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Quarantine Catch Up Transcript

Corey: [00:00:00] hello and welcome to small worlds podcast. My name is Corey or Flanagan,

Lianne: [00:00:26] and I am  Lianne Davidson.

Corey: [00:00:27] And today we are live for us as we’re recording this in Denver, Colorado.

Lianne: [00:00:34] Isn’t that the way every time we recording,

Corey: [00:00:36] I suppose, but it felt right. You mentioned it there. I’m not sure why. we are, we’ve been very, very, lucky and fortunate to have some really good people with us.

So we’ve spent the last couple of weeks in Colorado, mostly up in the mountains and a lovely little town of Salita. Where we had the gracious house of Tova and Frankie, who we are just so appreciative of. So thank you guys. And, yeah, I mean, we were still able to do the isolation for the most part.

It is getting more difficult.

Lianne: [00:01:06] Yeah, for sure. We would mention that. So that is like a town completely untouched, pretty much by COVID at this point. So


Corey: [00:01:13] Yeah. They’ve had two cases, but, obviously that can change overnight, so it’s good to continue to try and be careful, but, we’ve been really lucky for the last few months.

We’ve spent a few days in a bigger city like Denver, but for the most part, Northern Wisconsin, Was a, yeah,

Lianne: [00:01:31] hopefully it’s still like that as we drive back to head back up there and spend another month. Thank you. Us government with Clarissa.

Corey: [00:01:41] Yeah. So we got Leanne an extra 30 days on her visa. Something that they call satisfactory departure.

we were supposed to, our original plans were to fly out. I have some great friends getting married this weekend. We’re part of a zoom wedding tonight. So looking forward to that, a second zoom

Lianne: [00:01:55] wedding of this quarantine.

Corey: [00:01:57] Yeah. And, but we were supposed to go to a flat of France, Leanne and I, and the little angel that is Charlotte.

Lianne: [00:02:05] So we’re going to go have some romantic. Walks of Charlotte in Patty. Yeah. But sadly that has gone on a while that was canceled. So now we’re not quite sure what we’re going to do.

Corey: [00:02:15] Yeah. And, it’s proven to be difficult enough just to travel internationally. the two of us together, but throw the dog into the mix.

And the fact that she’s 11 is, is definitely. A challenge. So we’re working through that. If anybody that’s listening, has any advice on that or any ins with either the us or UK government hit us up.

Lianne: [00:02:36] Yes, please do. We don’t want to put out that landed on the cargo because she’s old and she has a very slight heart murmur.

Corey: [00:02:43] We just found this out yesterday. Yeah. We’re being very, careful. We’re being very cautious. We’re not going to do anything that would put her at any sort of risk, but, we are trying to exhaust all options, but we’re hitting a lot of dead ends. So, obviously. You know, I think that our problems are relatively small.

Lianne: [00:02:59] Oh yes. Completely with it. I’m very grateful for the situations we’re in.

Corey: [00:03:03] Yes. You’ve been following the news in the U S or anywhere, especially in the U S right now. on top of the pandemic, it has just been exhausting. Yeah.

Lianne: [00:03:11] Existing, but also I think it was very eye-opening. we have all had the good fortune to be able to turn that news off.

If you’re a black person in this country, you don’t just get a it on enough. So that is very much, I think. I think everyone’s, reeducating themselves about how privileged we are and what we can actually try and do to help.

Corey: [00:03:31] I think that’s super important. I can do some friends of ours last night and they just kind of said something that we agreed with.

There’s there seems to be some sort of boiling point or something going on right now that is, is starting to flood over. And, hopefully it’s a sign of some change because it is pretty upsetting to just continue to see these things happen over and over again in these. Clear clear divisions of black and white and where we are fully aware of the white privilege that we have in our lives.

Lianne: [00:03:59] I think, you know, if people are listening and they’re like, kind of like, Oh yeah, well, people are getting violin and kind of criticizing the protest is I just feel like, yeah, okay. Violence is not the right way, but what they’ve exhausted, all options people. And I just think racism is a white issue. It’s a white person’s problem.

On that is white. People need to fix it and, you know, it’s all well and good for us to sit back and be like, Oh yeah, you know, we feel, we feel awful. And I just think it’s kind that we need to help, you know, we need to stand, stand with people. It’s a university multicolored nurse and it should be celebrated though.

Corey: [00:04:36] Yeah. I mean, we really are all equal. I think that this is systemic. I think that it’s ingrained in people generationally. and obviously, you know, our thoughts on it and we try not to get too political on this is that the leadership of this country right now is. Is pouring more fuel on the fire rather than trying to extinguish it and trying to help in any way, which is really sad.

