bend
Speaker 2: what I just want to finish this point. I think the thing is that when you get on a bike and also, Like you everybody like Taps into this like really cool like childhood exuberance of Freedom. You know that you had when you were like the first time that you like backpacked out of mom and dad’s house was probably on a bike, you know through and so yeah anyways, I don’t
Speaker 1: know is the same is the same true in England.
Speaker 3: Yeah. We used to be my friend Meg shout to Meg. He never listens to the podcast, but me and Meg used to be thick as thieves back in the day, and he said go around and up. Bikes and knocked out Knock on each other’s houses. When we you know from the early age of 11 and words people been broken for years. Yeah. We are like yeah, let me let me ask you this then just because anyone listening we haven’t given any backstory. So where is it that you’ve actually biked and you know, like let’s get into that gives you the
Speaker 1: right what we’re asking. Why can’t you
Speaker 2: pretty much I think he did. He said he’s like It all
Speaker 1: begin man in the good news is this is our recorded so we’ll be able to test that theory in court. It will
Speaker 2: see if I’d like a good
Speaker 1: listener. I’m guessing that you’re not
Speaker 3: right all the yapping about yourself. You know, we’ve already established know we’ll carry on. Anyway, we have a theme
Speaker 2: shit dude, I think okay. Well I got into it. So also to like the point to of like how when Corey originally has to go I got to do it was 2014. I was backpacking in Central America and I was taking a one-way flight to Mexico City with the intention of spending a year. Central America learning Spanish, okay and and about a month into that trip. I kind of had this realization of like man. I’m just kind of like bouncing from hospital to hospital and I’m primarily partying and hanging out with like Canadians Australians
Speaker 1: and kind of on like a backpack or Trail
Speaker 2: exactly. Yeah, I was backpack, you know, and I was just kind of going from hospital to hospital. Whatever was in the Lonely Planet, you know, or whatever and and and about a month. That trip I was just like was like to I don’t know anymore Spanish early than what I started. Yeah at the time. My sister had just been diagnosed with breast cancer cells like starting to be like, can I go home as I could just go home like this. I should be there for my sister and get out of here right around that time that I met. I met a group of guys that were traveling by bicycle and just turned out to be a groovy group of dudes. Really nice. What’s
Speaker 3: that? Where were they from?
Speaker 2: So yeah, it was it was two brothers from La. Okay. And at this point when I met them we were in Oaxaca swear, like kind of southern Mexico getting close to Guatemala. And and yeah, so two brothers that it’s cycle there from Los Angeles. They were with a french guy that had cycled. They’re from New York and they met somewhere in northern Mexico. Okay and earlier I think like maybe Mexico City whatever and then and then I met them and then they were like, oh You know should get a bike man, you know, I was kind of like expressing to them like how it was feeling a little underwhelmed by my first month Mexico. Yeah, and and they’re like to get up I can come and ride with us and I was like dude, there’s no way I’m doing that. It sounds
Speaker 1: dangerous. It’s
Speaker 2: like really logistically hard to pull off. Yeah, and I didn’t bring like camping shit. I was like already like a big Avid outdoorsy kind of campy person. I was like me cuz I called my boy. Year for camping is like back in the States on the glove not going to be able to get the camping shit. Yep. So I kind of wrote them, you know, just like stay in touch with them said goodbye. They left and then yeah, then what happened was a couple weeks later. I just kind of had a spiritual awakening
Speaker 1: Backpacker easy. Well, hey these things happen on the road.
Speaker 2: Yeah, man, and I was like dude if you don’t go get a bike and just just find gear like just find shit figure it out, you know. Yeah, then you’d like missing a serious opportunity. So I did that. I went in Oaxaca City. I went and found a bicycle and found some like basic shit put together some of the kind of like basic gear that you need for for by packing and and then join those guys and then ended up cycling from from basically from San Cristobal De Las Casas in Chiapas. Say that again cut so that
Speaker 1: five times fast.
Speaker 2: Stem Cristobal De Las
Speaker 1: Casas. Muchas. Gracias.
Speaker 2: Yeah the nurse
Speaker 1: baby.
