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Backpacking in the 70s – Transcript

Corey: [00:00:00] Welcome ladies and gentlemen to small worlds podcast. My name is Corey. My name

Barry: [00:00:15] is Leanne Davidson.

Corey: [00:00:17] There she is.

Barry: [00:00:18] She is

Corey: [00:00:18] quarantining

Barry: [00:00:21] doing it as best as

Corey: [00:00:22] we can. So this week we’ve got a pretty special episode to me anyway. As you may or may not know, we had a beautiful set of travels that we just ended about a month ago.

And what inspired those for me in part was my mother who was. In stage four brain cancer for about four and a half years. She unfortunately left us last October. But a few months before that I was up visiting her and my dad and knowing that they had had such an amazing time backpacking through Europe and North Africa, and then over to Columbia in the Oh, Early seventies, 72 or 73, I sat down and interviewed them and was just kind of fascinated by the differences.

Barry: [00:01:12] Oh my God. It’s so different. They’re like they traveled during like real wild country, you know, no phones, no internet, nothing

Corey: [00:01:19] just straight hip has gone at it,

Barry: [00:01:21] but it’s really good to hear a recap of it as well. And I’m sure everyone else in the jail too. So without further ado, Mr. And Mrs. Flanagan.

Corey: [00:01:30] It was 1973.

Yep. How long had you guys known each other and year

Barry: [00:01:34] and a half?

Corey: [00:01:35] Yeah. She knew each other a year and a half. Had you been planning to do something and you tagged along or

Gloria: [00:01:42] we plan to do this together. Okay. Awesome.

Barry: [00:01:45] The people at the farm going out with Kevin Lawton

Corey: [00:01:48] and

Barry: [00:01:49] he was planning on traveling around the world and he took off in the summer of 70.

Two and went to Europe and your mom actually went over and spent six weeks with Kevin traveling through Southern Europe. Yeah, no, I

Gloria: [00:02:10] haven’t right before we left. And before you and I left, we, I back in may or June,

Barry: [00:02:16] I mean, we left the same year. Okay. So it was 73 and 72. Right?

Corey: [00:02:20] So what were you guys doing for work?

How’d you save money?

Gloria: [00:02:23] I worked at the post office.

Barry: [00:02:27] We were dealing drugs. Okay. Selling pot at the local bars, working for cash.

Corey: [00:02:33] Got it.

Barry: [00:02:34] And I was also attending bar. Your mom was working at the phone company

Corey: [00:02:38] and you were able to just let them know I’m going to take off extent. I asked

Gloria: [00:02:42] for my time that much time off and they didn’t guarantee that I’d get my job back.

But I went to anyway, cause we really wanted to go. So, and it was no problem when I came back and

Corey: [00:02:54] kind of, yeah, that’s kinda what you gotta do is you just kinda got to say, and really, so

Barry: [00:02:59] we worked for six months or more, probably closer to a year saving money as much as

Corey: [00:03:04] we could for the trip

Barry: [00:03:05] and then buying equipment, basically backpack and tent and everything we needed.

In, in two backpacks. So

Corey: [00:03:13] it was a legit backpacking. Is that where you guys were, were camping? Most of the time you’re staying in hostels.

Gloria: [00:03:19] Okay.

Corey: [00:03:19] Do you remember how much they were?

Gloria: [00:03:22] 10 or 15 bucks, maybe five.

Barry: [00:03:25] And that’s

Corey: [00:03:25] an mainly European countries and cities? Yeah. Okay. How’d you decide where you wanted to go?

Barry: [00:03:31] Well, I wanted to go back to a little bit in Germany and I wanted to travel in Southern Europe a little bit, and then we wanted to go to North Africa.

Corey: [00:03:40] Okay.

Gloria: [00:03:41] Yeah. I want him to go to

Corey: [00:03:42] Switzerland and you wanted to go to the elk.

Gloria: [00:03:44] So I didn’t go back for

Corey: [00:03:46] warm weather because it was later

Gloria: [00:03:48] definitely

Barry: [00:03:50] winter.

Yeah. And I went with a friend of mine who I graduated from high school with who had been in the military. He was in the Marines and I’ve been in the army and we hadn’t seen much of each other, but we got back together a little bit that summer. And I asked him if he wanted to travel in Europe, but he said, he’d go home.

Corey: [00:04:07] Did you guys know anybody who had done it? Like what, what sprint, where did the idea just, do you remember that moment where it was like, this is what we want to go do

Gloria: [00:04:15] or wasn’t like that?

Barry: [00:04:16] Well, I I’d been in 1970. I was in the army in Germany for a year. And a friend of mine, an Eskimo, Chuck Evans, and I traveled for about a month.

We took a month off or leave and traveled throughout central, Southern Europe and in, over into England. And then back up to on, through the Netherlands, back up to Germany where we were stationed and I really enjoyed that trip and wanted to do it, do it some more. Yeah. That’s that’s where I was kind of coming from.

I wanted to go back because I enjoyed it so much that the travel bug

Gloria: [00:04:51] and I would have never done it if it wouldn’t have been for following him.

