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On the Road – India’s Golden Triangle Transcript

Corey: [00:00:00] Welcome ladies and gentlemen to small worlds podcast. My name is Corey Flanagan


Lianne: [00:00:16] I am, and

Corey: [00:00:18] we’re starting to discover that Leanne can actually sing pretty well. It’s phenomenal.

Lianne: [00:00:22] And I’m not quite sure I believe in book. I’ll just,

Corey: [00:00:25] I’ll just go with it. We’ll just, we’re building trust on that. Today on the podcast, we are bringing you our journey through the Northern part of India and the golden triangle and beyond

Lianne: [00:00:38] we’ll will be visiting new Delhi, Varanasi.

I graduate, I apologize, Selma and lots of trains in between.

Corey: [00:00:45] Furthermore, we have a special guest

Lianne: [00:00:47] everyone’s favorite guy in Alaska.

Corey: [00:00:51] That’s you Dallas Palamara.

Lianne: [00:00:53] Yes. Matt. We’ve been trying to get rid of him, but we can’t. So we let them come to the Indians, come visit with us. And yeah, he’s our special guest stars.

A bit of a longer podcast this week, but we think it will give a few last for everyone.

Corey: [00:01:06] Yeah. And definitely some good info. So stay tuned for the whole thing. If you are. Thinking about traveling to India at all? Make sure you’re following us on our social medias, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, just

Lianne: [00:01:20]

Corey: [00:01:27] Subscribe, tell a friend rate and review. It helps so much. Have a great day and enjoy this India.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to small worlds podcast.

Lianne: [00:01:47] Welcome, welcome, welcome, and welcome back to the one. The only the prestigious Matthew Palomar, Matthew Dallas,


Corey: [00:02:00] Last time we were in Juneau and now. We are in a humble hotel in Bangkok and mats on the beaches of the Philippines.

Lianne: [00:02:12] We did spend two weeks in India together.

Matt: [00:02:17] Yes, two lovely, lovely weeks.

Corey: [00:02:20] And we want everyone to keep their eye and attention on is that we really did enjoy it, but it came with its difficulties.

And we’re going to try and just be real with you guys, but we want to paint a nice picture too. So bear with us as we take you through this. Since Leanne and I have already done a couple episodes on India, you kind of have an idea of our. Feelings for it. But when we got to Delhi, Matt flew in a few hours later and landed in Delhi.

So Matt, give us kind of your first impressions of you landing. And then that first couple of days in Delhi

Matt: [00:02:52] honestly the first thing that comes to mind is loud. It’s very, very loud.

Lianne: [00:02:58] You know,

Matt: [00:02:59] as you know, for me being in Alaska, I enjoy the quiet and the solitude. And of course I was mentally prepared Brittany place.

The horns, the loudness. So that was my first impression, but I was like, Oh, this is busy city. And all there’s a lot happening. Like let’s get into it. And I got there at night, so it was kind of like, that was my first, I didn’t see it during the day

Corey: [00:03:17] when I arrived. And so most people, I think most tourists that come to India, I think we can agree to flying to Delhi and then go and do the, the typical India trip includes the golden triangle, which is Delhi, Agra, where the Taj Mahal is.

And then jive poor. And we just took that idea and we extended it a little bit to the East and West a

Lianne: [00:03:39] little bit about shifty now is a train Jenny’s episode, but yeah,

Matt: [00:03:46] it’s just a short train,

Corey: [00:03:49] 15 hours without delays. We got delayed to 21 hours, but that’s a whole nother thing.

Lianne: [00:03:55] Some of them, not so much, which we will get to later on for

Corey: [00:03:58] curries log some serious hours playing Witcher, which is her.

Lianne: [00:04:03] Are any of you went to find out that great, great game on stage

Corey: [00:04:08] for just a couple of days. We all got some tent tos, which was actually a really great experience. I think Matt got his first tattoo and, and typical Alaskan style got himself a whale,

Lianne: [00:04:20] which if you look at his Instagram, he was trying to subtly post on them.

Yeah, you can kind of, you can see, you can see this little Instagram

Corey: [00:04:27] post. And then I think one of the most important things that we need to talk about in Delhi is what your experience will be. If you go to buy a train ticket.

Lianne: [00:04:38] Yeah, I think that was one big,

Corey: [00:04:41] big part of it. The train station in the middle of Delhi, there’s a couple of them, but there’s one main one.

And. You go to the train station and you can’t buy your ticket in the normal spot where everyone else’s, you’d have to go to the special tourist spot. And it is how did you describe it? Because of the sounds and everything. It was perfect. How like the old school printers and all that kind of stuff.

Lianne: [00:05:04] Yes.

Matt: [00:05:06] It’s like, it’s very, like, it’s one of those, like, especially the lady in monsters, like to like the sluggish librarian one, she reminds me. Of like the bureaucratic process that you have to go through just to get a train ticket. And it’s like, you’re sitting there in purgatory and it’s just like, things take so long.

Like there’s a guy whose main job is just like, give you a piece of paper and then you go from one desk. To another desk, to another desk. It’s a process

Lianne: [00:05:35] that go very slowly. You can hear that constant, like old school keyboard typing and then key things that printing off is exactly how you would describe

Corey: [00:05:47] All three of us were buying our tickets together. We would be able to use one credit card, but since Leanne and I were buying our separately for Matt, we couldn’t put them all in one credit card. So they have these really strange rules like that. You got to have your passport. I would bring cash just in case their systems might be downer.

And the thing that I think we learned and we’ll get deeper into this later on in this podcast is. It’s 1.6 billion fucking people in this country. If you can plan it out, buy your tickets early


Lianne: [00:06:17] we,

Corey: [00:06:19] we had a rough train ride later in this trip, but for the most part, we, we

Lianne: [00:06:22] were very lucky. We as funded, you know, travel like water, we just expected, you know what?

There’s going to be. Lots of trends let’s see is we need to do, we’ll just show up. Hopefully there’ll be one for few hours. And maybe the day after.

Matt: [00:06:36] I think you definitely have to be flexible with time. You know, like you can’t like expect something’s going to take an hour because you never know how long anything is going to take.

Like if you think it’s going to take 10 minutes, expect it to take an

Lianne: [00:06:47] hour, probably about four hours in India

Corey: [00:06:50] and the best way to do that and manage that is to do it as an overnight train so that if you’re planning to get there at say 10 in the morning, you don’t get there till one in the afternoon.

It doesn’t completely fuck you over.

Lianne: [00:07:01] Yeah. And it’s also a way to save money on accommodation,

Corey: [00:07:04] which is essentially what happened to us on the overnight train that we took to Venice.

Lianne: [00:07:09] We should tell you guys great tips is about the train class system, because we actually had no idea when we were booking out tickets.

We weren’t really sure what the C’s and B’s and the numbers, and we didn’t really know anything was so broken down quick breakdown. Top of the range, high flyers. You got your first class where you have your two bedroom suite, we shall call it, which is basically you have your own closed off room. There’s just the two beds in them.

Corey: [00:07:36] Fully air con it’s four people, but it’s fully a conditioned or heated. Very private. You can shut and lock the door if you want

Lianne: [00:07:43] kids’ pillows. Clearly I never stayed in next. I don’t know how many beds is actually that I actually poked my head in. And then you have to . So basically this is where you have full beds.