Speaker 2: That was fucking eye that’s kind of where it started. Okay started cycling out of there. And then for the next like ten months cycle down to Colombia and where I think we made it to call me like eight months and spent a couple months cycling around in
Speaker 1: Colombia awesome.
Speaker 2: And then and then you have pulled the plug on that and then and then since then have done a bunch of other trips.
Speaker 3: Okay, so Mike Question do you I don’t know if this is just because so I’ve been traveling by myself for five years now, maybe not now that I’m not going to be four and a half. Yeah, but for me when I hear that, so I love the sound of that cuz I met a couple of guys who have done like the travel around the world on the bikes type thing. And you know, I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t is always a guy. Yeah. I know. Yeah, and I’m guessing that’s because of safety reasons because that’s the first thing that I When you say danger Mexico, I didn’t even think that the danger guys and I think of the danger that women are in and I guess my question is for you. What was like the most challenging part? Was it the safety? Was it the physical challenge? Was it the lack of Home Comforts? I guess.
Speaker 1: Let’s talk about the machete. Yeah. Tell me what what
Speaker 3: was the what was the scariest part of most challenging part for you?
Speaker 2: Yeah, it’s hard to like kind of it’s funny. I was like listening to a podcast this morning. While I was doing some work, they’re talking about like the fuck. Am I gonna forget like the remembering self? Yeah. This is like the actual cells. Yeah. It’s the experiencing self. That’s what it is. So like for sure, I was experiencing things probably very differently as they’re happening. And so as I’m reflecting back on them, I can for sure realize that I’m probably like doing it from a place of like it was great. Yeah absolutely tons of scary times.
Speaker 3: Was a couple of
Speaker 2: examples totally totally there were for sure so scary times lots of sad times probably within like the first like 2 weeks of leaving not even leaving chap kind of been leaving San Cristobal De Las Casas like we’re still in that town but we at this point then it was me the two brothers from LA to French Guiana to Brazilian guys, and it all kind of merged together there. Yeah, and we also merged with like some like locals that lived in the area that were around our age a couple a club owner and then like this chick who owned the hospital that we’re saying it like we all decided to go to go camping on the spot that was maybe like 15 kilometers outside of town. So about half of us road bikes and the other half like hiked it because I didn’t have bikes and we got there and there was like a it was a fence like a chain-link fence to get to this like Park area and We started like hopping it and then right then like a bunch of people just started showing up just like Jeeps trucks, you know, everybody had like machetes pitchforks is like totally like a classic. You know,
Speaker 1: how did they know? What was it like City? It would seem like city Folk or country folk or what? Do you
Speaker 2: think do you like my Spanish was like really shit difficult. Yeah, what was going on? You know that
Speaker 3: Allah, we have a vet. So you’re not again not again.
Speaker 2: I had no idea what was happening. I was just like trying to read body language because our group of people was essentially like and strong and their group was probably like 30 with machetes
Speaker 3: and aggressive
Speaker 2: is crazy is that our friends who hiked they were on one side of the fence and then those of us who cycled around Other side of this fence because we are going to jump it. Yeah meet up with
Speaker 1: would you almost want to call it a border wall
Speaker 3: Wii U and met on the Mexican side of the American side of the wall. That is the
Speaker 2: question. Yeah, I guess what dude it was a very International mix of my side of the wall was was me American obviously Brazilian dude two Brazilians. I think two Mexicans and another American I think and then yeah shit. The other side was a Brazilian to Mexicans and the French guy
Speaker 3: pretty good mix and so what you saying, so one side of the world
Speaker 2: what happened was was we meet them on this chain link fence there on the side that we’re trying to get to and we’re like, oh we’ll just lock our bikes on some tree over here will hop the fence will Camp over there and it’ll be great. So we start climbing the fence all these people show up yelling and screaming F-Type s they like very upset. That’s all I know. Did you break the fence and then at one point like so there there’s like people on the other side of the fence, but really we want to get to decide that were like decide that we’re at with the bicycles. We’re on still like the public side. We reduce the roboting shit. We can leave you know, but the guys on the inside of the Parkside they like kind of Trapped essentially, you know, They’re prisoners
Speaker 1: very dramatically. But yeah.