Corey: [00:04:54] Yeah. Yeah. Well, you’d went earlier with Kevin, but you need, you needed that catalyst.

Gloria: [00:05:00] Exactly. Kevin, I said that travel bug.

Corey: [00:05:04] We, you said you wanted to go to Switzerland.

You wanted to go to North Africa weekends a little bit like nowadays we can just research so much. Like, did you guys know anything about where you were going or why you wanted to go there? Was it just word of mouth

Barry: [00:05:16] for me,

Gloria: [00:05:16] Switzerland was just the scenery, the Alps, and. You know, the train rides and that kind of stuff there.

And I we’d stayed at a really neat place in Switzerland and I just wanted to go back there and find it, but I never found it. And so anyhow, that was my, my agenda.

Barry: [00:05:33] And I want him to go ride the mirror cash express. Okay. And you own her son. Crosby stills and Nash. Right. And I’d thought, Hey, it’s a different culture Muslim.

I’d like to see that. And I’d like to go to Morocco and go to AmeriCash

Corey: [00:05:52] was the cause I’ve read like the Keith Richards autobiography now. So, and I know that the stones made a trip down there and like the late sixties, early seventies, did you know about that? And you were willing to go. Okay. What about that?

Barry: [00:06:03] We just know we wanted to do that.

Corey: [00:06:05] And then you guys took off at separate times, right? You left earlier. Tell me how that worked. How did that communication to find you at the airport? I’m just, this is so easy now, but it’s definitely not easy. Then. How did that work?

Barry: [00:06:20] Well, we stayed at touch. Oh Gladesville, probably several letters a week.

Gloria: [00:06:28] I was born

Corey: [00:06:29] how’d you know where to send them though, if you’re bumming around, but a place to

Gloria: [00:06:31] send them to the American embassy. I

Barry: [00:06:33] told her that I was probably going to go to Germany and then down into Italy and then into Spain and were cliff and I were going to travel into Southern Spain, probably down to in Southern Spain.

And so she had an idea of kind of where we were going and we would be going through Barcelona. And so there was places she could embassies where she could send these and I could check.

Corey: [00:06:54] So you just get to the city, go to the embassy, the embassy check or anything with my name on it.

Barry: [00:06:58] Right.

Gloria: [00:07:00] And then the other thing is that, or a Tom and stick or, or they’re at the same time.

And I was communicating with them, trying to line up a date when we’d all meet at the airport in Paris. And it actually worked out.

Corey: [00:07:13] So you were over at the, at the same time as them, but they

Barry: [00:07:16] elaborated, they actually left a couple of weeks before cliff and I did. Okay. Yep. And they weren’t, we were going to meet them in an Oktoberfest in Munich and they didn’t, they didn’t hang her up.

They took off. So when we got to Munich, we looked all over for him and they were, you know, we couldn’t find them anywhere, so, and they didn’t leave any messages or anything, so they were gone. So then we just went on our own Merry way.

Corey: [00:07:41] Any ability to do a phone call or anything like that? I mean the long distance, I’m sure it was crazy expensive.

Barry: [00:07:46] You could, but we didn’t, we just did what they call aerial grams. And there was a specific title

Gloria: [00:07:53] folded up in that post

Barry: [00:07:54] office documents. And I came with postage already of 15 cents. And then you would just follow them up and get the address on there. And so here, this one was sent to me at the address of the embassy in Barcelona.

Corey: [00:08:10] But I guess what I’m curious about is like, when you booked your flight, he’s, you don’t know where, and you have an idea of where he wants to be, but you don’t know his timeline. You don’t know anything like that. How does, how does it, you flew into Paris? How does he find you? Do you know what day

Gloria: [00:08:27] you remember?

Barry: [00:08:29] It probably says in one of these letters here, but she said, she said she was coming in on a certain date on a certain airline in the, into Paris. And and she also somehow got that same message to Tom stick. They were in Greece one or both of them injured because they’d

Gloria: [00:08:46] rented more pans,

Barry: [00:08:48] drank some ouzo and did some over the counter stuff you could buy.

There were like coy alludes, but yeah. I can’t remember what they were called now, but they both rented mopeds and fucking crashes

Corey: [00:09:02] that does still happen. We were in Columbia a couple of years ago. I believe Mikey crashed, but he wasn’t, he was just sober. He just took a wide

Barry: [00:09:08] turn, but it’s just funny.

Corey: [00:09:10] There’s some things that are, so

Barry: [00:09:11] anyway, I think at Anthem’s or somewhere you wrote Tom and stick and said, okay, I’m coming in. To Paris on this day and Barry’s gonna meet me there. And then they

Gloria: [00:09:23] encouraged,

Barry: [00:09:23] they booked a flight from Athens to Paris to Paris. They had some, they had one stop, but anyway, yeah, they got into Paris

Gloria: [00:09:34] and I flew into London and then I flew from London to Paris.

Corey: [00:09:39] Do you have any idea what those flights cost?

Barry: [00:09:43] All? They were like

Gloria: [00:09:44] very much.

