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When I decided to take a break from the life I had built over the last decade, I knew that in order for me to do it, I would need a project. Something to keep my brain engaged and pushing its creativity. One sleepless night in March of 2019, I stumbled upon the idea of doing a podcast to document these travels. I have been an avid podcast listener for quite a few years now and enjoy the medium thoroughly. It has, much against my own personal will, over taken music as what you will find in my headphones! I never thought of myself as a podcaster, but the idea sparked some serious excitement and I have not looked back sense. I shared the idea with Lianne and she was on-board pretty quickly because people had been asking her to find a way to share her travels for a while. It is 2 days before we are dropping our first 3 interviews and I felt like I wanted to share the journey of this creation.

The first thing I did was begin to listen to travel podcasts. One thing I have learned from starting some businesses is that many of the most successful ones did not have the original invention, they improved on it. This is where I was trying to find a spot for us to fit in. People who know me, know that I am someone that they can share with and they can share without judgement. I am always interested to talk to friends and family about things happening in their lives that are having a large impact on them. It is this intrigue, coupled with the hopeful willingness to share with others that I think will make this podcast great.

The area that we want to focus on with this project is the people. Whether it is fellow travelers, locals that we meet along the way, or people who are referred to us, it is their stories that we want to share. The hope is to let people follow us on our journey and share these stories as we go.

So after finding the podcasting realm we wanted to be in, it was time to start working on some new frontiers. Mainly, designing a website that fit the needs and feel of who we are and what we want to do, as well as, recording and editing our first conversation. My friend Brad, who I toured South America with in 2008, was kind enough to do this with me. Lianne was working in Whistler and I was working in Denver so I did a 1 on 1 with Brad, rehashing our trip. That episode is somewhere in an external HD. It isn’t bad, but it ended up being more of two friends rehashing old party stories. It was fun, funny (at least we thought so), but was missing a focus. This helped point us to a direction of making sure our show will have some sort of focus for every episode. (Note: I rerecorded with Brad and it will be released as an episode about his experience as a first-time backpacker in South America)

So now that we had a more focused idea, it was time to learn about web design. This has been the most time consuming, frustrating, interesting and enjoyable experience for me! Websites like WordPress make it as easy as it can be, but to get the feel and design that you want as well as considering laptops, phones and tablets, it can be overwhelming. I have had to have patience throughout this process which doesn’t always come easy to me. With Lianne’s help we are happy with the look of our site and excited to continue to improve it as time goes on and we learn more.

Having a website has allowed the idea to grow into doing blog posts like this, which I find to be fun and therapeutic. We are also planning to become better photographers and videographers and are excited to document our travels that way as well. We will be releasing videos periodically on our YouTube channel as well as posting photos to our site. These additional creative outlets are exciting and what better way to allow yourself to learn to do them than to be documenting unique and beautiful new places we travel to!

The next step in the formation of a podcast is to find a web host for your pod and to establish a unique RSS feed that is used to submit to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc… We chose Buzzsprout because of its ease of use and the costs fit what we are planning to do. It is very simple to sign up, put in some info and get your RSS feed. Then once you have an episode (we did a 90 second trailer) you can submit that episode to all places that people listen to podcasts and wait for them to accept you. That took about two weeks for all of them (some faster than others).

Since then it has been marketing. We set up Facebook and Instagram accounts in the podcast’s name. Put our trailer episode out and began to ask friends and family to listen and share. Neither of us like to blast our people on social media, but with this, we knew we had to tap into that resource and the response has been great! People seem genuinely excited for us and that helps to give us confidence to keep going down this road. So THANK YOU to all of those people that supported us from the beginning.

I think the most difficult part of this is going to be continuing to find guests that we are excited to interview and that we think will be great episodes that offer insight as well as educational information. Both of us are talkers who aren’t afraid to speak with anyone so we hope that that will assist us in finding great guests for a long time. We are always looking so if you have an idea please share! With this lack of knowing how it is going to go, our plan is to release 1 new show every other Monday. Besides the interviews, we plan to figure out a fun way to do some shorter episodes that give some tips for places we are traveling to. Knowing that things change over time, we will do our best to focus on things that are less likely to have a drastic difference in 10 years.

This whole process has led to Monday, August 12th 2019. That is the day we drop our first 3 episodes and we could not be more excited! There are nerves that people won’t take to it and that it will be boring or uninteresting, but we know that that is normal. The thing that we keep in mind is that this started as a project for us. Something that we can do together to keep ourselves engaged and to learn more about the people and places we meet and experience. If not a single soul ever listens, we are having a ball and will have some really cool things to look back on down the road. We hope you will take a listen, subscribe and offer suggestions and feedback as we get on with this journey.

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