Speaker 2: Dude, so like everything is just happening and then and then all sudden like somebody grabs me and pulls me over to the there was like a doorway in the fence at that was locked, but they had unlocked it defense door and and they put me on the bad side like the inside of the fence and they take the Brazilian guy out.
Speaker 1: Wow,
Speaker 3: you got traded for a Spanish the did the Brazilian guys. Did they speak Spanish? Punished or would they just Portuguese? I guess they’ve probably spoke a little
Speaker 2: bit.
Speaker 3: I wonder if they swapped you intentionally and they said how about we give you this Gringo and you you swap those out he’s got
Speaker 1: money give it so okay. Where does this lead to
Speaker 2: yeah, I mean it basically just fit it eventually just was like, oh I got traded for I was like what’s going on? I think that we’re here to steal their land, you know, and it’s like said claim.
Speaker 1: Yeah. What is Right
Speaker 2: Olmstead the land?
Speaker 3: Wow glasses right through and saying everywhere in the world
Speaker 2: apartment. So they were like, we’re trying to explain like he’s like dude. We’re just trying to explain it. We’re just speaking as for the night and they’re having like a hard time piecing that together. Yeah.
Speaker 3: Thank God someone spoke Spanish a or will everyone but you spoke Spanish. Imagine if you were by yourself, you’d be fuck.
Speaker 1: That’s it. That’s one of those
Speaker 2: crazy. I mean by the time I got down to Colombia
Speaker 1: don’t you think that’s kind of an interesting thing with if you’ve traveled in Southeast Asia or like some of those countries and you’re like, oh I like this then you like go back home. You save some money and then you head The Central or South America and you’re like shifts a little bit more real they’re pretty peaceful over in Asia. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that’s
Speaker 2: the female cyclists and and shit to definitely it’s definitely like I would say it more male dominated like stop travel. Yeah kind of same way that like backpacking is if you think about it too, like there’s just statistically not as many like females solo Backpackers as
Speaker 3: There I think that’s definitely changing but even like places like as one of the guys that I met in Australia, he had written his bike. He’s from Italy and he had ridden his bike all around Australia and then was going to ride back to Italy but he was not allowed to fly. He could only take over land transport with his bike. And anyway, he was talking about going through the the hills of Iran, and he wanted to go through like Pakistan and all these places and if you look up these places in the Middle East dress. Gorgeous, I would love to go there but that being said I’m also very aware of what it would be like to be a female not only a Taurus were female tourist there and I was
Speaker 1: so jealous. Yeah, it’s definitely something that you got to think about
Speaker 2: your certainly more anybody man or a woman is more vulnerable. Well, definitely a woman more because women are just more risk finish it. Yeah it like a countries where Are still very much by citizens? Yeah.
Speaker 1: Yeah. That’s the way that’s why I’ve started to wear this athletic band on my head because I gotta I gotta protect it. I got to look tough. Sorry. I think I’m the one that can see. I’m the one that can
Speaker 3: throw a punch. But yet he’s the he’s the one that has
Speaker 1: to protect me. I’ll talk myself in and back out of the situation. It’s
Speaker 3: going to be fine. If it ever came to a fight. I’d be the one to
Speaker 1: protect
Speaker 2: plug and Shout out. There’s like a ton of tricks that I know that Get cycle long-distance and Crush ya killed.
Speaker 3: Yeah. It’s not a physical thing is just the the exterior environment is obviously because there’s been times where I’ve gone traveling and I’ve always even if I hadn’t had to I’ve always tended to go for like a shoestring budget in my accommodations and stuff when I’ve been by myself and you know, I’ve been in times or like I’m very trusting and I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and I’ve been in times where I’m like why I’m very fortunate. In it that I’ve not been attacked or anything there because I you know, if I was drunk or yeah, and I just think in those kinds of things. Yeah.
Speaker 2: Yeah.
Speaker 1: Yeah.