Barry: [00:09:45] I think the round trip. Flights then were two, $300

Gloria: [00:09:50] like London to Paris? No, like

Barry: [00:09:52] from Icelandic, from any app, let’s say 1200. Most of all, they weren’t that much. And most of them flew into Brussels or what was the other Luxembourg?

Not most of the plates in Icelandic airways. Had a real cheap place.

Gloria: [00:10:06] Call it the hippie airline from

Barry: [00:10:08] Minneapolis. You’d stop and rake it back. They’d have a lay over there as you could go in and buy shit from the Iceland duty-free shop and then they’d fly it to Luxembourg. And that’s where cliff and I flew into.

Corey: [00:10:20] And then was it mostly trains and buses when you got over there to get from place to place, train trains, almost anonymously. Remember what those tickets were.

Barry: [00:10:30] No, we had, we had a year round.

Gloria: [00:10:33] Yeah. They didn’t have

Barry: [00:10:35] those, then

Gloria: [00:10:35] every country had a different,

Corey: [00:10:37] yeah. Yeah. W I mean, did you have expectations or because there was, I guess we have just so much access to knowledge now that as I’m getting ready to travel, I can build up an expectation of what I think it might be like.

Did you guys have, I mean, you’d been there before. I do have that ability. So you just kind of went open-ended and

Barry: [00:10:57] well, she, when she went with Kevin, she kind of found out it was like traveling again. Cause they hitchhiked

Gloria: [00:11:02] face

Barry: [00:11:03] a lot.

Corey: [00:11:03] Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That’s still pretty. That’s still out there. It’s not as prominent, but it still exists.

I’m really just curious about the costs like. The URL, they still have a Euro rail. I believe.

Gloria: [00:11:17] I haven’t thought that you had this box that you could do a Europe on $5 a day. 

Barry: [00:11:23] if we were buying them books for $50, a hundred dollars, and then you could get like several weeks worth of travel out of that.

So what you pay

Corey: [00:11:33] that flat rate? And then you just

Barry: [00:11:37] use it and use it. Right.

Gloria: [00:11:39] You paid

Barry: [00:11:40] that and you got a certain amount of travel out of the company and then whatever you want, they’d stamp it until it was until it was used up.

Gloria: [00:11:47] Okay. And the student ID is mine was fraudulent. I don’t know if he was supposed to or not, but I remember I got one and then one guy looked at it and he said, this is not authentic.

And I said, well, that’s my picture. That’s me. So he got, let me through.

Corey: [00:12:05] Was there, did you feel like there was a lot of people doing it? Like one of the things that’ll happen when, when I’ll go somewhere as there’s obviously a lot of people backpacking, but people would get on certain paths and. It’s like, you’ll see somebody in a city maybe go out and have a fun night with them or something like that, or go on some tracker to her of something, but then they leave.

You’re going to be there for another couple of days. And then you see them in the next city again?

Barry: [00:12:29] No, we never had that.

Corey: [00:12:31] So hang on. You get to Paris somehow. Everyone meets. Yeah.

Barry: [00:12:35] So she had gotten the letter out to Tom and stick and they decided the heck with it. We want to go back to Paris and meet these guys.

So then they arrange flights and they come in like the day ahead of time. And I rode the train all the way up by myself. Cause cliff didn’t want to go. Cause it’s a long ways from Southern Spain to Northern France. And so I rode the train for like, I don’t know what it was two and a half, three days. Up coming up, they didn’t have the Chanel suit, you know, the fast trains.

In fact, some of the trains we got on, they had crates with chickens that was in some families, you know, very that

Gloria: [00:13:11] was more in Columbia though.

Barry: [00:13:12] No, that was in Spain. Wasn’t okay. Anyway. Okay. I wrote up there for three days and then I went into the airport. I think it was the night before. I’m not going to rent the place.

I’ll just go to the airport and sleep there. And to go up to the area where the passengers came in, you know, got off the plane, they charge you. I don’t know how many Franks it was, but I thought, Oh, I’m not going to pay that. No, I’ll just stay here. That’s at the bottom at the bottom of the stairs where he’s got to come down the stairs.

Yeah. So I’m laying on a couch at the bottom of those stairs and the next morning I’m kind of wake up and I’m just laying there and I look up. And they’re stick at the top of the stairs, starting to walk down. And I, I, you know, I never knew they were there. I never imagined they got any message from Gloria.

I didn’t expect to see. So that was a big reunion to see. And so then I paid the. Couple of Franks and went up the stairs with him. And then Tom was up there and they were, they’d both slept the night up there. And I was at the bottom of the stairs. We didn’t know each other was there. So we had a big reunion and then one right in the middle of that.

What we’re still saying, what the hell has happened? How the hell did you get here? William walks off the plane. Oh, really? He’s walking home. So then we had a big reunion there at the airport. Yeah.

Corey: [00:14:29] That’s just a lot of good feelings.

Barry: [00:14:31] Yeah. Oh God that ran across it

Gloria: [00:14:33] or no, I went up to the ankle tower thinking, Hey, we’re the monkeys.