That are opposite each other, like bunk beds. And then you have a curtain that closes off and then you have another two that have their own personal curtains, like think of a capsule hostel type thing where you can close your curtains. Yeah. This was my favorite way. We were three out of three people at full beds.

So we dominated our bursts.

Corey: [00:08:13] Most overnight trains are gonna re run around. $30 for that is what we, what we saw. And then the next step from there is the  where they just add two bunks to that situation. So a couple more people, a little bit less comfort, but you’re still getting blankets and pillows,

Lianne: [00:08:29] but no curtains.

Matt: [00:08:32] Yes. Pillows are very important. So

Lianne: [00:08:35] why don’t you explain the next class where we found myself after paying for a second class?

Matt: [00:08:43] So when all that was left was like the sleeper class and you’re like, Oh, we’ve done a few trains by now. Like, we’ll be okay. Like yeah, sure. We’ll take it.

Corey: [00:08:50] We get on the train.

Matt: [00:08:51] It’s fine. It’s really not that different, to be honest, like in terms of like it’s the bed, it’s really not like hugely different, except that there’s these windows that don’t really close properly all the way. And it’s. Like a very, very cold breeze, like absolutely freezing. We didn’t know about

Lianne: [00:09:08] Indian temperatures in the winter.

I know, you know what? Call me dumb in the winter in India is called in the nose. And we’re not talking mountains with look in Delhi. Divara nasty, very nasty. Does JFF

Corey: [00:09:20] the lack of the willingness to

Yeah. Like

Matt: [00:09:27] some people may think like, Oh, it’s just a blanket. Like I can survive a nice children. I’ll just put a sweater on. Yeah. Okay. That’s what we all bought though. I think, I think all at one point we all woke up shivering and we were just like, I can’t, we can’t do it. And so all of us at one point went into the ninth circuit class cabins, stole blankets, and then returned.

So the cheap cabin

Corey: [00:09:47] wins.

Matt: [00:09:48] It’s like. There was all kinds of blankets that aren’t being used. So it’s not like

Lianne: [00:09:53] it’s also a negative. It’s also a no-no because people come on at different times of the night. So have your story. If you are going to rebel and steal like these two, did I, I remained in bed with all my scars and my clothes and my, as my blanket.

Yeah. But

Matt: [00:10:07] was sick and shivering. Like he needed a bike

Corey: [00:10:11] necessary. I was shriveled up and we all got hit with the sickness. I got hit with at a really inopportune time on the sleeper class, but we persevere and you know what, stealing the blankets. I was warmed by that. And also the guilty blanket that I was wearing that kept me warm too.

Cause we got woken up in the middle of the night by people from the other class who were like, Where’d you guys get these blankets. And we just said that we took them from a different train where we were in the different, so,

Lianne: [00:10:43] so everyone you’re welcome. You now have an alibi and if you just speak English quick enough, no one will understand what you’re saying.

Corey: [00:10:49] Avoid sleeper crass. If you can. It is just it’s deli. I mean, traveling through India, I think you’re either going to have cold temperatures. Like we had. Or you’re going to have the opposite where it’s going to be blistering hot and you’re not gonna be able to sleep in that. So just spring for the extra money, it’s really not that much.

If you consider that you’re also getting a night of accommodation and just get three eight on up

Lianne: [00:11:13] and you, you need it because India is tiring. Like we said, the honking of the horns, the overload of the senses. You need a good night’s sleep to be able to deal with it

Corey: [00:11:21] humane when you’re in those other sections.

You’re fucking comfortable and sleeping nicely. And

Lianne: [00:11:27] the families around you, everyone. That that’s one thing I have to say. That was really nice. We met so many nice people on the tray. Lots of people didn’t speak English. Lots of people did, but there was always a way everyone’s offering you food and snacks and it’s really warm feeling.

Matt: [00:11:42] Yeah. The trains, the trains do feel like you’re more of like, you know, in the real presence of like people just living there, you know, you don’t feel like a tourist really. Like, of course you’re traveling as a tourist, but like, These are people who are doing this, you know, to go visit family or friends and other, you know, parts of India and you meet some really interesting people on that

Corey: [00:12:01] they need, like in the,

Lianne: [00:12:03] and some quick tips for the train I will add in.

So toilets. They’re not, they’re not the best. And they are experienced. The Eastern toilet was a lot cleaner than the Western toilet due to what very worldly train completely. The explosions from both ends from people.

Corey: [00:12:20] There’s shit. Puker is out there. I don’t know who they are, but

Lianne: [00:12:23] he was one of the ship.

So it was kind of remembered to take some hand sanitizer. We have baby wipes, toilet paper. Just, just take it, just have all these little things in your bag. If you don’t. Already traveled with them,

Corey: [00:12:35] strengthen the tip of your pinkie. Cause that’s what you’re going to be using the balance

Lianne: [00:12:39] because you don’t want to touch any don’t

Corey: [00:12:40] want to touch.

Matt: [00:12:43] Yeah. At one point used like a baby wipe and wrapped it around the handle so that I could like hold onto it while I use the toilet. And I was just like, okay. Yeah. And we were talking about this. None of us are really like clean freaks or not like turbo folks aren’t even eggs. I have never felt this way until I was in India in certain places like the bathroom on the train where I’m like, you know, I, I just don’t want to touch it.

Lianne: [00:13:04] I’ve always prided myself at not being a princess. And this is where I fully came into my own as a princess was like hand sanitize it before and after everything. Another thing to know is that there are pallet outlets on the train, which is really good. If you do have one of those multiple USB things, that’s awesome.

Cause then everyone in your section can plug in because there is any one plug

Corey: [00:13:24] we made some friends, we

Lianne: [00:13:25] made some friends with that. Definitely

Corey: [00:13:27] food is something that’s just bring your own food. It’s kind of still unclear to us. If you’re getting meat,

Lianne: [00:13:33] we didn’t get

Corey: [00:13:36] in on some trends and on other trends we didn’t get them

Lianne: [00:13:38] and we had to, but you had to pay for them.

So we were really confused about that.

Corey: [00:13:42] So we’re not a hundred percent sure. So just bring some street food or whatever you can grab. And then

Lianne: [00:13:46] I’ll play chicken

Corey: [00:13:47] in terms of the toilet. Definitely try and use it. First thing, if you can. Cause if you do the overnight train and you go in the next morning.

I mean, you don’t even want to brush your teeth in there. It’s just, it’s just been

Lianne: [00:14:01] used on the door, the open door.

Corey: [00:14:07] Well, this

Matt: [00:14:07] is another one, another great doors are really cool.

Corey: [00:14:10] It’s really a nice tip because if you’re just in an area and everyone’s getting a little bit of Delhi belly, and just kind of releasing their stress, if you will, and it starts to smell.

Just go to the open door and hang out there for a little bit, watch some set, watch sunrise and just enjoy a nice breeze. It’s pretty it’s that would never happen in a Western country because of liability and lawsuits, but it’s so cool to have those doors open, right?

Matt: [00:14:34] Safety, cleanliness standards, all of that.

It’s out the windows. It’s all free game.