Speaker 3: Human is also like animals and
Speaker 2: Alaska, you know bears and shit. Yes what it real like things that were encountered all the time not see that she just talking to my dad the other day and I was like check that. I was nuts like up in Canada and Alaska sometimes like it’s see like five or six different bears in a day, you know, it’s like from the
Speaker 3: road. Yeah,
Speaker 2: and he knew every night when you went to sleep that like, you know, you are always kind of like Raise your drifting off you’d be like did I like leave anything in my tent that you know, they’re like a
Speaker 1: toothpaste. Yeah
Speaker 2: something that might make a bear curious back bigger. And then you kind of a sudden you like landing on a fuck dude. I got to get up and check it out. Yeah.
Speaker 3: Yeah are they need to paint outside you I don’t go outside.
Speaker 1: I’m thinking about this Ben. What’s the if I’m thinking about upon listen to this and I’m like, you know what? This is interesting. I love fucking biking. I love traveling once things. I got my man and do it. What do I ABS? What have you learned? What do I need to know?
Speaker 2: You just gotta do it like anything that you gotta get your boots on the ground dude?
Speaker 1: Yeah, give me some gear though. Like what do I absolutely need gear? Lots
Speaker 3: of companies as well like
Speaker 2: Jordan friends. 30 hour long podcast buzz by the
Speaker 1: way, where did court came back
Speaker 3: that don’t hunt has been okay because we need some content where travelpod cast and we ate traveling. So we need
Speaker 1: content just
Speaker 2: about this kind of shit. I mean, there’s a lot of there’s a lot of philosophy and what I like about it men you can kind of change it up to paint on your Here’s what kind of gear you
Speaker 3: bring? Yeah, it’s pendulum weather and terrain,
Speaker 1: right? Yeah, what kind of weather
Speaker 2: so what I found for me is like is just being for me a sturdy mountain bike is primary, you know most long distance towards that I know aren’t concerned with like time or speed generally get something that is built like a mountain bike like a A comfortable mountain
Speaker 3: bike. Yeah,
Speaker 2: it’s a steel frame and what if you just like five four hours and hours like very comfy in a very comfortable
Speaker 3: position. What about the see? What about the sea? Yes, Tina comfortable mountain bike, right? So I am a tried mountain biking last summer living in Whistler in Canada, and I’ve never actually tried it but fuck me, I would go for a 10-kilometer ride with Corey wouldn’t even be that hard of a trail and I would have felt like I just gave birth to triplets at the end of
Speaker 2: it. Thing to with because people are always like, you know even to get back to you guys were asking like about like the physical shit of it. And yeah, people are always that’s the thing. You don’t need to be as super athlete or anything. I don’t train for trips like this
Speaker 3: at all. You just got your and Pace right if
Speaker 2: you yeah on days and the reality is this is like if you know, you’re going to be riding your bike for like eight hours a day then the reality is that for the first Three weeks that you’re trying to do that like your ass is going to be like completely
Speaker 1: nuked. Yeah. Oh, yeah
Speaker 2: figured it was no but get around that like the only way to do that is just sit in it for that
Speaker 1: long. Yeah, there’s really no way but I mean, I’m just sitting and I just can’t imagine that much time though, like I was so did you go to him when you were in Vietnam? Did you go to Han? Yang?
Speaker 2: Oh like way up
Speaker 1: North. Yeah.
Speaker 2: Okay. No and let me tell you I could tell you why Google because we came in we cross in from Lao and wears like this. What’s that famous city with the French battle do today have you know, I’m talking about with that they even like reference in that fucking Mel Gibson movie.
Speaker 1: I don’t know. I’ve no idea.
Speaker 2: It’s like the NBN Boo or some shit like that and food. Maybe that’s what it is. Okay, I don’t know. There’s somebody listening right now who’s like screaming it and it’s just like completely
Speaker 1: pissed. Thanks. You know what we gave them a good feeling of being smarter than us. So, you’re welcome listener.
Speaker 2: What do you love that? Would you like listening to a podcast and either the host or somebody talking this like what’s it called? And you’re like that’s fuckin.
