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In the most unexpected of spots, with no suspicion of the time or place it would unfold, my soul just collided with one of its own as I her.  A shuttle bus ride on a early Monday morning from a remote retreat on the west coast of Central America to catch the earliest prop-plane flight that was offered and begrudgingly taken as I procrastinated in booking had the expectations of one last bumpy ride over the pothole ridden road to the puddle jumping air strip.  Instead of longingly peering out the window into the lime green hills of the country-side, recounting a week of finding peace and warmth in my soul, of recharging my body and mind and finding clarity on my direction forward with what is in front of me, a fire was ignited that moved me to emotions that have been dormant, crammed, kicked, swept and locked far away into my being.   Within seconds I was captivated by her still soaking wet long, golden blonde hair and beautiful, soft facial features. Within minutes, I was enraptured by the conversation that started to unfold of two people who exchanged stories of a desperate need to go recharge their bodies and minds in a peaceful place. Within a half hour I had already calculated just how much time I would have left with her and I had that urge to stop time and space, to make the universe hold itself still just for a few moments so I could bask in this instant connection that was forming.  

And then she told me that she had a flight later in the day, and I sprung like a street haggler at the sight of unknowing tourists to tell her that my flight was conveniently later in the day, trying to open a door. Before I could even finish “I leave at 2:20pm” she had asked me if I wanted to go scope out some different parts of the city that her retreat leader and healer had told her about with her.  My heart melted just a little bit at the kindness of her gesture, the authentic display of warmth that she had just extended which I so often find myself extending to others and my mind fired straight from my heart that its language was being spoken to it that it so rarely hears and so deeply longs to hear.  

I soon came to believe and feel we had similar formulas, two people who know deep inside that there is so much more out there to existence than what the traditional paths show us.  We had both seen our life courses altered by trauma and without saying, I sensed we had both vowed that whatever happened, that we would find a way to be true to ourselves and not chase the empty hole.   My legs had begun to tremble which seemed quite odd for me knowing I had taken my regular dose of diazepam the night before and had not sniffed the scent of anxiety in an entire week of time. I took note, but figured I must have to pee or maybe those potholes in the road really were that prevalent.  Then the trembling kept hold in my legs, my chest started to pump with oxygen like I was a horse being whipped down the road in an urgent chase. And with that, I knew that something else was taking place greater than an attraction.   

The conversation weaved like the road we drove of our experiences during the week, hers at a retreat for writing, yoga and surfing, mine at a personal retreat to regain my mental health.  We delved into our decidedly alternative view on the world and the world of psychedelics, exploring different pathways in which to reach our inner calling and our paths to where we stood at the moment in time.  Our hearts foamed at the idea of finding a way to live here, to make ends meet to live out a simpler life that offered more satisfaction than our high pressure paths had yielded. My heart kept pumping and my hands had started to tremble.  I was inspired by this woman who I felt I could legitimately understand.

 In the hours that took hold over the rest of the day, pure candor was displayed between two people about health, healing, tragedies, regrets and dreams.  The sincerity of the conversation as we pulled our bags through the winding hallways of the central market, up through the cobblestone streets of Avenida central and into the dark bar of restaurante Acapulco was on full display.  There was nothing held back, rarely a moment where I felt myself clawing to open her up and instead two souls that opened themselves to one another. I had fallen into a dream, into the possibilities that could lay ahead and the pure magic of this moment upon which we had arrived.  

As we arrived at the airport, the sky had opened in a wide swathing torrent and I believed I received another sign, a little more of that most precious of resources known as time.  I saw that it would be brief, but the delay was just enough time to get a little closer and as we sat waiting by my departure gate our arms rubbed together, we got a little closer and my heart throbbed.  

I have no idea if we will ever reconnect after this day, I cannot say if I was hypnotized by the warm glow of her aura, or if maybe I just saw a shooting star, but I have no question that my soul just crossed one of its own kind.  I was consumed completely in those eight hours with all the peace, love and happiness in my existence. I will be forever grateful for our collision and hopeful that some day in the future we will cross paths again in this authentic and momentous way that moved me to tears as I left someone I did not even know existed when I woke up today.   

Submitted by Anonymous Traveler

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