Lianne: [00:14:39] If you can accept that, then you’re all get together.

Corey: [00:14:42] Okay. So good, good stuff on trains. Let’s get into the so we took an overnight train to very nasty. This. It was supposed to be a 12 hour train ride. If I remember at 12 or 15, it turned into 21. And we’re not sure why there’s you don’t really ever get a reason.

You just, you just go with it. And then when you get to your stop to get out and carry on with your day. But there Nazi was a city that we felt like we had to go to it. It’s very, very unique. It is one of the most historical cities in India, if not the world,

Lianne: [00:15:15] it’s the first city. Right. So that’s

Matt: [00:15:18] like a, yeah, so they believe that it’s a very Holy city and a lot of people pilgrimage there for their death.

I mean, and if you research for three seconds that I’ll very Nazi, you’ll see that it’s like a city that is very comfortable with death and like dead bodies and everything. And that’s because they believe like Lawrence Sheba. And I can’t remember the name of like his wife or whoever does the P.

Lianne: [00:15:42] Yeah.


Matt: [00:15:44] I’m sure we’re butchering the names, but Lauren Shiva and bravado went down to the gang, gets river at the site of where Veranasi is now. And they kind of like, did this test and pretended like one of them was dying or sick or at least tried to say, you know, whoever is not of sin can help us.

And so all these people are coming up trying to like test themselves, like, Oh, I’m not upset. And you know, I can help. And. None of them were working until one guy was like, Oh, he jumps in the river gang Ganges, Ganges

Corey: [00:16:12] sizes.

Matt: [00:16:13] And then he comes out and he’s, and he says, I have washed myself. I’m free of sin.

And then Lord Shiva and pro body are basically like, Oh, that was very clever. You know? And then they kind of like blessed the site and they blessed the man. We did that and like that’s where time began. And so people killed Grummans or for their death, because if you die there, they believe that you automatically and the cycle of reincarnation, I think they call it like Moshi or something.

Corey: [00:16:40] Clean soul. Yeah.

Matt: [00:16:42] Yeah. Yeah. So a lot of people go there to die because they think if they die there and they put their bodies in the river, it cleanses them.

Lianne: [00:16:50] Right.

Matt: [00:16:50] And so you guys to talk about the,

Lianne: [00:16:55] so coming from a culture where death is such as a negative thing, and I think we’ve all experienced death as being such a sad thing in our lives. It was something super positive that I can say about this place. There was definitely a spiritual energy. I’m not particularly religious or spiritual, but I definitely felt it amongst people.

And I think the whole positive image that they have, and the acceptance of death is a very beautiful thing to watch the ceremony. We went to go watch it highly recommended. It was really beautiful. People are singing there’s, you know, that the bachelor cremating buddies, and then spreading the ashes in the river,

Corey: [00:17:32] live tires of wood with people being cremated in front of you.

And as you’re walking into the city or being, you have little bits of Ash from this, and it’s just a very unique thing. If you can. Put yourself on the side of just being open and understanding that you’re in a different culture and this is what’s happening in front of you. It’s just soak it all in.

Lianne: [00:17:54] I’d take some really good soap and shampoo and just wash it all off.

Corey: [00:17:57] Yeah.

Matt: [00:17:58] Yeah, actually I didn’t sour for like three days. Remember after even

Lianne: [00:18:02] I know he was literally carrying DNA around.

Corey: [00:18:07] That’s unbelievable, man, but you know, I really like hot showers

Matt: [00:18:10] and I was waiting until we found one. So,

Lianne: [00:18:12] so that another tip, a hot shower is a few and far between if you’re not, if you’re not splurging on a fancy hotel, Yeah, few and far between

Matt: [00:18:21] backpacker budget.

Then to me, it’s kind of just size. You have to say

Lianne: [00:18:24] one thing that I found hilarious, and this was when we were walking through this tunnel at nighttime on me and Matt, you know, we were just like walking behind Corey towards doing a task. I would walk in and we just see this like still buddy. And we’re like, Oh, my God.

Is he dead? Is that, is that a buddy, someone just left a buddy there for the next is this somewhere where the, the buddies get left and we walked past about five minutes later and he was moving and we were just like, cool. We didn’t see it, but

Corey: [00:18:48] because

Matt: [00:18:48] it wouldn’t be a soccer, if there was just a body, they’re like, we, like, you guys have said that they’re just different relationship with death that they have, you know,

Corey: [00:18:55] so, and it’s nice.

It gives you a new perspective of like, you know, instead of mourning the death so much, should we be celebrating the life that was, and I just really liked that aspect of it. And then. It’s a very unique city in terms of how it’s just the, the river is the main points of interest for everybody. And then you have these stairways leading to it that are called the GATS and they’re that’s where they do all the burnings and the cremations of people.

And then you have all these beautiful temple spread about them and you can take these boat rides up and down the GATS where you get ’em. Just a good view of the city. And then you can go over to the other side where there’s kind of just like, what, like a desert

Lianne: [00:19:35] Island, literally. It’s like, I guess there’s the beach, isn’t it.

Corey: [00:19:40] And you’ve got tons of people just washing themselves in the water, whether or not they’re dying or not. It’s just something that daily ritual that local seeds,

Lianne: [00:19:47] which is kind of disturbing for us because it’s kind of like, Ugh, His buddy in the ashes is actually, so actually is it to be able to pay for the cremation and Varanasi is very much a privilege.

So it’s more of like a money privilege. So we were getting told by a local that quite often, some of the poor families, they do come and they can’t afford the cremation. So they just dropped the bodies in the water because they want the best for their ancestors. And they want them to pass through to the Holy place.


Matt: [00:20:18] Right. What’s back in the day or, you know, like a long time ago, it would’ve been fine, you know, it’s the body that they’re putting in the river, but nowadays there’s so many people and yeah, it’s like, it’s more of a

Lianne: [00:20:29] thank God. But

Corey: [00:20:32] overall really great town recommended if you’re going to go to India and you can tack on an extra day or two, because it’s such a unique place to visit, I think, in the world.

And it has so much

Lianne: [00:20:42] history and some things to do, definitely go and see a ceremony. They happen every day out on those guts, in that main gap, particularly around sunset. And you can take a boat, which, which is what we did, which is really nice. Cause we’re not great with crowds. So in the Gatha era, you know, there’s just hundreds and hundreds of people.

And then you can take these boats out and you kind of overlook the ceremony and the hair that the chanting, and you can see it all from a boat, from the water, which is really beautiful. And you can see them, like you’re free these boats and flowers and good food,

Corey: [00:21:14] insane amounts of people. Cause you’ve got not only your Western tourists coming to check it out, but you’ve got all the people that are making their pilgrimage and most of them are making it with their entire families.

So it’s definitely something we had. We had, we, I thought we had amazing meals there.

Lianne: [00:21:28] The food was amazing. I mean, when I

Matt: [00:21:31] think of India, like one of my most positive, like thoughts is just like

Corey: [00:21:34] food, you know?

Matt: [00:21:35] Like when I think of good things in India, it’s just like, it’s just so much everybody is except like everybody is like, you know, thousands of years of cooking wisdom in them.