Barry: [00:14:37] Yeah. Then we went on started bar hopping and drinking wine. Yeah. Sing it. And rather than jump in and I had a

Corey: [00:14:44] wonderful day. I mean, you guys were all like 23, 24, right. Where we’re yelling. Yeah. What are you create? I mean, that’s the kind of thing that I don’t think that we did anymore.

Barry: [00:14:57] I remember when we got into Luxembourg cliff and I stayed in this little room, tiny room, skinny little beds, and.

When he got up in the morning and went to the bathroom, he says, God damn it. He says, he says their toilet paper. He was like, wax paper. You can’t wipe yourself. He just smeared it off.

Gloria: [00:15:16] Tell the story, tell the story about stick with the wash flap on the airplane.

Barry: [00:15:21] Oh yeah.

Gloria: [00:15:23] Cause was an overnight flight. And then I’m warning.

They bring you a rolled off of warm and

Barry: [00:15:28] he’s got this big, had a bushy hair, a big, long beard. He just looks like a Viking. And I feel like he’s slower and away. And then they, the waitress comes or the stewardess comes by in the morning when him and Tom to wake him up. And she’s got a tray with warm washcloths on it.

Well, he wakes up and just shakes his head and looks at it and grabs a washcloth and tries to eat it. She thinks they’re giving him forward, right?

Oh God. And then when, when we left Paris, we headed South on a train. It was again, two and a half to three days. It wasn’t long, but I remember the first day it was the first or second day. We were set. We on our own the compartment, might’ve been one person in there with us on the train and we bought some bottles of wine.

We’re getting pretty good buzz on in there, Tom. He’s saying we’re going through town real slow and he’d stick. And he said, Oh, he’s got this big bushy head of hair to him sticking his head on. Hollering trying to speak in Spanish and hollering. Finally, somebody picked up a handful of rocks and threw them at him

Gloria: [00:16:38] and

Barry: [00:16:38] it comes back and he’s got rocks in his hair.

But you know, another thing that I remember from back then is that there was a lot of Canadians traveling. In fact, there was Americans who had. In their backpacks, they would a Canadian flag on it because even back then, Europeans were kind of down on America because of the Nixon and some of that stuff and the Vietnam war.

And so Americans weren’t. You know, high on the list of people that they really liked a lot over there. I mean, once they got to know you fine, but just in general, there were a little bit down here traveling

Gloria: [00:17:15] through the airports and stuff.

Barry: [00:17:16] So you weren’t always

Gloria: [00:17:18] American real

Barry: [00:17:19] forthcoming and saying, you know where you were from saying that

Corey: [00:17:22] same thing exists, but I’ve never ever thought about it.

And to not be like who I am and that kind of thing. Like I’ll meet Americans who have that Canadian flag and stuff like that. And I’m just so curious about that. I’m like, Like, is it like, I just never, I’ve never gotten the harassment for it. I’ve had people when I was over in Thailand, just be like, what, how could you guys vote for Bush?

Like, how was that? And I’m like, you know, I don’t, I don’t represent my entire country. And I think that’s what gets

Barry: [00:17:50] misconstrued is it’s

Corey: [00:17:51] like we are a huge country. So then when you guys got down to to get down to North Africa, I mean, that was the first time I was in a Muslim country, was in Morocco.

Who was that? Did you guys enjoy that?

Barry: [00:18:04] Yeah. Yeah. It was very different. Very strange. When we left Southern Spain, we tried to get cliff and Tom and stick to go with us, but all three of them were sick

Gloria: [00:18:14] of traffic.


Barry: [00:18:16] when, when Gloria and I left to go to South Africa, they left and flew back United States.

Okay. So then, but we decided we want to go down there, right. Gonna spend at least a couple of weeks, Erica, and then we’d meet up mine’s we wanted to try to get to South America. Okay.

Corey: [00:18:32] And,

Barry: [00:18:33] So yeah, so anyway, I remember we, we crossed on a ferry from Gibraltar to Tangier. Yeah. And

Corey: [00:18:42] do you guys, I took that ferry ride.

Did you end, did you stay in Gibraltar at all? Did you have like a day or an afternoon there or anything?

Barry: [00:18:49] And I don’t remember.

Corey: [00:18:51] We did. We stayed there and I just remember the thing I remember most was these monkeys. They would just like, get the. Like, they would just be in the trees and they’d swing down and like steal somebody’s water bottle, but then the ferry, the ferry ride or the boat ride, because it was a pretty big boat.

Was the choppiest boat ride I’ve ever been at. But like, I didn’t get seasick, but I got sick because of everyone else getting sea sick and it was brutal.

Barry: [00:19:17] Yeah. I don’t remember getting sick on the ride, but we stayed a night in Tangier. And when we first got in there, Do you remember what happened? When we got into town, we got off the bus and right away, these little kids come up to us and we’ve seen where Americans and Americans must all been coming there to buy hash hashish.

They said, Oh, I want to buy some hashish. You’re going to come back a couple. But some hashish. I said, yeah. So I don’t know if you stayed or no, we both went and they said, we’ll follow us. No, I was like, well, you don’t know where you’re at. You’re in a strange country. Strange music streamlined. Everything’s strange, but we followed him through the alleys and back to this cafe and they hit set, set at a table and they got to teach a cup of tea.

