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On the road – Canada

Wedgemount Lake

Lianne and Corey discuss their time in Canada. Including the two year work visa (IEC) that is available to many folks around the globe who are under the age of 35. Includes tips on how and where to apply for the visa, briefly touches on who can apply, and any tips for once you do arrive. They discuss the process in which Lianne took when she arrived in Canada in 2017, and her time in the ski town Whistler, where she worked and lived for 18 of 27 months.

Touching on some of the activities that are available all year round, and when is the best time to ensure you can get the most out of your IEC experience, no matter the season. A brief summary of main key points on what to do and where to go, this episode serves as a quick guideline- one in which both are happy to address any further questions via email, Facebook or Instagram.

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