And they,

Corey: [00:21:44] they

Matt: [00:21:45] all are so good at making things flavor. It

Lianne: [00:21:47] wasn’t one food and three and a half months. That was not good. No matter how rough I bought it from the street, if it was a housemaid, veggie meat at, at whatever it was. Oh, delicious.

Corey: [00:21:59] And so after two nights and very nasty, we got back on another overnight train and headed back to Agra, which is where

Lianne: [00:22:07] the

Corey: [00:22:08] Taj baby.

This is where unfortunately, on the day of the Taj Matt got hit,

Matt: [00:22:17] this was my sick day.

Lianne: [00:22:20] Really? Yeah.

Matt: [00:22:21] At times we, I passed it on to everybody. So they say, but I think that we all just got it at different times

Lianne: [00:22:31] at different times.

Corey: [00:22:32] There’s not a tremendous day. You get like, you’ve got the little ties. You obviously have the main Taj Mahal, which is where most people go and spend a good chunk of a day.

It’s an amazing place. It’s one of those places that we all like, as we walked in, we’re like, I feel like I’m walking into a painting or a postcard.

Lianne: [00:22:50] And I think when a lot of you have been traveling for awhile, I think that everyone also does get that numb feeling aspect into it, quite a lot with some friends where you see something beautiful and you’re just kind of like, yeah, it’s nice, but it doesn’t give me like the feels, you know, it’s a top

Corey: [00:23:06] poker syndrome I say.

Lianne: [00:23:07] Yeah. But the Taj really gave me the feels. It was like, wow. And then a tip about visiting the Taj is during sunrise. And the time of year when we went and winter, it does get very foggy. So Mark, the lucky bastard that he is, he stayed in bed, but he didn’t miss anything because we couldn’t even see the tug until we were like six feet away from him.

Corey: [00:23:28] Leanne and I paid twice. We went for the very first part, which is like always recommended, go try and go early. If it’s foggy, just don’t buy your

Lianne: [00:23:35] ticket.

Corey: [00:23:36] But if you But go early because that’s when you gonna have the fewest people and it gets so crowded that it’s impossible not to have people in your photos, but yeah.

Matt woke up not feeling well, so he opted not to go with us. And then Leanne and I went and literally couldn’t, we’d get like 10 meters from the Taj and we’d just start doing the country a glimpse of it otherwise. You can’t see shit.

Matt: [00:23:57] Are you guys jealous of that back? That I was in bed puking and going to the bathroom.

Lianne: [00:24:02] Yeah. But very jealous that you got sick in a bedroom with a toilet when we got

Matt: [00:24:19] very quickly because I had the things to heal.

Lianne: [00:24:21] Yeah. Another thing to remember is the tickets that you do buy or any valid for three hours as well to try and sit out the crowds. So it was three hours.

Corey: [00:24:31] Yeah. Three hours. If you overstate, you’ve got uptake. You have to pay more. As you’re leaving, they’re going to charge you.

But yeah, they, they try and make this visitation window to try and help with the Crohn’s. It makes sense because if people would just come and stay the entire day, but honestly

Lianne: [00:24:47] you have to is go sunrise.

Corey: [00:24:49] Sunset are the best times to go. And we’ve got great tips in terms of some set go on the other side of the river.

And I’m trying to think of a habit, my notes here of what that is called over there.

Lianne: [00:25:06] You just take a tuck and it’ll cost like a couple of hundred rupee, which is nothing it’s like two or $3

Corey: [00:25:12] to Duke. And we asked the guy, we want to go see the Taj Mahal at the sunset spot. And he knew exactly where we were talking about.

So you can literally just do that. And he takes you over there. It’s not going to cost you more than a few bucks.

Matt: [00:25:25] Not that many people that are either like

Corey: [00:25:28] crowded and it’s just a whole new other perspective. And then you get that, that Indian. The Indian hazy sunset, that’s just so unique, which is

Lianne: [00:25:37] probably down to pollution.

What we’re going to see the bright side.

Matt: [00:25:45] that’s really beautiful. Yeah.

Corey: [00:25:47] We also, the first night that we were there, that we did go to the Taj, we went to the Moonlight bar. I believe it was, which happened to be this great rooftop. Yeah. Can we talk a little bit about the Japanese

Lianne: [00:25:57] toilet? We’re going to say the Moonlight was very pricey. I’m not going to lie.

We do not alter the olives because we spent about $3 on about five job olives, not even that. So we were really sour about that to begin with

Corey: [00:26:13] Matt just ate all the olives themselves because it’s like, whatever I paid for it. And. It’s not enough to be Sarah. Anyway,

Lianne: [00:26:22] it’s probably calm, like his card. Isn’t like on

Matt: [00:26:24] one thing.

So I, and obviously this is my fault too, cause I, it was like a, like a Western food, you know, they don’t eat olives, I guess, like we do. And so I was just assuming like, yeah, I want it. I’ve been eating Indian food all the time. Like I just really, I love all this and I craved them. So it was kind of a me thing to think that, Oh yeah, they all know.

You know what good olives

Lianne: [00:26:45] see $3 worth of olives. You just assume that would be a good amount or they didn’t eat. Are you kidding?

Matt: [00:26:51] I could have bought like four jars of all those for the first time I paid.

Lianne: [00:26:56] So the Moonlight bar don’t order the olives, unless you’re really happy about four olives on your play.

Corey: [00:27:01] Great spot to watch some Santosh

Lianne: [00:27:03] and have one of those amazing Japanese toilets. Yeah, you, can you get, you go there for fun as a person duty.

Corey: [00:27:10] Yeah. Try and have a cup of coffee or something and just loosen the stool. So you get the full benefit. Yeah, we’re talking

Lianne: [00:27:15] like the Walmart of wave, the dry, the cold was away.

The heater. I spent, yeah, I had a heater. I had like a dry, Oh, I love this toilet

Corey: [00:27:24] as a tip. Just go sit in the bathroom on the Japanese toilet and listened to the next episode of small worlds podcast and just thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lianne: [00:27:31] You’re welcome.

Matt: [00:27:34] It is the best toilet in, in probably like all of acre. I don’t know about India, but all of that growth.

It’s you really miss your toilets? Then you go here.

Lianne: [00:27:42] Yeah, because I it’s something you missed

Corey: [00:27:45] panoramic all of our GRA and then you have obviously the Taj was just there in the distance and it’s, it’s, it’s really gorgeous. Yeah, as we were talking about, when you go to the Taj best spot, as far as we know to get in in the morning is to go to the East entrance fewest people.

You’re just going to have to deal with the people working outside of it. Just kind of constantly heckling you. This is a theme throughout India, but it’s especially true near these very touristic areas. Really, really interesting thing as part of the culture is the random locals coming up and wanting to take photos.

When we say

Lianne: [00:28:22] interesting cars being very nice at first, you kind of like you’re okay. But once you say yes to somebody like one person. That is when the hundreds are going to come in and start to your nose. So honestly you just have to say no, and sometimes you feel so mean, cause people are really nice, but this we’re just looking after you here.

Corey: [00:28:41] Yeah,

Matt: [00:28:41] no, Indiana is one of those places. I think where it’s just, this is a very different thing and it’s like hard to grasp just because we’re so polite and like smiling. We want to like say yes, but again, you’re going to be spending like an hour of your day taking photos of people. If you say yes, you just can’t have to like.