And then they came back in the head. It’s pretty good sized chunk of green Moroccan hair. Sheesh.

Corey: [00:20:06] So then you were there for what? A couple of weeks. Cause I know you guys went down to America cash. Well then,

Barry: [00:20:10] well, we went from there we traveled to, we went to Casablanca. Okay. Then we stayed in Casablanca for maybe.

A few days to a week. I think so. And we did some shopping there. We bought nice big Moroccan robes with the big hoods on them. And went to somebody’s markets and travel

Corey: [00:20:26] back with them. Or did you send them?

Gloria: [00:20:28] No, we carry them with me more of them. Okay. I think when we got there, it was like when you came back from Thailand I think when we got home, we still had them on, we were still wearing them.

Barry: [00:20:40] Mine

Gloria: [00:20:40] was yellow and purple and dad’s was

Corey: [00:20:43] so what was the, was there an expectation going into this and then it like to just kind of change? Was it what you expected or was it different?

Barry: [00:20:52] A lot different. I mean, you don’t, when you go into a especially Muslim country like that, and you’ve never been there, you don’t know what it’s like, you know, the different kind of music, so different and the, with all the mosques and praying that goes on, you know, several times a day.

And the one thing I remember that stands out in my mind is all the beggars. Yeah. There was so many. Disabled people missing legs and arms, and sometimes both legs. And they’re pushing themselves around on these little flat pieces of wood with casters on the bottom. So they’re just getting the rainy and they sat on a corner and they’re banking.

And what you saw was that the Moroccan people that had any money would stop and give them, they were like an X, it was like an accepted. Level of society to be a beggar because they didn’t have health insurance and the people who had gave to that people who didn’t have. And so we started doing that too.

We started trying to give a little bit here and there because it was just part of what it seemed like it was expected. Interesting

Corey: [00:21:54] how various country to country, right? Like in some places I’ve been to they’re like the locals will be like, no, don’t do it because you don’t know, like, if somebody’s missing a limb, that’s obvious, but some people can just be out there doing a whole

Gloria: [00:22:06] Skype

Corey: [00:22:07] and you just don’t necessarily know.

But yeah, I think I remember that too. And it’s like, that’s the kind of stuff that was just. Culture shock. I think if you grow up in like New York city or a bigger city in the States, you kind of get exposed to that. But when you grow up in Northern Wisconsin, I really don’t

Barry: [00:22:23] see people. I’ll bet. I mean, you’re doing a city, somewhat, no twin cities, people standing on the corner, but that you didn’t see it back then.

Corey: [00:22:29] Hm. So then I am curious about you guys went back. I know you went back to Germany in the early nineties. After being married for a long time and everything like that, what were the differences there?

Gloria: [00:22:43] I expected a lot more difference than there was. And then when I got there, I thought, why would I think that this would have changed?

These buildings have been here for hundreds of years, his places, you know, why did I think there was going to be so much change and how many years between those trips? 2020. Okay. That was a big thing for me. Was that it just seemed the same. You know, not, not so much different. Other than that, we did, we traveled, it was a different travel thing because we stayed with the Germans, but, you know, just traveling around it just wasn’t.

There was no big change to me. I expect other than there was more fast food joints,

Corey: [00:23:21] it’s every country in a different currency. Did you guys just leave America with a bunch of travelers checks?

Barry: [00:23:26] Yeah. Okay. And then, yeah.

Gloria: [00:23:29] And then when you go to a different country, they’d have like exchange banks there and you just exchange your money for the local currency.

Corey: [00:23:36] So when I first went to Thailand in Oh two, we did travelers checks or at least I did. I can’t remember if Anthony did. But. Since then I can’t remember in 2004, but since then, it’s just been debit cards and you just got to let your bank know, and you can just go to the ATM

Barry: [00:23:54] and get the local currency.

You can get the local currency.

Corey: [00:23:56] And I think you get double dinged. Like you get hit with that specific bank to that countries charge. And then every time I think on this thing, I can’t hit me with like a $5 charge every time I do it, it’s usually just take out the max amount that you can

Barry: [00:24:09] back then.

They’ll places of business. A lot of them would take travelers checks. They probably still do. I don’t know. But you could just, if you went in to buy something or went in to eat someplace, you could sign a travelers check and they would give you the proper change

Corey: [00:24:22] back in the end. They were pretty much non-existent, I’m sure that they still are there if you want to get them, but I don’t think, I think, yeah, no, we haven’t

Gloria: [00:24:28] asked.

We’ll know, even at the end of working that they are, they were just a hassle for the tellers at the bank to sell. And then for the people to use. They were not an easy way of transacting money.

Barry: [00:24:42] The one thing I remember that actually at the beginning of our trip, that fall that late summer and fall, we had to go off the university of Minnesota about three different times or twice anyway, and get shots.

We had to get a whole bank of shots.

Corey: [00:24:57] How did you discover what you needed?