Speaker 1: Absolutely. So you gotta give me a couple more things that I need to know about this like there’s got to be things that you’ve got to like have learned along the way or like a things to watch out for like I can’t there’s so
Speaker 3: many it. As a lorry driver in Mexico horns honks his horn five times. It means he wants to blow in the next intersection. I don’t know little things like
Speaker 1: that. Yeah, the reason the road
Speaker 2: like they’ve got cocaine and they’re pulling over.
Speaker 3: Yeah exactly. You know, I just need to clean a some.
Speaker 2: Legitimate doctor’s note.
Speaker 3: He didn’t need it
Speaker 1: just cuz
Speaker 2: I would love to listen. I’d love to punch into the vein with where you’re getting. But if you don’t mind it, I want to swing back real quick just to just to tap in on gear because I think there’s an important. I want to emphasize about gear here. That’s what we’re talking about baby. Everybody is here not even just like I don’t give a shit about Viking dude. The thing is about deer is it’s like men you could go to REI or you could go to like your Local bike shop and you could fucking spend a shit ton of money on all types of camping shit and bike stuff and blah blah blah, whatever dude, you know, and you can do that whether you’re cycling or or just a Backpacker dude, like my all the shit that you want. You know, it really does it make that big of a difference. That’s what I’d like people to really think about.
Speaker 3: Well, no, but do you have the answer don’t make me
Speaker 2: different? Because here’s the thing. I’ve seen guys. Let me tell you this was like for there was probably like a six-week stretch in southern Mexico where I cycled with me plus six other people and and we had a we had everything in our group from like a guy you had like the nicest bike with the nicest pen years that the nicest Camp ship we had him and then on the other end of the spectrum, we had a guy who man he made all of his bike panniers out of like recycled. Kitty litter boxes and shit in my you know, just like his bike he built his bike at like a community Bike Co-op. Yeah for like 20 bucks, you know, and here’s the thing. They were both in the same place. They had both made it the same distance. Yeah, they both had shitbreak on their stuff often, you know, like the expensive bike breaks also, yeah. Sure.
Speaker 1: Yes,
Speaker 2: so you don’t mean to like go out and fucking spend $1000 to get a brand-new, you know, look at this sweet all spray that Technics
Speaker 3: so you try to do a British accent now
Speaker 2: only cost you four guys. I don’t know what
Speaker 3: side of the world. Wow. That was a crappy accent.
Speaker 1: Mommy Mommy Mommy, I mean a I’m wondering if you’ve had any just situations because what about what I think of is like breaking down in the middle of nowhere not knowing how to fix it or not having the parts and
Speaker 2: So another great thing about bicycles is that like, you know doing the thing is like you guys know this anybody who’s been to the developing world knows this bicycles are like the king of
Speaker 1: Transportation. Yeah, that’s true.
Speaker 2: Yeah, you know, yeah certainly at times I’ve broken down and pretty rural places, but even the most like remote places that broken down if you have been able or people have been with me they’ve been able to like jerry-rig something together or Or just get a
Speaker 3: ride, you know. Yeah. I mean, I do have to say that when I went to Mexico my me and my friend we drove from Canada to Cabo and when we were in Baja, California the car actually broke down and we were in the middle of nowhere like I’m talking like this was like a neighborhood of very small houses without proper electricity and things like that. And then anyway, luckily my friend was Spanish like from space. And we went into a into a sharp and she said hey is only mechanics here and they were like, oh the mechanic lives down the road. It’s that house does not really dumb. Well, yeah. Well, we had to go and knock on this this family’s door, and I’m just there like I stick out like a sore thumb. I saw some at 5 foot nine and blond but like, you know, I just kind of stood there like Hey, we’re obviously not from around then and anyway, there’s lovely lady they were clearly not from a very wealthy family. They were you know, they were not well off at all. Anyway, she housed us for the whole day her her brother was a mechanic, but he couldn’t get in there until the morning. And she looks like they gave us that bed for the night and they said his food even though they didn’t have a lot to give like it was just it was so warming. It was so cool. And like, you know, I could do was play football of the little boy because I couldn’t speak Spanish. But you know, what is
Speaker 1: the overall experience right here usually run into people that just end up being awesome, but they’re just there is higher
Speaker 3: risk this higher risk, but really like I felt so much like no one would have helped me in England or America if I’d done the same thing. I don’t think I would have had the same. Same service. Maybe
Speaker 2: it is different because in the tours I’ve done in the states. I’ve always felt this weird like it’s weird because like okay, I’m an American dude. I’m biking in the United States. I should feel really comfortable and feel like all right, but I feel this strange kind of like disconnection from everyone and I don’t feel like Thailand or like Nicaragua. I
Speaker 3: guess it’s like the physical exertion because let’s say it’s going from A to B, right and Yes, like in countries where we’re from. We don’t really get that. Why would you make your your time they’re harder people don’t appreciate the
Speaker 1: journey and every day. Yeah,
Speaker 2: the Blue Ridge Mountains and shit in North Carolina and got to the top of this like really high climb and an awesome just like mini van pulls up and like these like, X4 really help, you know, elderly people probably in their 80s something like quite elderly like got out and they’re just like he’s a pizza. Like yeah, you just load up this whole fucking thing. You did us a
Speaker 1: nice. That is awesome. Yeah.