You have to learn to say no and be a little bit aggressive in

Lianne: [00:29:00] it. Yeah. This is one thing I will say about India. Be aggressive BP, which if any of you know me, you know, I’m not particularly aggressive. I can be assertive, but by the end of that, I was an awful person

Matt: [00:29:14] Leanna, and I would put it on Cory. Like if we had to buy train tickets, cause everybody tries to cut in front of you.

There are so many people trying to like do stuff at the training. She’s

Lianne: [00:29:21] not old enough and wise enough to be like aggressive with people. So literally every time I tried to buy something, Number one, I was a woman, so I had didn’t have as much respect anyway, but number two, I was a foreigner and then it’s like, Oh, she went and pushed back.

And that was it. Like, it would take me twice as long to get everything. So I was like, you know what? Of course.

Corey: [00:29:39] And that was something that when we went back to the, the day after we had our day at the Taj, Matt wakes up feeling a little bit better. No, Leanne’s getting hit with the sickness. But we’ve got to go.

We’ve got to take a six hour train journey from auger to Jaipur. And we hadn’t bought our tickets yet. So we go to the train station again, there’s another section where you got to buy them as tourists and I get in line and all of a sudden this guy just comes up and he gets not only in front of me, but in front of like six other people.

And he’s like, I like just tapped him on the shoulder and like, why, why do you think you can just get in front of us? We

Lianne: [00:30:16] were watching me and mom just watching them this time.

Corey: [00:30:19] I’ve got this whole family that I’m buying tickets for. I’m like, Oh, so now you’re going to budget in front of me and you’re going to buy like 13 train tickets.

That’s going to take

Lianne: [00:30:26] like an hour. It’s pointed at me. I’m not, I mean, like I’ve got my kids over there.

Corey: [00:30:30] Unbelievable. I’m not that fucking old bitch.

So we have. It’s just this really weird thing where you just have to stand your ground because the person working, they don’t give up. Fuck

Lianne: [00:30:46] none. I really didn’t. I going say, if whoever’s speaking a lot of this and is in front of them,

Corey: [00:30:50] that’s just it. And so then what was interesting with this one is I finally got smart and said, okay, we’re going to try and buy as many fucking of our train tickets as we can here.

So we bought the three train tickets at this spot and.

Lianne: [00:31:07] well,

Corey: [00:31:07] he put two of the train, the train ticket for that day and the train ticket for a day. Like seven days later, he booked him on the same day. So then

Matt: [00:31:15] we had seven days later, we

Corey: [00:31:17] weren’t actually supposed to be on, but we worked that out in the end. No worries. That’s one of the benefits of being on a train with people who speak your language.

But we got it worked out.

Lianne: [00:31:26] That was not a lovely Indian family who were away for someone’s wedding. And then they just organized our whole train ticket for us when we were sat in their space.

Corey: [00:31:34] Yeah. I hope that your legal studies go as well as they seem to be going. But yeah, so now we left. Had an amazing time at the Taj.

And one more thing I want to say about the Taj is honestly, one of the most beautiful buildings, just for someone like me, who just loves some fucking symmetry. This is just absolutely tickled. My, my just, just felt good walking through it. Cause everywhere go

Lianne: [00:32:00] twitching the whole time.

Corey: [00:32:03] And you don’t want to spend some time in the mosque.

Yeah. We had some really cool photos and stuff like that, just because of looking through those huge archways and seeing the Taj and just with the symmetry of the whole thing, you can just get some really spectacular photos.

Lianne: [00:32:17] Right.

Matt: [00:32:18] It was hard for me to like, it is absolutely amazing. And now when I look back on pictures and I like have the memory, I wish I hadn’t been ill.

I was like a zombie walking through the top of my house that day. It is an absolutely incredible place. For some reason, what sticks in my head is the birds that fly around the top.

Lianne: [00:32:35] It just looks so fake.

Matt: [00:32:36] Like this place just doesn’t look real. Like there’s these birds flying around the dome at the top and there’s this perfect building and it

Lianne: [00:32:43] it’s amazing

Matt: [00:32:45] even in architecture and it is like a really cool architectural feat.

Lianne: [00:32:49] Yeah. I think that’s one thing. Cause I usually don’t really enjoy going to these like super touristic spots in places. I’m kind of like, they kind of get worked up and built up and the Taj is a hundred percent. One of those places where I’m like, wow, you have to go there. It’s worth every penny. It was even worth it.

I was going twice to be honest, because it was so enjoyable just to, just to walk around the gardens. It was really, really nice if there are toilets, Western toilets, take some toilet paper with you, if you’re feeling a bit Dutch.

Corey: [00:33:15] Yeah. Yeah. There’s a few other things to go and do and see around the auger, but really, I think your time there can be done in one, two days, max, and then.

Hop on a train and finish out the third leg of the triangle heading to giant poorer, which as we said as a six hour train ride. Yeah. Yeah. Leanne had the sickness on this train ride. Perfect. Stomach tip better than I was able to

Lianne: [00:33:41] didn’t shit puke. Everyone. No shit.

Corey: [00:33:43] Yeah. And we got there and honestly, GI poor immediately as we’re walking out of the train station and looking for a took, took to take to our accommodation.

We’re all just like. This place is just kind of open and a little bit more free and a little bit

Lianne: [00:33:59] cleaner, cleaner, quieter people. Wouldn’t quiet. So me there was beautiful architecture everywhere. Yeah, it was cheap. Again, it wasn’t cause like, I know we moan in about things not being cheap, but we know how much we were getting ripped off at this point.

So it was kind of like, come on and people had thing and trying to sell you stuff, even after you say no. No. Does we’re like no means no investor, so many that’s like our tagline, but Japa is really, really nice. I really enjoyed it though.

Corey: [00:34:28] Yeah. We had a great Airbnb, a great host who was really helpful. And then we just spent.

One full day there, which I think you need one full, maybe two, if you really want to get

Lianne: [00:34:38] after it two days.

Corey: [00:34:40] But there’s tons to see most of the stuff. You need to know, like you’ve got to pay probably I think, five to $10 to get an NC, so it can add up.

Lianne: [00:34:50] This is at the palace all the different, like old Royal buildings, any footnotes and stuff.

Matt: [00:34:56] One for what was the name for it? We went to

Corey: [00:35:00] before the embryo.

Lianne: [00:35:02] Yeah. That was really amazing that, you know, that was we paid to get in there and we really enjoyed it because it’s so huge. And after spending so much time in these really built up places with loads and loads of people. You could get lost in this foot where there were no people you could see like, like the great wall of China and like going over all of the Hills, you could see a blue sky like the Lake.

Oh, it was really, really worth it. I really enjoyed that.

Corey: [00:35:25] You had a really unique architecture there as well. Every little different place of the palace that you’d go into was done differently. And

Lianne: [00:35:33] Then we started a step. Well,

Corey: [00:35:35] yeah, the step well was such a cool feature

Lianne: [00:35:37] too. I’m actually getting a name for everybody right now, and this is a good

Corey: [00:35:41] hit the step.


Lianne: [00:35:43] now that’s what I wrote down.