Barry: [00:24:58] Because we said we’re going to travel to. Europe Southern Europe and Africa just told the doctor. Yeah. Told them there and they set up what you need. We had to get yellow fever

Corey: [00:25:08] and what’s

Barry: [00:25:10] the cholera.

Gloria: [00:25:11] How’s the other one?

Barry: [00:25:12] Cholera malaria.

We had to have some malaria. We had to take, we took. We had, we took pills long for water pills.

Corey: [00:25:20] Yeah. We’re bringing that on this trip. What about visas? Were you guys able to research like, so for India, you can’t just fly in and go through customs and get stamped. For a certain amount of

Barry: [00:25:31] time, we’d have

Corey: [00:25:31] to do it ahead of time.

Gloria: [00:25:32] Yes. To involve Turkey was probably the only place I was at that you had to have some kind of special thing

Corey: [00:25:38] there. Otherwise you could just plan on just going to the border and just get like a 30 or 60 day or something.

Gloria: [00:25:44] One thing was when we left South America, remember we had to pay to get out of the country.


Corey: [00:25:51] yeah, yeah.

Gloria: [00:25:52] That was kind of her path,

Corey: [00:25:53] but wouldn’t where’d you guys fly back from

Barry: [00:25:55] cartel, Columbia. Oh, you

Corey: [00:25:58] did end up going over to South America

Barry: [00:26:00] straight from there. Yeah. When we come back from Africa. So Marrakesh, I mean, that was, I mean, that was really neat to

Corey: [00:26:07] go. That’s an interesting, so that’s,

Barry: [00:26:08] that was just soul African or so Whatever it was, it was a neat, yeah.

Corey: [00:26:14] Exotic, you know, there was just

Barry: [00:26:16] very third or fourth world. It is too, because it’s

Corey: [00:26:19] right on the cusp of the Atlas mountains and where the desert starts. Right. So it’s just kind of this unique city that sits in the spot where you, you do 360 degree turn and you’re seeing all these different terrains together in the market there.

I mean, I’m sure it hasn’t changed much from when I went there and you guys were there, which is amazing.

Barry: [00:26:38] Yeah. Yeah. We took a bus from, from Casablanca to Marrakesh. So we did, we did the Marrakesh express night and it was crazy because, I mean, it was just full of people. There was no bathrooms, don’t nothing just as little bus.

And bought every couple of hours. They’d stop and everybody get off men wheel and kids, everybody go outside the bus and take a leak over here’s a field out there. Just saying some guys out there with a candle in a one bottom walking. Wow

Gloria: [00:27:09] girl, there

Barry: [00:27:10] that’s ancient agriculture

Corey: [00:27:11] there. Yeah.

Barry: [00:27:12] Yeah. But then Mira cash, we rented a place.

That was, it was not very nice beds

Gloria: [00:27:20] when they hear the


Barry: [00:27:22] you could hear the mice and the rats and the bed

Gloria: [00:27:25] had blood. Well, at the end of the day,

Barry: [00:27:26] we had fun. We went down to the market and you probably did the same thing, just the gold, silver, the piano, the different, different kinds of, and then in the center, they had this big area where they had the the entertainer, the entertainers come in, you know, and there was the acrobats and the.

The magicians and the snake charmers when we were there,

Corey: [00:27:48] the area was, it was in the exact same one. That’s such a, I just remember walking through it and it was just complete

Barry: [00:27:55] just

Corey: [00:27:55] stimulation for every sentence. You’d be smelling all these amazing spaces visually, and then you could hear everything that was going on and it

Gloria: [00:28:04] was just,

Barry: [00:28:06] yeah.

Corey: [00:28:06] And it’s the thing that always got me was when I first started traveling, like the first day that I got over to Thailand. I just remember looking at Anthony and just being like everybody, these people are always doing this every day that we’ve been alive. It’s just going on all the time. And it just is, I don’t know.

It just makes you think of the world in a different way.

Gloria: [00:28:28] Yeah. You know, I th when we went to Niagara falls, I thought that same thing I thought got all this water. And this water runs over these falls

Corey: [00:28:36] all day, all the time.

Gloria: [00:28:39] Where does it all come from?

Barry: [00:28:40] Yeah, well, yeah, but it does give you a change as your whole perspective on the world.

When you go to these different places where life is so different, yet you think this would be going on for thousands of years

Corey: [00:28:52] and it’s going to continue on long after I’m gone.

Barry: [00:28:54] I’m open to Northern Wisconsin thinking this is all what life is, but no there’s life was a lot more than this

Corey: [00:29:00] leads me to that.

Then the next question, which is. You know, how did the trip influence or change your lives when you got back from it?

Gloria: [00:29:07] For me a lot, because I, I CA I remember coming back and pointing out little tiny Canton on the map, and then looking all over all these places I’d been. And I thought, I can’t believe I was all at all these places.

I mean, it really opened my eyes to more than just Canton. So, yeah, that was pretty cool.

Corey: [00:29:28] I mean, I think you guys probably remember when I got back from Thailand, all I could think about was what do I need to do or travel again? Where do you guys kind of in that mindset or did you get back here and just kind of

Gloria: [00:29:37] get no, I think we, because we were a little younger, so I think, I know I was ready to come back home when we left Columbia and we were ready to get back here.

