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I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately. Mainly because it occurred to me as I was surfing recently. As I would sit outside the break waiting for a good set to come in, I noticed my mind shifting all over the place. We are organizing and planning our travel, there are work and personal things happening back home and reflecting on the recent experiences we have had so far. These are just some of the things my mind would bounce around to and from.

As soon as I would pick a wave to catch, my mind would go into this singular focus, almost tunnel vision. All the other things would dissipate and I would be left thinking solely about that wave. As I would finish the ride and paddle back out, it started to occur to me that this is a rarity in my world. So I asked myself a few questions; what are things you do that bring you to a place of this singular focus, how often are you doing these things and how can you find ways to do them more often?

For me, the list is pretty small. Surfing, or the actual act of catching and riding the wave, is one. Riding trees on my snowboard is another. Playing music, whether that is singing a song, drumming, or learning something new as well. Recently, taking time to write these blogs has become another way for me to get there. 

The world of real estate sales that I have been involved in for the past 7 years can be very chaotic. We are brokers and that means that we are balancing all the parts of a deal for our clients. We need to be speaking to all parties involved in the transaction regularly in order to best represent our clients and ensure as smooth of a process as we can for them. This chaos leads to a lot of “noise” in our minds and when I look back I think that I have become used to that noise.

One of my goals on this trip was to move away from that fast paced way for a bit. I like that  I can go there if needed, but I do not enjoy living in that space because I feel like a lot of life passes me by. My senses became less sharp and I wasn’t fully experiencing all that life has to offer because I could always distract myself with work if I wanted to escape in some way. That feels like a way of copping out to me and I want to experience all that this life gives. The joys, the heartaches, the triumphs and defeats all have a certain opportunity for growth and I want to maximize these to be the best me.

Stumbling upon this as I was waiting for those sets to come in was important as I continue these travels. I want to lengthen my list of activities that bring to the place of singular focus and try to make them a bigger part of my life. It is not an easy task because there is so much out there to distract us. What I have found is that as creatures of habit we can slowly build our way into the habits that we want to have. I have always told people that I give a guitar lesson to that just sitting down for 10 minutes a day will show them massive improvement over time and I plan to listen to those worlds myself. 

Take some time to think about what it is in your life that brings you to a place of singular focus. Write them down and then think of ideas of how you can incorporate them into your life more often. I truly believe that if you start to exercise this part of your mind and soul you will be more fulfilled. It seems to slow down time and allows your self to experience life more thoroughly. 

Let me know what you think below and share your experiences as well. We are always open to learning and growing and would love to see this become a space of collaboration and idea sharing.

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