Corey: [00:35:46] It’s just very, I don’t know. It’s just a very unique thing that fills up and then drains of water, but there’s these, all these steps, it’s almost like maze.

Lianne: [00:35:54] The name is Taji. KA . Well,

Matt: [00:35:59] Leanne, what did you compare it to you compared it to that movie?

Lianne: [00:36:03] I’ll write this name in the in the, in the notes, in the show notes, but it did remind me very much for any David Bowie fans out there.

He loved the movie, the labyrinth windows, and loved the movie where you’ve never seen it.

Matt: [00:36:17] Honestly, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve never seen it,

Lianne: [00:36:21] but it’s the song at the end of the labyrinth, when she finally gets to the goblin King’s palace and then. A little baby brothers on the steps and they were all upside down and David Bowie has been a sexy goblin is just like dancing around with his crystal ball.

That is exactly a

Corey: [00:36:35] goblin King.

Lianne: [00:36:36] Oh yeah. That reminds me.

Corey: [00:36:46] Let’s talk about your last four days.

Matt: [00:36:49] It is Valentine’s day

Lianne: [00:36:50] today.

Corey: [00:36:53] So one of the things too, is that as we were looking in Jaipur for a ride to this Amber Ford area we’re walking up the street just, we’re trying to just find a spot to get a bite to eat, but all we can find our fucking bookstores. So there’s this one road where it’s just like every other building is a bookstore.

Nobody knows how any of them stay in business because they’re all selling the same thing. But it was just this really unique thing for the city. I don’t know what had to do with anything, but I was just like, this is just so many fucking books. Also. I read something

Matt: [00:37:25] that like, every, like every, like you can’t go through India and you can’t like talk to a cashier who isn’t like a philosopher on the side, you know?

Cause they just read so much like philosophy of different books. They’re all just like these really like intelligent spiritual people.

Lianne: [00:37:40] Yeah. I guess it’s all the mantras and all of the galleries. So ardent is such a spiritual country, right?

Corey: [00:37:46] Yeah. They’ve all read a ton of books on persistent. Yeah.

Matt: [00:37:51] Do you not

Lianne: [00:37:51] understand on a ton of books on staring, which we’re going to get to, like as a woman, very difficult.

Corey: [00:37:59] We also went out and had a really nice dinner there and we had a There was a, that Indian performance, that musical performance, where that woman danced and kept having all those like bowls and bowls balancing on her head as she was doing some belly dance

Lianne: [00:38:13] for these, it probably came up to about two feet and I heard a three feet and it had like maybe four or five balls and she didn’t let that lovely foot work.

And she did very well with all the bells around it. I’d have never written. So I really appreciate when people can dance. So,

Corey: [00:38:29] and then, okay, so this is just such a cool town, this, this normally around. So your trip to the golden triangle, I think from here, most people had back to Delhi on the train. And then and we should say that train is not the only way to get around.

People do just rent. They take an Uber or a private driver to get from these places as

Lianne: [00:38:48] well. She a really affordable if, ER, obviously we had, well not really a lot of time, but we were willing to give up on stuff and spend time on the trains. But if you do have a bigger budget and you do have a lot of time and less time, sorry, less time and a bigger budget, then it’s really quite affordable too.

If there’s four of you, for example, or five of you and get a big car. It is very affordable to hire a driver. But I am pretty sure you do have to pay for his accommodation and food and stuff on top of it.

Matt: [00:39:16] Yeah. I think that the trains system is like such a part of India. Like it’s like something that personally, because it, it, it plays a part in their history.

And if you come from somewhere like, like the U S. Aren’t really used for like passenger service so much anymore. It’s really interesting to take trains around, you know,

Lianne: [00:39:32] is it, like you said, it’s called the culture and I, that was probably, it sounds really sad, but one of my highlights is on these trains.

Matt: [00:39:40] It’s so fun. You play cards, you have a good time.

Lianne: [00:39:42] Like if you’re

Matt: [00:39:43] with people, it’s, it’s fun.

Lianne: [00:39:45] Yeah. But even if you are alone as well, like I was saying earlier that the people are so friendly that. If you were on your own. And I do find that as a woman as well, I found that lots of families were a lot nicer to me.

Like in general, they would kind of like felt sorry for me almost. If I was sat by myself and then they chat to me and then you guys would show up and it’d be like, okay, she’s not alone, but I do.

Matt: [00:40:05] Are you fruit a lot in India,

Corey: [00:40:06] but like on the train, so much food,

Lianne: [00:40:09] lots of ones.

Corey: [00:40:10] Yeah. And it just, you know, as I said before, it’s a really great time if you’re wanting to like, get through a few levels in your video game, on your phone, honestly,

Lianne: [00:40:25] as well, I will say. So some of the spots that we checked out, so do you have my notes with where we went and the how? And my hall was really beautiful that is featured in a video for India. That’s coming out soon. That’s the, basically where the Royal women would sit and look out of. Windows is one thing we learned about the history, the women of India and the Royal family.

They used to sit and watch people from afar. And every palace we went to actually, yeah, right.

Really beautiful palace. It wasn’t too expensive to get into. And then you also had the gel in the hall, the Gentile manta, you have the city palace. And then Niagara falls as well, which is different from the Amber foot, but just down the road. So really cool stuff. Yeah.

Corey: [00:41:09] And Matt were the guys go in there that he you know, he might not have been a Royal, but he might’ve been able to date a Prince and therefore get himself into the Royal illness of the whole scene.

That’s kind of where he started his role.

Matt: [00:41:26] For the people who learn like me and who like to imagine themselves, if they had to live back in that time, especially if you’re like me and I’m gay and then that time would have been really not okay. I’m like, Oh, I’m sorry. I bet I could have like, you know, worked my way into like a servant for somebody in the is like

Lianne: [00:41:41] bedroom and the garden.

Corey: [00:41:47] So we really, I think overall, like, I don’t know. Jaipur was this really great experience in terms of just feeling like one of the cleaner Indian cities? Yeah.

Matt: [00:41:57] Very positive memories.

Lianne: [00:41:59] Yeah, because we were a bit stressed out

Corey: [00:42:01] and we’d also been a deli. I see an Aughra and like had just been surrounded by pollution and people and, and we hear bombarded little bit of a break from that because we woke up that morning and try and pour, and we’re like, Oh, nice fucking blue

Lianne: [00:42:19] sky.

I know at the end they has had two Labradors and a whole lifter, sorry, dozen retrievers, and a whole litter of golden retriever puppies,

Corey: [00:42:28] a golden retriever puppies. He could have charged us triple and we would have been in.

Matt: [00:42:36] Oh, he was so nice too. He gave us a ride to the train station. Yeah. People are very kind

Lianne: [00:42:41] for it.

It’s just some of that like Indian hospitality that even though we’ll probably learn a lot in this, we experienced so much positivity from people. Another spot after after J point that we didn’t actually have time to go to in the eggs. We were pretty tired after shooting all over the country is Joe DePaul.

I don’t know if you’ve seen photos, but that’s basically the city that has like the blue town. And then it has a Fort on top of the rock. I’ve heard really great things about this, but at this time we did not get together just because we had to pretty much choose between there. And Jaisalmer,

Matt: [00:43:12] we wanted to make a decision, rather, like we could have done it fast and done both, but we wouldn’t have really got to appreciate, we decided to go to Jaisalmer and, you know, actually like, Sit there and appreciate it for a few days.