It was Christmas time and, you know, we were short on money and we haven’t called her grandma. All, she gets some money sent down to us and that was a hassle.

Corey: [00:29:55] Some that Western union,

Barry: [00:29:57] if you had to wire the money.

Corey: [00:29:58] Yeah.

Gloria: [00:29:59] And you had to find a telephone person that you could understand that can speak English to in order to get your message across.

And that wasn’t easy. So it was a lot more difficult than it is now. Just cover some, not really different colleges, more to it.

Corey: [00:30:14] Yeah. I mean, that’s really what it was, is our access to the information and our devices and everything. Just make it so that we have the expectation of things happening faster.

Where for you guys, you might just be like, well, it might take us this week to get, yeah, it did.

Barry: [00:30:31] It literally took us a week to two weeks

Gloria: [00:30:33] to get the money. I think it took them more than a week,

Barry: [00:30:35] but yeah, that AmeriCash for me, it was that, that was still a great memory. And you know, what, what I enjoyed was the bargaining.

You know, instead of just going in and offering a price you bargain and that they expect you to bargain

Corey: [00:30:48] that sort of game. I liked that job

Barry: [00:30:51] and we’d never done that. You know, we learned it in kind of in Casablanca when we’re out shopping there that he got a bargain for this stuff, you can get the price way down,

Gloria: [00:31:01] then it should be one picture.

I remember sitting on top of that building that we stayed at. And I was piercing your ear

Barry: [00:31:09] in the Atlas mountains are in the background.

Gloria: [00:31:11] I was the only picture I could remember of that church. Yeah. And there was these cakes that they had that had like sweet topping out on like the cinnamon bagels at Pandora

Corey: [00:31:25] Pinera.

Barry: [00:31:26] Yeah, that’s another thing that I was surprised at how in while in Europe, you know, the bread is really good and in Africa, I didn’t know what to expect, but it was delicious. Just very wholesome and yeah. Filling, you know, not, not like the bread we have in this

Corey: [00:31:40] country or whatever is that I remember the Moroccan tea and a lot of that stuff, they just said a ton of sugar and everything.

I remember that a lot of Morocco.

Barry: [00:31:50] Yeah. And you remember all the old guys sat around with a long queue, down pipes with a little thing on the end and they were smoking key, which I don’t know what the hell

Corey: [00:31:59] I actually had that when I was there.

Barry: [00:32:01] Is it like. I hashish or something. It was,

Corey: [00:32:05] it was like a tobacco different kind of high.

It just wasn’t, it wasn’t tobacco because the buzz from tobacco. And I don’t remember that, that sensation, like coming over me, like I was gonna throw up, but I just remember it, it just wasn’t like smoking regular weed or hash or something, but it was just like lighter or something like that. But yeah, they would smoke that all day.

Gloria: [00:32:26] Drink that green tea.

Corey: [00:32:29] Yeah. Mellow

Gloria: [00:32:30] life.

Corey: [00:32:33] Yeah. So you flew up from here Blanca, over to

Barry: [00:32:37] Columbia. We went back up to no, we went back up to Spain and we, Oh, that’s

Gloria: [00:32:43] right. I

Barry: [00:32:44] don’t know if we went back

Corey: [00:32:45] up to him.

Barry: [00:32:47] Did we go to Elizabeth? Anyway, we were trying to find a ocean liner path, like a fighter with passengers to golf from.

Spain or Portugal to South America. Cause we heard

Gloria: [00:33:02] you’re going to get some

Barry: [00:33:03] footage. You get, you could find that there was passage. He heard the

Corey: [00:33:07] same

Barry: [00:33:07] thing. We looked and looked and looked and we couldn’t find anything. So finally we said, okay, we’re going to go cause off the coast off the West coast of Africa is the Canary islands.

And we’d heard that there’s a lot of shipping lanes by there in LA. They stopped by a lot. So what we did is booked a passage on a passenger ship. From it must’ve been Southern Spain, but with, we went down to, we took up, it was like a three day or two

Gloria: [00:33:34] or three day

Barry: [00:33:35] bulk trip down to the Canary answers.

Put Los Palmas, rough the beams. Yeah.

Gloria: [00:33:40] Just not nice accommodations at all, you know, or Don,

Barry: [00:33:44] and then we were trying to trail cheap. Yeah.

Gloria: [00:33:46] In the Canary islands, it was nothing cheap there. Yeah. That’s

Barry: [00:33:50] a big European tourist.

Corey: [00:33:53] We got

Barry: [00:33:53] there. They pretty much. Yeah. Yeah, it was nice. Nice, beautiful islands. Maybe a high class

Gloria: [00:33:59] resort.

Barry: [00:33:59] Yeah. Yeah. They pay, you had to pay to set on the beach even then back in early seventies, you know, it was, it was expensive. And so then we got there and we said, well, we don’t want to stay here. We don’t want to go back up to Europe. The only option we had was to get a flight out of there, fly from there to Barranca up to Caracas, Venezuela, and then to Barranquilla Colombia.