Speaker 3: Yeah. Well, that’s what I mean. Like it ain’t think in our country is that it’s not like everyone’s unappreciative. But I just think there’s like a there’s a lot more when you’re in a developing country people know that effort of doing stuff and I think there’s that General Warmness of oh there he is a foreigner. We they might hear all the bad news, but we want to show them that actually we’re just like them where normal.
Speaker 1: Yeah, they’re proud. They want to be hospitable. It’s really amazing.
Speaker 2: Exactly like the Western kind of UK kind of American cultures. It’s just like it’s just seen as from the side of the receiver. You’re like, oh, I don’t want to trouble anyone. Yeah, beside them the person receiving you’re just like, oh that person’s doing their shit. Whatever we all do our own shit and like it’s all good, you
Speaker 3: know. Yeah, but I guess the way you have to look at it is like if I meet someone who’s not from where I’m from I immediately want to be like, hey, hey, This is what people are like from England that game. Do you want to try this food? You want to try this? Like I want to like show and show off. It’s not even that I’m patriotic, but I want to show off the best part of my country to those people. That’s true. And I think that is everyone.
Speaker 2: Yeah, if I’m like that somebody’s like not from this place learning to meet the weirdos kind of you know, yeah.
Speaker 3: I love it. It’s so good to know so it’s a where are you right
Speaker 1: now?
Speaker 2: Steamboat baby Steamboat baby lovely,
Speaker 1: most pretty nice view behind you.
Speaker 3: Yeah, you have a lot of forest behind you.
Speaker 1: Yeah.
Speaker 2: Well Babbling Brook, you know,
Speaker 1: so I know from you know, I introduce you as the egg flipper but you guys I’ve been biking on Instagram get this kid. It’s fucking funny
Speaker 3: will include that in our show
Speaker 1: notes.
Speaker 3: I said we’ll include it and I show notes but this is literally how I kind of know of you been is because I go and Corey’s Instagram. I watched your story because it’s so funny like he started showing me them and I’m like, can I see his story and it’s so funny because you do such weird funny thing was a huge
Speaker 1: mistake because I think she’s kind of crushes. I think she might be crushing a little bit. This is why my
Speaker 3: mother is missing. She would say you shouldn’t smoke the wacky
Speaker 1: backy. Well, I gotta say nobody has quarantined as well as you have. I mean you are desolate
Speaker 3: but you’re by yourself as well. Right you and the
Speaker 2: dog. Yeah. I got my Pooch here. I got tired. Sleeping in the
Speaker 1: dirt.
Speaker 3: He thinks that you’ve made him a foot like a new bed. So paint a
Speaker 1: little picture for me. What’s one of the most memorable experiences that you had out there that you were like if I wasn’t bike packing right now, I wouldn’t have come across
Speaker 2: this. Wait, what’s it? Like if I
Speaker 1: wasn’t if I wasn’t bike packing if I wasn’t doing what I’m doing? I would never see this.