Corey: [00:43:24] Thank goodness we did. Cause we were, we were all exhausted after we left India, but yeah, five

Lianne: [00:43:31] and a half, I would train to Joe Tupper. And then if you do go to Joe to pup again, highly recommend it because of people. I’ve got friends that have been there, but if not, we took another five hour train from Joe to Paula to Jaisalmer.

So it would be, it would be 10 hours from .

Corey: [00:43:47] Jaipur to too. Cause

Lianne: [00:43:49] we skipped a really good,

Corey: [00:43:50] there was

Matt: [00:43:52] a

Corey: [00:43:52] test that ended up being on time because our train was supposed to get in at 4:30 AM and it did.

Lianne: [00:43:58] Yeah, it was the long train

Matt: [00:44:00] we wanted our train to be delayed. So

Lianne: [00:44:03] it gets cool. Like it’d probably be delayed six hours.

We’re getting a reasonable time, have a good night’s sleep

Corey: [00:44:10] where we were. We’d been booked on the wrong date. So about our. 30 minutes into the train ride. We realized that we were sitting in other people’s seats and we’d made a big stink about it.

Matt: [00:44:20] We’d been insisting that they

Lianne: [00:44:22] were wrong. We’ve been it very nicely, but we were still insisting.

Okay. Yeah, I can read.

Corey: [00:44:27] So the date on the ticket was booked for like a few days later. And then, so we had miraculously, I think the guy who was working on the train expected us to get off, which we didn’t.

Lianne: [00:44:39] And

Corey: [00:44:39] then the family was like, don’t worry. This happens all the time. They’ll sort it out.

Unfortunately that also, I

Matt: [00:44:44] noticed, I noticed among another people too, when you guys were sleeping and I was eavesdropping on someone behind us on a previous train that if you do accidentally get on the wrong train, like sometimes, and that’s what they let us do. And they, what they let this other guy do is you can pay a fee like you even have to pay like a small fee.


Lianne: [00:45:02] think it was around 2000 rupees, which isn’t that much in hindsight.

Corey: [00:45:06] Yeah, that’s under $30 for

Matt: [00:45:07] a mistake. Like this happens,

Lianne: [00:45:11] they get a refund on your tickets. So this is what happened. We had to buy new tickets in the sleeper class, and then we just got a refund for our tickets. So a week from

Corey: [00:45:20] then, Which ended up being a pretty easy process.

I sent the kids out on a task on their own as I was still reeling from the sickness. And they were able to knock out a few times.

Lianne: [00:45:29] We did so many tasks that day.

Corey: [00:45:34] Another thing

Lianne: [00:45:34] why didn’t J Salma expensive, don’t buy it.

Corey: [00:45:37] Yeah. That’d be

Lianne: [00:45:38] drinking out there

Corey: [00:45:39] on another note, you can freely just grab like a bottle or two of wine or beer or whatever you might want to bring and take it under the train with you.

It is something that

Lianne: [00:45:47] no, no, I remember. So that’s what we did, but when I was queuing in the first class section to use the bathroom, I was reading the sentence do’s and don’ts. One of them was don’t drink alcohol in the train. We have that Western privilege where no one tells us off. Yeah. Okay. So yeah, I saw the sign, I mean, but there was also a sign for no staring at women and there’s a

Matt: [00:46:08] lot of signs in India that tell you things.

And I don’t think they’re

Lianne: [00:46:11] necessarily. Yeah. Like I just said, it was aside for don’t stare at women. And I was like, huh. Yeah. It says,

Matt: [00:46:17] do not log in this area. We all know that September.

Corey: [00:46:23] So I gotta say, I think for me, and I think I can speak for you guys outside of the Taj Jai Sala mirror was the best spot of this segment of India.

It is a stretch it’s out there. It’s only a couple of hundred kilometers away from the border of Pakistan

Lianne: [00:46:43] desert. It’s very safe to be to

Corey: [00:46:45] yeah, extremely be safe and just as great, beautiful old historical city. And we’d highly recommend staying up in the Fort because more than likely wherever you stay is going to have a nice little rooftop where you’re going to have views.

Of the city

Lianne: [00:47:00] who doesn’t want to stay in like a thousand year old foot. It’s amazing. It’s like sandstone, it’s the people it’s called the golden

Matt: [00:47:07] city because all that sandstone gives it like this beautiful, like Q and a, especially at sunset, like golden, like the golden hour or whatever, it just is a beautiful,

Lianne: [00:47:17] significantly less pushy hair.

It was like, Jess Alma was that, this next step. And then this was the next step. After that, it was just. Everyone was very hospitable. The food is great, obviously.

Corey: [00:47:27] Yeah. So take a day and walk around the city. Take another day. And a lot of people make this into a day and a night where they’ll go out into the desert, into the sand dunes, take a camel ride, and then you get they’ll going to make you dinner there.

We had a nice local musical performance by this guy that was just really beautiful. And then just watch the sunset over the sand dunes in the desert. And it was, yeah,

Matt: [00:47:53] it feels like a nature. And you like to do things outdoors. Like that’s a cool, I really enjoyed that. It was like we were, you know, out, we were away from people enjoying the sunset on some sand.

Corey: [00:48:01] That was great. And then typical India fashion. As you’re in the middle of fucking nowhere, where nobody is around you, all of a sudden you start seeing somebody walking towards you and it happens to be fucking guys.

Matt: [00:48:16] And you’re in the middle of

Lianne: [00:48:18] like, wait, wait, literally. We’re like, what is going on? What is that thing that’s coming over?

So it was us and it was a beer salesman.

People are

Matt: [00:48:29] very good business people. They just, they just

Lianne: [00:48:31] know, just know someone’s there, someone’s thirsty, which we were. I know the thing I have to say. There’s something that I learned from a local which is called the Roger Stan music festival. Which is if you have that, whenever that is on, there’s a music festival in that very same desert.

Yeah. And from the looks of things, it looks amazing. So again, it’s not far from the Pakistan Burda, but it was really beautiful. Not far from Jane Selma but a really cool festival. If you are there during that time, look it up. Again, we’ll put the name in the show notes because that was highly recommended.

Corey: [00:49:03] Yeah. So for us, from Jay Solomon, after a couple of days there, we felt like we all got through the sickness. And then we we, we made a comeback. Yeah. When we, we only like a 24 hour bug, it was really just, it wasn’t that bad, but it, when it hit, it hit hard. And if it hit at an inopportune time, you were really on the struggle bus.

But I

Matt: [00:49:24] was really happy. You guys got it and kind of, because I was thought I was being dramatic. And then when you guys were both dying in that, I was like, okay, cool.

Lianne: [00:49:32] Yeah. I’m not really sure what would have set it off because

Corey: [00:49:35] she was being dramatic.

Lianne: [00:49:36] I mean, I think honestly, Matt, it feels soundbite by the fact that you got sick and you gave it to us because.

We have stomachs of spiel by that point and who gets a 24. If you get food poisoning, we’ll get it around the same time. But it was all exactly very well timed.