So, the best thing that we can do obviously, as Americans is we know it’s an election year. I don’t really care who you go vote for. Just go vote. It’s a powerful thing. Utilize that tool. There’s so many countries in places that you don’t get that opportunity. So absolutely utilize it. If you have the opportunity to

Lianne: [00:05:17] think about others as well.

If a shit regime, a shit racist, sexist regime just gives you a few extra dollars a year. Is that really the kind of country that you want to live in? not that I can preach because I am British and I have no power in this country, but you know, like, you know, come on guys.

Corey: [00:05:34] Yeah, no, it’s, it’s just been, yeah, we were just kind of, we felt really lucky because we were able to stay at some friend’s house in Denver and, have a couple of nights just to ourselves, which we haven’t been able to have because we are nomadic.

And, so we’re always. Relying on the kindness of friends and family,

Lianne: [00:05:53] which we’ve been very fortunate.

Corey: [00:05:54] and it’s just been a, a really unique time for us, but to have a couple of days just to have us and just to be able to breathe and walk around in our underwear and just really, really. Enjoy that it just kind of, we sat

Lianne: [00:06:07] here naked right now, TAVR and Frankie on your couch.

Sorry. No, not really,

Corey: [00:06:13] but we, we’re, we’re excited about what the next chapter is. And as we’ve been trying to figure out where we’re going to go next, you know, obviously we’re, our plan is to get over to the United Kingdom. We want to spend some time with Leanne’s family. She really hasn’t been back home and going on like six years now.

And it’s very clear and sweet that her mom is so excited. She’s so

Lianne: [00:06:33] excited. Mom, if you’re listening, I’m excited too.

Corey: [00:06:35] Yeah. Now I really am too. Cause I haven’t been to the UK at all and to go there and be able to spend this good chunk of time is something that I’m very much looking forward to.

Lianne: [00:06:44] I can’t wait to take an American to England so he can be like, wow, castles.

Wow. Wow. Cobbled streets.

Corey: [00:06:51] Wow. Cobblestone let’s ride some trains. Let’s just do it all.

Lianne: [00:06:56] Say

Corey: [00:06:58] no, it’s going to be a really great. Assuming that we get over there and, and things go to plan, but we remain optimistic and I’m sure that we can get this figured out in some way, shape or form

Lianne: [00:07:07] and something we’d like to talk about today as well.

So Corey kind of mentioned it in our introduction here was the satisfactory departure. So just in case anyone is like stranded in the U S right now on an S the visa. So that’s the three month tourist visa, if you haven’t already heard. and you’re kind of struggling to find flights or, you know, you’re feeling sick or actually, if you just want to have an extra 30 days on your visa, Then you want to apply for a satisfactory departure.

So it’s just basically a visa extension, which you are able to utilize. right now, given the current global situation. So you just want to, call up your whatever airport you’re planning to leave from. If you call their customs and border patrol and say, you want to apply for a satisfactory departure as your flight has just been canceled.

Pretty much all you got to do.

Corey: [00:07:58] It’s really what happened to us. So we’re like I said, we were supposed to fly out on Monday and that flight got canceled. So we were kind of scrambling the last couple of days. So we were able to give them a call and they were, I don’t think that this is something that in normal times happens very often.

I don’t think that, the U S would grant this unless you had something very, very major, but I think the pandemic creates something very major going on. So. I think that it kind of depends on who you talk to. So be forewarned about that. Obviously feel free in our show notes. We’re going to have different ways that you can reach out to us, whether it’s social media or email or our website.

if you are in this situation, we’re happy to share our experience and give you any advice that we can, even though we’re obviously not experts. We’re just kind of people who have ran up against a wall because land’s visa was coming out and, and, yeah, yeah, absolutely. Figuring it out. It’s a really neat system.

And, they’re, they seem to be pretty good about working with us. So we were so pleased to have that it was a big weight off of our shoulders because I mean, obviously one of our biggest fears right now is that Leanne would have to go back to the UK and I can’t get there, or we can’t bring the dog, which we’re obviously doing everything in our power, not to have to leave her again.

And, that, that separation would be indefinite at this point. So we’re trying not to do that. Yeah. It’s been a, it’s been a, it’s been a crazy week, but we’re on the other side of it. And now we’re trying to just figure out what we’re going to do. And it got us thinking a little bit about post quarantine, post pandemic, and we understand that this is going to drag out.

It’s not just going to wake up one Tuesday morning and all of a sudden, boom, world’s back to normal. I don’t know, just a random, just a random day. Monday was too cliche. But yeah, we’re going to try and figure out we we’re going to talk about where we would go. So then where would you go,

Lianne: [00:09:52] honestly, where wouldn’t I go?