Speaker 2: Yeah, oh my God a million of those U-boats anyone that I was just thinking about the other day because I was crying. I started crying the other day. I’ve had a moment of truth. Dad, so I was telling you about these six other people that I bike to it was a pretty good kind of like remarkable coming together. We all like really formed together at this hostel called you nomada and in San Cristobal De Las
Speaker 1: Casas, how do you still
Speaker 3: remember all these principal
Speaker 1: Annunciation? She’s good.
Speaker 3: It’s me.
Speaker 2: Who is running that Lauren it Lorena? Sorry Lorena.
Speaker 1: Just get it, right if you’re not going to get everything right? Don’t tell the story
Speaker 3: at least. I had an a at the end of everything so it sounds
Speaker 2: Latina. This place be seen Armada and and it was just such like a it was a place where it was a hostile right? Like in San Chris is like a popular time for Backpackers and shit and this place was specific for bike Travelers are like piecing them out of Bicycle
Speaker 1: Nomad
Speaker 2: and the obviously like there were Backpackers there so too, but if you came there on bicycle, it was only like I think maybe like a dollar fifty at night. There’s something that’s it. And it’s just a really cool. It was just a house, you know that have been turned into a hostel and and there we really kind of had this group kind of congeal together. It was true Brazilian guys. They didn’t know each other. They both just met on the road one was biking up from Brazil and their one was coming down from Alaska he had started and then they do the two American Brothers From Hell, eh who are also their mother was told she was Brazilian. So they spoke Portuguese, okay. The French guy who takes New York. So the six of us kind of all just did we take him together this PC now, I’m out of place and it was crazy because it was like a perfect alignment of the Stars. You see that Austin we’re all there and we all kind of these sexy cool guys, you know,
Speaker 1: just oh, yeah you one of those sexy cool guy so being so much.
Speaker 3: Weirdo, we wait wearing Spandex. We were in the full spandex very stinky.
Speaker 2: Yes, we did it all really very regular. We just had a ragtag kind of grew and it man we threw we threw a couple of fucking crazy parties at this hostel where we get. We got a band dude, and we got a bunch of booze and just like we charged at cover at the door
Speaker 1: you guys ever play Russian Roulette Pangoro the cooker
Speaker 2: that I formed with these guys and Mirena mean it was it was Beto resilient Beto dude Andre from Brazil Rio from La so nice from La those two are brothers and then people from some Paris
Speaker 1: such a good memory.
Speaker 2: Yeah. So keep in touch, that’s the thing.
Speaker 1: So that’s right
Speaker 2: this place we spent like two weeks are just partying man. Just living hired, you know, and after like two weeks. I’m today that one of the Brazilian guys, he was like kind of was really looking at this map a lot and he goes. Hey you guys I’m looking at this kind of crazy route. You know, he goes through Way South we cut into along the border with Guatemala and and I think it’ll make me take maybe like like three or four weeks and it’ll be a beautiful route through the jungle and will end in Palenque like the famous ruins ruins. Yeah, dude. So we all agreed to it raw like fuck. Yeah, man, let’s do it, you know, and so the seven of us dude set out the Rana Rana came with us for like the first I think maybe week for five days and then she went back because she was like running the hospital so she like gonna go back so then being the six guys, but I mean the the six guys of us know the group has spent a month in like just deep jungles of southern Mexico and it all ended in Palenque. And and did we kind of did this we used to do this thing every morning not and maybe every morning most morning. So when we wake up we eat breakfast together, we do it huddle we get together and we do these own together we do. Oh
Speaker 1: nice
Speaker 2: like that every day and then just shoot off on her bike. Yeah, and and then when we made it to Palenque did these just awesome Mayan ruins and and we spent maybe like a week or two. They’re just kind of like partying and just kind of winding down some that months-long in the jungle together was just nuts and and we bend the last time that we’re all together we go and we do a gnome and I’m not even kidding you did. It just went from like a kind of a regular sunny day to just like a
Speaker 1: downpour. Really hot
Speaker 2: chicks of like not to be fucking, you know modest here, but there were like some chicky boo-boos that we had been talking to you and they’re all like
Speaker 1: watching us hickey be very cheeky Bluebeard everybody whatever whatever cheeky Booboo is they were watching chicky boom nigger.