Corey: [00:49:51] There’s no such thing as a 24 hour bug.

Lianne: [00:49:54] Yeah. Was like,

Corey: [00:49:56] that’s a whole nother thing. So before we like send off on this. I’ve just got like a few bullet points here of some know before you go to India things, because like we said, we’ve really, really enjoyed it.

We all left really fucking exhausted. And it’s like what Matt had said before. One of the things with India’s when you leave your accommodation, all of your senses are peaking at all times.

Lianne: [00:50:23] Sights sounds everything, unsurvivable it’s

Corey: [00:50:26] out of control, just how alert you have to be. And it doesn’t really add up while you’re there, but once you leave and you like.

It catch your breath. You’re like, Oh my God, I’ve been this tired ever.

Lianne: [00:50:39] Yeah. Like, wait, we’re still actually recovering.

Corey: [00:50:42] Yeah. And it’s a couple of weeks later and we’re all like, we all just like met, went to the Philippines. We went to Thailand. Like we were like, we have to go to the beach.

Lianne: [00:50:55] was very exhausted,

Corey: [00:50:56] but some things that we think we should know before you go Staring, and this is especially true for people. Like if you’re a girl, especially a tall blonde, pretty girl, like Leann. Westerners in general, just people are gonna stare at you. As we mentioned before, there’s no spec, there’s no respect for getting in line or queuing up.

Lianne: [00:51:15] We’ll get back to the staring thing, girls. I covered up, I dressed exactly how tell us how to dress on it. Doesn’t matter. So one thing you like not even need a video once. And it was literally, I was walking down the street and people doing double takes and staring at you. And I describe it as like a hungry stuff for the women, of course, that the guys got it as well.

And I’m not going to lie. It’s really hard to deal with, especially because if you step back, that’s seen as I’m encouraging people, so don’t stare back. And if you kind of strong-willed like me and you find it really difficult to seem submissive, which I did. It’s just the safest way you don’t want to ungrow anyone and it’s so annoying and it’s so frustrating.

And I feel so sorry for the local women. There is just a complete culture difference that you do just need to get used to just cover up. Don’t wear tight jeans. Don’t have anything Chessie out. Cause he will see people staring at you, even if it’s not even that chest.

Corey: [00:52:08] Yep. Very male dominated. And Matt can attest that even if we’re going to dinner, Leann orders, a meal And they have questions about her order.

They’ll address me or Matt and they will, they want to dress Leanne about her own order.

Lianne: [00:52:22] I think if there’s like a guy with

Matt: [00:52:24] you, then they just automatically assume like that too, to be addressed. Like they want to dress.

Lianne: [00:52:29] I’m not, you can tell us this from a gay man’s perspective from grinder, he actually got an insight to being a woman in India.

From being on grind, as you tell us more about,

Corey: [00:52:39] I want to do an entire episode on Grindr, but let’s just stick with this for a year.

Lianne: [00:52:42] Never go and give us a quick, a quick summary

Matt: [00:52:46] summary. You can imagine in a very like sexually repressed country, there’s no porn gave out loud or it’s not very like super accepted that when there’s access to a thing like Grindr, where they can go on and be discreet.

I don’t think they know how to, they don’t have that relationship, you know, ideas, especially with days. So they’re very persistent as same as they are with business. It’s like they won’t take no for an answer. I mean, you got a hundred messages that are like, tell me where you are, where are you? You’re not responding.

Why? And yeah,

Lianne: [00:53:13] send me a photo now, now. Oh, Whoa.

Corey: [00:53:19] So another thing is just, you’re just like we said, your census, I have to just be on all the time. So as you’re walking down the streets, especially in a big busy city, I’m constantly being asked to buy, just check out the shops. It’s easy to just ignore and that’s not actually rude, but you know, a day of walking around a city or even just like a morning or an afternoon or a couple hours.

And you’re just like, please, please just stop along with that. You’ll have all the horns going. And it’s just constant a barrage of noise and it just, it’s overwhelming and it’s so much, so these are things that. We’re all very, very seasoned backpackers. We’re been very fortunate to be able to go and do this in our lives, but India is a whole new thing.

That is something that we hadn’t experienced. So

Lianne: [00:54:07] just prepare it. Like we all knew what it was going to be like, but you don’t know until, you know, I guess we do say this with the counter argument of, of how long people were that we met and that we got to know. Which you do also have to bear in mind, let’s say all of these things, all these negatives do come with the fact that we are there.

We are visitors in a different culture and a different, you know, there’s so many people there. So you do just have to take with a pinch of salt, which is very difficult to do at the time. But it was still a great expense.

Corey: [00:54:36] It’s absolutely. I think one of the things that we would say is go there. Spend some time in the bigger cities.

Most people are gonna fly into Delhi or Mumbai, but try and get up to like down on the Southern beaches. Leanne and I had a whole different vibe, I think up in the North where most people are going for their yoga retreats up in the Himalayas and stuff. It’s a little bit of a different vibe and just have these types of mental preparations ready, because it’s just going to better your experience.

It’s it is. A culture shock. You’re just going to get hit with it and there’s no way around it. But to counter that. You’re not going to go to anywhere in the world. That’s going to give you better food for every fucking meal.

Lianne: [00:55:18] Honestly, guys, the food  the fish. So we were mostly vegetarian for this trip. Would they would the exception of being done in the beaches and the sales, where we ate fish.

But the vegetarian food is. So good. The doll is so healthy and so good for you. The Curry’s not so healthy, but it’s still so good for yourself. The food is delicious.

Corey: [00:55:39] Yeah. It’s amazing how friendly the people

Matt: [00:55:41] are flavorful. You won’t even know

Corey: [00:55:46] and that’s it, right? Like it’s just like this thing where you just have to yeah.

So much flavor and that all the food is so rich. And it’s just this unbelievable thing that just like, it’s just your, your pellet is just like self-ID other people so proud of their country. That’s something that definitely resonates there. And I think just to end it off, like we just highly recommended.

It’s something that you have to go and experience. If you do like to travel and experience these different cultures, because you’re not going to find a culture that has this uniqueness. That often it’s just, it’s very much its own thing

Lianne: [00:56:23] completely. There’s different cinema, different music, different languages, obviously different religion, different styles of dress is really interesting, really, really interesting

Corey: [00:56:32] with the good in the bed.

And we were just Leanne and I have been on the road for quite a while now. It was really nice to have Matt come and link back up with us and be our first, second guest.

We’re so thankful that he’s sitting there. We were on a Skype video and we were able to watch the sunset behind him in the Philippines. And now it was just a dark black. Yeah.

Matt: [00:56:59] I’m just sitting by a Bush by myself talking

Lianne: [00:57:03] on Valentine’s day.

Matt: [00:57:05] Oh, Valentine’s day. I am going to a singles party later, so don’t feel too bad.

Corey: [00:57:10] We don’t,

Lianne: [00:57:13] we didn’t feel

Corey: [00:57:13] sad. So we have to run because we’ve got to pack our bags and get to the airport is we are off to Chiang Mai tonight, but thank you so much, Matthew. And we will Be in touch soon and go to India, check it out. Yes,

Matt: [00:57:28] definitely. Check it out.

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