Corey: [00:09:54] That’s a good that’s, you know, that’s a little broad,

Lianne: [00:09:57] but you know, honestly yeah. I’d get everywhere right now. I think it’s hard. I really, we, we, we missed out on a ski season this year. So like Japan floats around my head because I had some friends that went out and did some snowboarding then over the winter and it just looked amazing.

But I think South Africa, I want to go then. Yeah. I’ll let the whole of Africa, let’s just say the whole continent.

Corey: [00:10:24] Lot of sharks on those surf breaks.

Lianne: [00:10:26] That’s okay. There’s lots of sharks everywhere.

Corey: [00:10:28] True. I was thinking about this and. I was thinking about our current nomadic situation and how we’ve been having to rely on the kindness of so many of our amazing friends and family.

And I was thinking that given all the things that this has shown me, this, this pandemic and the quarantine and how little control, I think that it is that we really have in our lives, I would, I would like to find. And get us a little bit of that stability.

Lianne: [00:10:58] Yeah. I think we’ve, we’ve realized after this, like, well, it’s 10 guests.

It’s tending to nine months of just kind of moving around at this point. We do not want to throw the towel in on traveling. Oh God. No, but to have like a nice little place, somewhere hot on a beach. Just, you know, nothing fancy just to have as a base.

Corey: [00:11:17] That sounds so privileged. We do not have the money to have a beach front home.

Lianne: [00:11:23] Maybe we can make a shack, Bombay sticks. but like in a beach town, that’s what I mean. Sorry, everyone in a beach town. You know, somebody you can set up, but we do want to have like a base and then we can go away for like a month at a time or something. I love long-term travel has been my life for the past six

Corey: [00:11:39] years, but it’s just getting to that mindset of like, yeah, it’d be really nice to have something to come.

I mean, I’ve had a stable home now for probably the last decade or so, and, left that around this time last year. And, but I’m ready to have it and I’m ready to have it with you and just kind of be. I’d say

Lianne: [00:11:58] the audience, everyone.

Corey: [00:11:59] Okay.

I have this situation where we, like Leanne said, we can go off for a month, but then you kind of come back and you have your own thing. We want to get Leanne a nice, like X-Box set up with a bean bag. Cause she’s trying to get back into some RPG. And so Hey, 14 year olds. She’s coming at ya. Oh yeah. She’s going to be talking mad

Lianne: [00:12:20] shit.

Pretty good at FIFA. Haven’t played for a few years, but I’m pretty good.

Corey: [00:12:24] Just those little kinds of things and just, I don’t know, having that stability when you’re, when you’re in a world, that’s so unstable, finding those little things that are, that you can have that offer some stability are really great.

And that’s one of the reasons that we decided to go spend this last month, that we’re going to be in the States with my dad back up in Northern Wisconsin, because, It’s quite a bit easier to isolate up there. he, I think it really is useful for him and his mindset, which is fantastic. We love being able to do that.

He helps us out a ton, gets under Leanne helps her just be a cleaner individual in the kitchen.

Lianne: [00:13:00] OCD.

Corey: [00:13:01] And, and then we just, it’s just going to be really nice. We don’t feel like we’re overstaying our welcome or anything like that. And then, yeah, Leanne gets to kind of see where I grew up a little bit in the summertime, which is.


Lianne: [00:13:12] think it’s a legend at this point, because I’ve been to Wisconsin twice. Now you skinny, are you just lying to me? Are you having me on that? It’s actually, because I just didn’t believe that it gets warm.

Corey: [00:13:23] We’re going to try and hit that two week window,

Lianne: [00:13:26] a snow storm on Easter Sunday. That’s yeah. I’m kind of like, yeah.

Yeah. Not really holding out for one.

Corey: [00:13:30] Yeah. It’s going to be that. That’s a good thing. And. I’m with you on South Africa, but we have this dream. We got to tell you guys this, because if we say it, hopefully we can bring it into us. We can bring it into fruition, but we’re going to try our damnedest to go down.

Lianne: [00:13:46] It’s

Corey: [00:13:47] a nice little, I don’t know what that is. It’s just something that I’ve picked up along the


Lianne: [00:13:51] Maybe

Corey: [00:13:52] careism. we’re going to try and go to South Africa and we found this route that you can take. And it’s either with a guide or you can just rent your own four by four. I

Lianne: [00:14:01] feel like I’d want to go in a guide them just

Corey: [00:14:03] because I don’t know what, yeah, that’s true.

Africa would be jumping from country to country around there. It’s probably best to have someone on the inside. Yeah. But we’re going to try and work our way from South Africa up to like Cairo and do something like big six week road trip or something like that. Go through, see all the animals do some different things.

And along the way, like we’d really like to try and figure out a way to do some things to help.