And that took. Most of our buildings, right? Yeah. Cause it was an expensive fleet. I think it was like $500,

Gloria: [00:34:29] one, the expensive wasn’t cheap. And that was almost all the money we had left. Yeah.

Barry: [00:34:33] So, so then we flew to crock. I spent about a day there and then we flew to bar and Kia, and that was the only place to fly into at that time, I guess.

And then we had a bus trip, like a day long bus trip over to Cartagena, Colombia.

Gloria: [00:34:45] And I was thinking same posture with all the turtles and chickens and all the animals on it. But yeah,

Corey: [00:34:51] there’s chicken buses are still really all over the place and stuff and central America, because you can fly, you can do it on like a nice.

Bus that like has a seat that leaves back and stuff like that, or you can go really cheap and do it on those. I don’t know. I’ve done it on both. And I really like the, I like,

Barry: [00:35:06] yeah. Then we got into cart. Diana you’ve been there. Right. And I mean, the, all of us there then was the old city. Are they all the walls, the big wall was around the old city and then the, the city within it, the peninsula goes out.

I don’t mind if it’s to the North or what direction out of town, there was nothing there. Real high rises. No. Yes, because I think I had

Corey: [00:35:32] sent you pictures.

Barry: [00:35:33] Right. And it’s all built up this huge. Oh yeah. Even though, yeah, it was a, it was a destination for people from bump into and. Down inland in Columbia to come up there to the coast and education.

So he would, but they must’ve been staying in town because we found in with a woman and her daughter, we found they rented us a room for a month. And so we just stayed with them in Diana.

Corey: [00:35:58] Yeah. That was a long journey. Then it gets to be a battle because as, as cool as it isn’t as fun as those trips are.

You just are used to what life is like, and it’s becomes a challenge to go for that amount of time, right?

Barry: [00:36:13] Yeah.

Gloria: [00:36:13] Yeah. It was three months. You’re ready to come home.

Corey: [00:36:16] Yeah.

Barry: [00:36:17] So yeah, we had a nice that we spent Christmas there and Carta Henry and

Gloria: [00:36:20] we w we bought these hangings woven hangings, and we hang them on all on a tall tree.

And that was our Christmas tree. We had a star

Barry: [00:36:30] star star fish. And tried it out and that was, we put that on top of our car

Gloria: [00:36:36] and then where it was at, in Barranquilla where we bought all that stuff that we

Barry: [00:36:40] no, no, that I remember. We took a long bus ride up into the mountains and went to that little

Corey: [00:36:45] village.


Gloria: [00:36:46] Rather than guys who rode in, on their horses

Barry: [00:36:49] with motorized vehicles at all, we got off except for the bus. We went into town and then it came through later in the afternoon. So we’d spent all day in this town and they had. They, they specialize in making these beautiful, beautiful walls and things.

And so we went there specifically for that, but when we looked around, we saw people riding in and out of town and horses and mules. Now time is like the old West tying them up, you know, and doing whenever they come in town to do that

Gloria: [00:37:17] was quite an adventure tool. And then we went back up to Carter, Hannah.

And decided it was time to come home. Cause we we’d had to call Betty and get

Barry: [00:37:27] some money again, it was another $500.

Gloria: [00:37:30] And then just to get out

Barry: [00:37:32] cold, they wired the money down. That was a happier, we left. We left there, I guess must have been on the 27th or 28th of December. And it was like 90. Yeah. We walked into the, got out of the airport in Minneapolis and it was 20

Gloria: [00:37:46] bullets came

Barry: [00:37:47] back from Thailand.

I mean, it was over a hundred degree. Temperature difference?

Gloria: [00:37:51] No, nobody was there to pick us up. So we actually slept on a

Corey: [00:37:54] car. That’s all right. No regrets.

Gloria: [00:37:57] No, no,

Barry: [00:37:58] no, wait.

Gloria: [00:37:59] That’s it really cemented our relationship. I think. When you travel like that with somebody, you just, yeah. You learn them and you. Really get close because you’re just,

Corey: [00:38:09] you’re taught that you can’t really throw the relationship in the deep end,

Barry: [00:38:14] you make it or break it.

Corey: [00:38:18] So

Barry: [00:38:18] thank you so much to Barry and Gloria. And I think

Gloria: [00:38:21] I can speak for

Barry: [00:38:22] everyone to say that how wild it is to hear how different things were compared to now and how lucky we are to have the ease of travel now. And also we’d like to dedicate, obviously this episode to Gloria.

Corey: [00:38:37] Yeah. What a fascinating tale of just a different way of doing things back then, just I just absolutely loved hearing about it. So a little bit of an update. We have released our last travel video from this trip. Sadly, no more footage. But Sri Lanka is out. It is beautiful. It is just an unbelievable set of just views that we were able to capture.

And that country has endless things to photograph and make video from. So we were very lucky for that land. Did an awesome job, editing that. So check out the website, small worlds, to look at that and keep on. Okay.

Barry: [00:39:19] Keep going to the night in quarantine.

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