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Best Surf Breaks On Sri Lanka’s Southern Coast

To take a surf holiday in Sri Lanka is a dream come true. This lively island is full of culture, amazing food and plenty of good spots to paddle out. If you want to surf big waves or find a beach break to learn on, you will find it all here. This article touches on …

Trek to Everest Base Camp

You can’t prepare yourself for how you will feel when you see the top of the world for the first time. Mt. Everest and it’s surrounding peaks invoke a feeling of appreciation for this planet that is comparable to the most beautiful beaches. It will leave you in awe and at the same time humble …

12 things to know about traveling in India

Check out this video for a visual guide to this blog. Travel in India is an amazing adventure. It challenges even the most seasoned of travelers, but that challenge pays off with one of the most dynamic dynamic places I have ever been! The food, culture, landscape and people will make you feel all the …

Since meeting in Whistler, Canada in early 2019, we have been traveling about ever since. We are Lianne, Corey and Charley (Chuck). We enjoy traveling in so many ways. The unknown, the uncertainty, all the people and of course the food and landscapes! We have decided to document our travels via our podcast. There, you will find some amazing people, practical advise and learn about us and all our weirdness. You can get caught up on our last trip, which took us through most of SE Asia, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

As amazing as that trip was, it left us with a void and that was the obvious lacking of our beloved pup, Charley. So when the world shut down and COVID took its grip on 2020, we flew back early and reunited with her in blustery Wisconsin, USA. After a few months there and in Colorado, we came to the UK to spend some time with Lianne’s family, with Charley happily by our side. Since then, we decided to buy an old Fiat Ducato van we have named Oyster because we believe it is what’s inside that counts! We have been making Oyster our own for the past several months, been able to explore much of England and Scotland and plan to take her in Europe following Christmas 2020.

Join us as we hit the road with no real plans. Our main goals are to keep ourselves and others safe as the world figures out how to live with COVID, keep improving our photo and video skills by producing regular videos of the places we go and podcast about our journey. We want to give it to you straight so all the ups and downs of our van life will be included.

In addition to Small Worlds we have also hosted a podcast with the amazing people over at Forever Break! To check out our 14 episode first season on all things ‘Mindfulness‘ follow this link: Forever Break Podcast

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