Lianne: [00:14:29] Yeah. So a volunteer

Corey: [00:14:32] where it has been in the back of our heads for a while now, the seed is being watered just through conversations like this and hopefully growing. So. Hopefully sometime in the next couple of years, we can figure that out.

So I do like that idea. we’re going to keep this episode this week really short. We are on the road. we

Lianne: [00:14:50] do need to mention, however, if you do not follow us on social media and I haven’t harassed you or Corey hasn’t harassed you yet, we do have a new podcast. So the new podcast is called forever break and the first season is focused all on mindfulness.

As we realized that travel is going to be on a bit of a help for a while. And we just didn’t want to dangle it in front of anyone’s faces and particularly our own faces as well.

Corey: [00:15:16] Yeah. We had a big project that we we’d been working on for a few months working on the first season, which was going to be all based on travel through different countries in Southeast Asia, we outlined the whole thing we’d even started recording it and then the whole pandemic happened and we just said, Well, we can’t like dangle these places, these wonderful travel experiences out in front of people that they can’t actually do right now.

That doesn’t seem right. So talk to our, amazing, partner and producer in it. And he, well, we kind of look at travel as just the gateway truck. So why don’t we, this whole thing on mindfulness? Because the idea of the forever break website is just this. Greater good. This, expansion into just kind of figuring out the life that you want to live and figuring out a way to do it, whether it’s travel, whether it’s spending time with your family, whether it’s finding a job, that’s going to be better for you.


Lianne: [00:16:09] It’s been super, educational. So I, you know, it’s like, it’s all about mindfulness and all the different things around

Corey: [00:16:15] it.

Lianne: [00:16:15] Yeah. No, it’s very educational. I knew shit all when I started and I’ve even started being more mindful about things and I, you know, it’s really nice. It’s It’s really, we really enjoyed learning.

So hopefully you guys can tune in and you enjoy it

Corey: [00:16:28] too. Check it out. We’re going to link to it in the bio. there’s going to be, we’ve even got a fantastic contest going on that if you just go and subscribe, we got a ton of different ways for you guys to enter into the contest and there you can win,

Lianne: [00:16:41] DJI, Mavic, drone,

Corey: [00:16:42] too.

That’s not the exact drone that you can win, but it is drone.

Lianne: [00:16:47] So

Corey: [00:16:49] we’ll link to that as well. But there’s some other things like that’s the grand prize is like this beautiful drone that someone can win. Yes.

Lianne: [00:16:55] travel, vouchers that you can have for the future when we are safe to travel. Yeah. So

Corey: [00:17:00] there’s some different websites that offer some flight, vouchers and things like that.

So awesome stuff. All the links are gonna be there for you.

Lianne: [00:17:07] You mentioned this is very much if, if anyone’s in Wayne’s world, We are like Wayne’s world before here in our small worlds, baby and forever break, it comes up a nudge, a few nudges. This is,

Corey: [00:17:17] this is a production really well. We got to talk to some amazing people that probably, if there wasn’t a pandemic and everyone wasn’t quarantined, we wouldn’t have been able to

Lianne: [00:17:26] a way to celebrate it and way too professional to be speaking to us.

So we’ve got an

Corey: [00:17:29] episode on, meditation and breathing with a Harvard faculty member and doctor who has just been done like Ben to 25 different countries talking about meditation. probably our favorite episode and interview was like a guy named Mark Bolin, who was one of the leading researchers on the subject of epigenetics.

Lianne: [00:17:49] I had no idea what it was either until we went into the episode. Guys is fascinating.

Corey: [00:17:55] Yeah. Check that out. And then, we just got some other stuff, just like mindful exercise mindfulness and the media. Like, should you be listening to us in our opinions? Like question these types of things. And then mindfulness and money I thought was another one

Lianne: [00:18:08] that was super, and especially in light of the current situation, I think when media and the money, one, just super helpful with, you know, questioning things in the right way and understanding what’s real and what’s not.

Yep. And I don’t know, it was just really good subject. So hopefully you guys enjoy it, but we will keep doing small boat, small Wells, because we love having our little shoot in the ship on this one.

Corey: [00:18:29] Yeah. A lot more casual. We can just kind of freely swear the production isn’t as much. And it’s just because I don’t know, it feels like our little baby and we just kind of want to keep nurturing it.

So we appreciate you guys listening. if you do like it, I think if you go check out the forever break podcasts that. It is a whole ramp up. I think you guys are going to like it. There’s some cheesiness. There’s some cheekiness. What else would we say

Lianne: [00:18:51] in between?

Corey: [00:18:52] Yeah. So thank you guys very much. We’re going to keep it short and keep on.

Lianne: [00:19:00] I’m happy.

Corey: [00:19:02] And we’ll be back with you in a couple of weeks.

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