Speaker 3: What’s your next big? Bike packing what’s coming? What’s in the future for? Mr. Benjamin? I don’t know your last name. Yeah, I think that’s fair. I’m offended that you’re not asking if what you’re a lot. Like if you’re not think taking it seriously that we’re not like a really big podcast because we could have millions of listeners right now or we might not
Speaker 2: expecting that. This is like Rogan numbers.
Speaker 1: Yeah. Yeah. So give me your to just kind of wrap this thing up. Look give me your 60 second Pitch. Why should we do this?
Speaker 2: Sick Bitch was you’d like that. All right, dude, man. You missed the in between when you don’t, you know, that’s all the magic. Also if you like a green person you like Yo, dude, that’s be green. That’s
Speaker 1: reducing.
Speaker 2: All
Speaker 1: right. Yes, you’re so good at a breathing needs a new skill in
Speaker 2: quarantine. My dog is freaking out.
Speaker 3: You’ve only got 30 seconds until you’re 60 second Pitch is
Speaker 1: finished precious
Speaker 2: anything exercise metabolic
Speaker 1: exercise always good and healthy. Z
Speaker 2: vascular health is a leading killer and
Speaker 1: Western a lot of vitamin D from all that sun exposure to
Speaker 2: barking the whole time. That’s so annoying dude.
Speaker 1: I don’t think you’re fit point. The last
Speaker 2: point I think about this folks. Think about this right? There’s only one chance you get to make a first impression. Okay, so when you’re rolling into that cool new town or wherever the fuck you are in the middle of nowhere and you’re doing it out of God damn bicycle. You look like a fucking hero. All right.
Speaker 1: It was Andre Agassi said images everything
Speaker 3: feel like a fat fucking fabulous. I feel fucking
Speaker 1: sad. I think that makes a ton of sense because obviously if I’m staying there and I’ve never bike pack, but if I’m staying there and someone like you rock up and I’m ready for a good time rolls up and you’re like just got done with about 22k here.
Speaker 3: Wow, he’s cool.
Speaker 2: Honestly. It’s At
Speaker 3: the beginning of the low self-esteem by yourself a bike go by tracking and build up that confidence. It makes so much sense.
Speaker 2: It’s funny. Actually that Say that to Leann because the so when if you think back to how I told you guys that I funny thing is you when I started bike packing. I was a Backpacker and I bought all this shit in Mexico and then all of a sudden literally I’m just boom I’m in with a group of guys who had cycled like thousands of miles to be where they were when I met them and I was all of a sudden just this like I realized what I like like how unconfident I was is that’s right. We’re like, yes, I was yeah, it was crazy. Like I actually remember the first day that I got on my bike with these other people who were like dude. I’m talking like row dogs,
Speaker 1: you know. Yeah,
Speaker 2: go
Speaker 3: ahead to tab.
Speaker 1: Yeah,
Speaker 2: and they just walked around like fuck it. I bite here dude, you know he did were filled from the
Speaker 3: confidence cup. I need drugs in the confidence cup of biking
Speaker 1: exactly
Speaker 3: get a pint of confidence every day.
Speaker 2: My little like did cleaned up like all my shits cleaning.
Speaker 3: Everyone is guy’s arms up like he’s riding a Trapper. This is
Speaker 2: so much fun. I’m the fucking man,
Speaker 1: dude, and then they
Speaker 2: literally like an awkward later. We’re like, you know, San Cristobal is like behind us like a ways and now we’re in like real real fucking Mexico did and I’m like people are staring. little bitch
Speaker 1: doing
Speaker 3: Oh,
Speaker 1: man, that’s no good.
Speaker 2: Racial hair dude, and since then I’ve always had facial
Speaker 1: hair because my mic pack in made you a man and is very strong
Speaker 3: mustaches in Mexico. Look at the benefits.
Speaker 2: They said you’d say Sir.
Speaker 1: Okay. Got it. It’s okay. I can grow enough. Yeah. I had a large Hammer I would do that, but the water is cold. So I got to be careful dude. Thanks so much for doing this with us. It was a fucking good time. We done.
Speaker 3: Yeah.

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