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‘Rona’ Around The World!

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In this special episode Lianne and Corey put on their investigative journalist hats and bring you 3 tales of travel during the Coronavirus pandemic. One honeymooning couple who dealt with some difficulties trying to get home from New Zealand. Our old friend Matt Palomar who found himself in Europe for most of March and just recently got home. The common thread between these 2? How the airports in the US do not seem to be doing much to screen people coming in from all over the world!

3rd, we speak with Lexi, who went to El Salvador at the beginning of March and what was supposed to be a 10 day trip has turned into an open ended journey that she won’t soon forget. Having her homebase in NYC, it isn’t surprising that she has decided to stay put in El Salvador for now as she awaits to see how things go over the next few weeks in the states. Her mindset is positive and we think you will agree that she is making the best with her time as she and a friend have found a way to live stream daily sunsets in the country and are collecting donations in order to help their community. Links to participate below:… #smallworldspod

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