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To take a surf holiday in Sri Lanka is a dream come true. This lively island is full of culture, amazing food and plenty of good spots to paddle out. If you want to surf big waves or find a beach break to learn on, you will find it all here. This article touches on a few of the best surf breaks on Sri Lanka’s southern coast that we hit up during our month on the island in January 2020. There are plenty more surf spots to find and some that are local secrets that we won’t divulge.

Because we were there in the winter months we spent our time surfing the southern coast. It is best from October to April, but the summer months bring swell to the east coast. Find a good article on that here. Sri Lanka has much more than just surf so have a listen to our podcast to get some good info on other things to experience on this amazing island.

  • Weligama Bay- Can’t beat this consistent beach break if you’re a beginner. Not only will you find endless rows of schools and board rental shops up and down the beach, but it is a great central location to load up rickshaw and get a ride to a more advanced spot. After a sunset surf session, it is easy to find some nightlife on the beach.

We highly recommend staying with the folks at Freedom Surf School to learn to surf, explore the area and enjoy great accommodations.

Morning session on Weligama Bay
  • Lazy Left- Midigama is just a short ride from Weligama and Lazy Left offers surfers a chance to jump to an intermediate reef break if the beginner stuff is starting to bore you. We actually came to this area often as it fit our skill level well. It can get big, so be aware and the crowds are usually present because of the fun you can have here. Plenty of board rentals and lunch spots around as well so plan to hang out for the day.

Long board on Lazy Left
  • Mirissa- This late night party beach can roar all day as well. On the west end of the beach is rock jetty and inside that is where you will find a right peeling point break that comes off of a reef and comes fast! Easiest way to paddle out is either near the west end shore of by staying close to the rock jetty. The waters can get turbulent so be careful even near shore. This popular spot will be busy all day, but it is possible to catch waves in a few different spots. Take some time to watch from shore and bring both a long and short board.
Mirissa Bay

  • Matara- Just a little east of Weligama and Mirissa is a little village called Matara. This punchy right hander can reach up to 5ft. With a sandy bottom you will be safe from the bruising reefs if you bail. Good for all skill levels and less busy than its western counterparts.

  • Gallè (Deveta)- This is another good spot for learning. This bay has a few different breaks that mostly peel to the right. The sandy bottom will cushion your falls and the 100m rides will keep you entertained. Being closer to the larger city, be aware of the water which can be dirty depending on the swell direction and tide.
  • Hiriketiya Beach- This beach is a bit further east of the main tourist areas and about as far south as you can go, which typically means cheaper accommodations and a less crowded wave. The beauty of this break? It can serve all skill levels. There is a consistent beach break that is perfect to learn and work on your pop up. A bit further out you have a left splitting point/reef break that can test the best. Catch a ride here and you can have your fun for 150m on a good day. Good all day except high tide.
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